October 2020
Spring and Summer 2021 Registration
Who is my advisor?
If you do not know who your academic advisor is, contact the Advising Center for your College. Contact the department of your major to inquire about office hours, advisor availability, and to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. If you're unable to meet during regular office hours, please inquire about alternative advising options.

Log on to  http://my.usi.edu
Click on the DegreeWorks icon (image)
Look in the field for Advisor

Not sure what to major in or considering changing your academic program? Check out these videos about the different majors and minors on campus.
Your Advising Meeting
As a student, you play an essential role in the academic advising process. It is your responsibility to monitor your academic progress and seek advising on a regular basis. Advisors can help you develop educational plans compatible with your career and life goals, and assist you in completing your chosen program quickly and successfully.
Setting up an appointment with your Academic Advisor
It is a good idea to meet with your Academic or Faculty Advisor every semester and to schedule your appointment early in the semester. Contact the department of your major to inquire about office hours, advisor availability, and to schedule an appointment or log into myUSI and look for the AdvisorTrac icon (image).
Preparing for your first appointment
To make the most of your advising sessions, you need to prepare for the sessions by taking the following steps:
  • Review your Degree Works Report. Your Degree Works Report explains your progress toward your degree and you can access this through MyUSI by clicking on the "graduation cap" icon.
  • Write down any questions and concerns that you have about your Degree Works Report and bring these questions and your report to your advising session.
  • Review your USI Bulletin. The Bulletin explains all of the University and departmental requirements for all degrees.

At Your Advising Session:
  • Bring: your Degree Works Report and your questions.
  • Establish a target graduation date in consultation with your advisor.
  • Work with your advisor to establish a program of study and an outline of the classes that you plan to take in the next 2 or 3 semesters.
  • Ask any and all additional questions that you might have. Your advisor can help you best when you explain your academic/career goals and concerns.
  • Keep notes from your advising meetings to remind you about what was discussed.

Follow Up:
  • Call or email your Advising Center or Faculty Advisor with any questions.
  • Take charge of your academic progress! Advising is an important tool, but you are ultimately responsible for your success.

Advising Center Chat
New! Ask a quick question through chat!
Monday - Friday 9am to 3pm Central 
Priority Registration Schedule
Students are encouraged to register at their earliest opportunity. If you cannot register on the assigned day, you may do so on any subsequent priority registration day. Refer to the Registration Schedule for additional opportunities to register during the Open Registration period.
Take Summer 2021 Classes
Summer is a great time to catch up or get ahead with your courses. Whether you attend another university and want to take classes while at home for summer, or you're a new student and want to get a head start before the Fall Semester, the instructions below will help you through the process. Search classes and check for availability!
Financial Aid
If financial aid is needed to help with summer costs, it is recommended that students meet with a financial aid counselor prior to enrolling in Summer coursework to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

While the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applies towards fall through the following summer, Summer aid requires special processing. Since the Summer is the same length as a regular semester, it has the same enrollment requirements. Half-time for undergraduate students is at least six semester hours.

Summer Aid Include:
  • Summer Loan Eligibility
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Indiana State Grants (Frank O'Bannon/IHEA and 21st Century Scholarship)
Schedule Planner
Schedule Planner streamlines online registration and helps students build their ideal class schedule. It integrates with DegreeWorks and is accessible from both PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Students access the planner from their myUSI account. After logging in, click "Student" then "Registration," then select "Schedule Planner" from the list.

Schedule Planner allows you to:
  • Add desired courses
  • Add any "breaks" or segments of time that you don't want classes
  • Lock in must-have sections
  • Choose all possible schedule variations
  • Save one or more "favorite" schedules.

When it's your day to register, check that your desired classes have open seats and choose "Send to Shopping Cart." From the cart, click "Register" to complete the registration process and confirm the results of the transaction.

The following videos provide more detailed information about using Schedule Planner:

Helpful Hints
  1. *NEW* Schedule Planner will warn you if you add a course that requires a co-requisite but you haven't added it to your schedule
  2. *NEW* Schedule Planner will warn you if you add a course that is not on your locked 4-year degree plan (if applicable). This is especially important if you receive Federal financial aid.
Academic Skills
The Academic Skills Office is dedicated to enhancing student success and the educational process at the University of Southern Indiana. They provide academic support services through classes and other learning assistance programs. This fall Academic Skills and The Writers' Room is offering a variety of in-person and virtual learning assistance options. Face coverings are required and physical distancing protocols will be followed with in-person learning assistance
Academic Skills
Education Center, Rm. 1111
The Writers' Room
Education Center, Rm. 1102
Services Offered
Academic Support -- Academic Skills personnel are available on an as-requested basis to meet with individual students and to deliver workshops to classes and student organizations about the following topics: successful academic planning, note-taking, and test-taking strategies. Students can also find strategies and worksheets to help them become successful college students by viewing or downloading the Academic Survival Guide.
Tutoring -- Walk-in help rooms provide assistance with math, biology/ chemistry, and business courses. Tutoring is available during the Fall and Spring Semesters when classes are in session during the following times: Monday-Thursday - 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Friday - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

How to make an appointment:
  • Individual tutoring appointments can be made through Tutortrac in myUSI or by calling the front desk at 812-464-1743
  • Students may request virtual tutoring sessions by emailing Online.Tutoring@usi.edu.
  • To learn more about tutoring, go to the Tutoring website
Supplemental Instruction (SI) -- Academic Skills offers a blend of in-person and virtual supplemental instruction (SI) sessions for various courses this Fall. SI is a voluntary program that offers free, regularly scheduled study sessions for traditionally difficult courses. SI sessions are led by undergraduate student SI Leaders who have taken the course and demonstrated academic competency in the subject area. Each SI Leader facilitates several 50-minute sessions per week using collaborative learning methods. SI is not available for all courses; please check your syllabus to see if SI is offered for your course.
Friday, October 23 | Last Day to Drop/Withdraw Without Evaluation
Friday, October 23 is the deadline to drop/withdraw from courses without evaluation.

Schedule changes will continue to be processed during the period of online instruction. An Add/Drop or Withdrawal form with appropriate signatures/approvals is still required, but electronic signature and email approval options are available. Review the instructions for making Schedule Changes during COVID19.
For more information, visit the Registrar Website.
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