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We are very excited to announce that 2019 marks the USRCC's 10th anniversary !

The 10th Anniversary will be a year-long celebration commemorating the USRCC's 10 years of existence. Join us in celebration at our events and support us in continuing our mission! 

The 2019 events will feature high caliber speakers, bring together the most influential key business leaders, experts and decision makers, and will provide our members and stakeholders with the perfect educational and networking opportunities. 

We are looking forward to another successful year! 
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Members' News
Gazprom Board of Directors reviews progress of Gas Infrastructure Expansion Program in Russian Regions

Gazprom.com, October 22, 2019:  The Gazprom  Board of Directors  took note of the information about the ongoing implementation of programs aimed at  expanding gas infrastructure  in Russian constituent entities, including the data on the economic model, synchronization with regional programs for converting housing and utilities to gas, and extension of gas grid coverage in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.  It was stressed that consistent expansion of gas infrastructure in Russian regions is one of Gazprom's priorities in the domestic market. Thanks to the large-scale efforts undertaken by the Company, the average gas penetration rate in Russia is steadily growing: it reached 68.6 per cent as of January 1, 2019 (an increase of 15.3 per cent compared to 2005).  Read more...
Turkish Airlines boosts Sarajevo flights

Exyuaviation.com, October 22, 2019:  Turkish Airlines will increase its operations between Istanbul and Sarajevo this coming winter season. The carrier will maintain double daily flights between the two cities, up from eleven weekly during the 2018/2019 winter season. The airline will operate a daily morning and evening departure from Istanbul. As a result, over the winter months, within the former Yugoslavia, the Turkish carrier will now maintain two rotations per day to Belgrade, Sarajevo and Skopje.  Read more...
The Week in Review
Russia's New High Speed Rail Route to Cost $36Bln

Themoscowtimes.com, October 23, 2019Russia's mega high-speed rail project to link Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod is set to cost 2.3 trillion rubles ($36 billion), according to Russian media reports. Around 600 billion rubles ($9.4 billion) will come in the form of direct state grants or cheap government-backed loans, while the rest will be financed directly by Russian Railways - which is fully-owned by the Russian government. In total, more than 1,000 kilometers of track will be built linking the three cities at a cost of around $33 million per kilometre.  Read more...
Russia's small business able to boost share in Africa through entering big projects

Tass.com, October 23. 2019:  On October 23-24, the resort city of Sochi is hosting the Russia-Africa Summit, co-chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egypt's head of state Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Russia's small business involved in manufacturing can step up work with countries on the African continent through entering the projects of big companies, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin said in an interview with TASS. This refers to projects of big Russian holdings that have operations on the African continent, Katyrin noted, adding that there are very few local production companies working with African states. "The companies that may be referred to mid-sized ones are feeling slightly better, which are those involved in pharmaceuticals, information technologies and mining industry. Here there are quite a few opportunities both from the viewpoint of joint or establishment of own production and in terms of trade operations," he explained.  Read more...
International Exhibition Of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment And Materials For Agricultural Production

10times.com,  October 24, 2019 International Exhibition Of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment And Materials For Agricultural Production event will be dedicated to agricultural machinery, equipment, and materials for agricultural production and will feature manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for agricultural production and will take place in  Expograd Yug,  Krasnodar Russia on 19-22 November 2019.   Read more...
Russia Grants Trillion-Ruble Tax Cut for Arctic Oil and Gas Production

Themoscowtimes, October 25, 2019: A host of taxes will be slashed for Russia's largest energy companies in a bid to tap into the region's vast oil and gas reserves Russia will grant energy companies huge tax incentives to boost oil and gas production in the Arctic, the government confirmed yesterday. Under pressure from industry and foreign investors, and following negotiations between state departments and energy executives, the government has agreed to slash a string of taxes on exploration and extraction in the region.  Read more...
SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference

Spe.org, October 25, 2019: This year the conference programme included presentations on traditional topics including well construction, hard-to-recover reserves, production, modeling, oil and gas field development, enhanced oil recovery, hydraulic fracturing, field geology, geophysics and many more. Conference delegates can also join discussions and discover more about the latest projects during a range of hot topic round tables. It was held  22 - 24 Oct 2019   Holiday Inn Sokolniki   Moscow, Russia.  Read more
Vladimir Putin sends personal greetings to participants of 12th Eurasian Economic Forum

Forumspb.com, October 25, 2019 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has sent his personal greetings to participants of the 12th Eurasian Economic Forum, which is taking place on 24-25 October in Verona.The telegram, published on the website of the Kremlin, highlighted the importance of the event, which every year brings together prominent politicians and entrepreneurs, diplomats, scientists, experts, and journalists from around the world. The President drew attention to the way it has facilitated meaningful discussions on a wide variety of aspects related to economic cooperation in Eurasia.  Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
Tyumen historians spoke about the evolution of Russian universities

Eurekalert.org, Ocotober 22, 2019The 1st Conference of the International Academy of the History of Science took place in Athens, Greece on September 12-15, 2019. Scientists from all over the world gathered in the National Hellenic Research Foundation to discuss different aspects of the history of science and technology. Among the participants of the conference were Alexander Sorokin, the head of the Department of Russian History, head of network research center 'Man, Nature, Technologies' at Tyumen State University and Assistant Professor Mikhail Gribovsky, a senior researcher at the 'Man, Nature, Technologies' network research center, associate professor of Tomsk State University.  Read more...
CIS Business News
Azerbaijan can provide safe grain logistics - deputy minister

News.az, October 24, 2019:  Azerbaijan is able to provide safe grain logistics on the routes passing through the country, Deputy Economy Minister Rufat Mammadov said at the Global Grain Outlook, the 11th International Grain Trading Conference, held in Baku, Trend reports Oct. 23. Mammadov said that the grain market is a strategically important sector of the world economy, and the Azerbaijani government is constantly making efforts to improve grain production processes, optimize infrastructure, support the agricultural industry, provide farmers with subsidies for the purchase of agricultural equipment, fertilizers etc.  Read more...
Belarus, Cuba to develop crop protection products

Eng.belta.by, October 23, 2019: B elarus and Cuba are implementing a joint biotechnology project to develop crop protection products. Scientists of the two countries are currently carrying out the research. Plans are in place to launch the production next year, Chairman of Belarus' State Science and Technology Committee Aleksandr Shumilin told journalists, BelTA has learned. The project is implemented by the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Cuba's largest state biotechnology corporation BioCubaFarma. According to Aleksandr Shumilin, Belarus and Cuba have launched only a couple of joint projects in science and technology so far. "However, Belarusian and Cuban scientists are eager to work together on new products," he noted.  Read more...
Tj.usembassy.gov, October 24, 2019: T he United States Embassy, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, government representatives of Khatlon Province hosted an event to celebrate the accomplishments of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Feed the Future Tajikistan Agriculture and Water Activity over the last four years.  The event highlighted U.S. government contributions to increase, diversify, and add value to the production, post-harvest handling, and processing of agricultural products in an effort to address malnutrition and market surplus production in southwestern TajikistanRead more...
US-Russia Related News in Russian
Новости недели
Материнский капитал проиндексируют с 1 января 2020 года

Rg.ru, 25 Октября 2019 г: M
атеринский (семейный) капитал крайне востребован россиянами. За этой мерой социальной поддержки с начала года обратились более 7 миллионов семей. "Это 76% от числа получивших сертификаты", - отметил Вовченко.
Маткапитал может стать бессрочным.  Программа материнского капитала действует с 2007 года. Маткапитал выдается семьям в связи с рождением или усыновлением второго или последующего ребенка один раз Читать далее...
Форум «Ориентиры будущего» проходил в столице Татарстана с 23 по 25 октября.

Тatar-inform.ru,  25 Октября 2019: 25 октября в Казани завершил работу туристический форум «Ориентиры будущего», сообщает пресс-служба Госкомитета РТ по туризму.  «В мероприятии приняли участие более 30 российских и международных спикеров, более тысячи делегатов из 46 регионов России и стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежья», - говорится в сообщении.  Во второй рабочий день форума  состоялся деловой завтрак , а затем работа продолжилась в сессионном формате. Делегатам были предложены 3 заключительные сессии, в рамках которых обсуждались аспекты цифровизации туризма на российской и международной арене.  В фокусе первой сессии были глобальные тренды индустрии путешествий. Под модераторством генерального директора Profi.Travel Алексея Венгина трое российских и один международный эксперт представили свое видение современной повестки.  Читать далее...

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