Workshop -- DNA Standards for Botanical Identification
Aug. 21 8am - 5pm EDT
Aug. 22 8 am - 12pm EDT

Join USP and industry experts at USP headquarters for a two-day workshop on botanical identification techniques using DNA methods.
Topics will include:

  • New developments in DNA technologies for botanical identification
  • Using DNA testing as routine QA methodologies
  • Regulatory approaches and industry experiences with DNA botanical identification techniques
  • Challenges with the varying outcomes from use of multiple genomic identification methods and guidelines to compare results from these technologies
  • Possible solutions to the challenges associated with voucher specimens and public databases
  • Performance requirements for validation of DNA methods
  • Potential development of reference standards for identification of botanical articles using DNA technologies

Course (online and in-person) -- USP Botanical ID Methodology Tests
Aug. 22 1 pm - 5 pm EDT

Participants in this half-day course will gain:

  • An overview of botanical identification methodologies in USP General Chapters <563> Identification of Articles of Botanical Origin, <202> Identification of Fixed Oils by Thin Layer Chromatography and <203> HPTLC Procedure for Identification of Articles of Botanical Origin, and in USP monographs for botanical articles
  • An understanding of these chapters and how they apply to botanical identification
  • Insight into USP’s philosophy of comprehensive evaluation of botanical article quality, based on orthogonal identification methodologies
  • Perspectives on the importance of macroscopic and microscopic assessments

USP monograph examples and case studies of incomplete compendial evaluation risking adulteration will be explored.