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Please find U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce at the Virtual Summer NAPE.
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The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce 
Invites You to Attend
The 10th Annual Welcome Reception
Honoring Russian and CIS Delegations 
to the Breakbulk Americas 2020

Breakbulk Americas has been the established hub for the project cargo and breakbulk industry for more than 30 years. Based in Houston, it hosts more than 5,000 professionals from across the industrial supply chain based primarily in Canada, U.S. and Latin America, including the America’s largest EPCs and oil & gas companies. The conference provides shippers with the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the leading specialized carriers, forwarders, ports, terminals and packers who have the expertise and resources to handle oversized cargoes with unique handling requirements.

U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce invites you to join the welcoming Russian and CIS delegations to the  10th Annual Breakbulk Americas Reception . This annual event draws decision makers in U.S.- Russia trade and investment, including senior representatives from major shipping and logistics companies, leaders in the oil and gas industry, government officials, elected officials and more. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Four Seasons Hotel, Whitney Room 
1300 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77010

USRCC Members - $30/Non-Members - $60
Please note: Refunds will not be issued after November the 2nd, 2020
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The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce
2900 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 133, Houston, TX 77042 
Phone:  713.429.4680  Email: info@usrussiacc.org
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Member's News
Emerson’s New Laser Welder Enhances Manufacturing Capabilities

Emerson.com, July 22, 2020: Emerson has launched a new laser welder platform that provides high mix and batch manufacturers of plastic components with greater production capability, without compromising product quality or performance. The  Branson™ GL-300  is a highly flexible quasi-simultaneous plastic joining solution, designed to deliver efficient high-quality welds in a wide range of applications and help manufacturers to increase production efficiency. Read more...
ExxonMobil, Georgia Tech and Imperial College London Publish Joint Research on Potential Breakthrough in Membrane Technology

Exxonmobil.com, July 17, 2020: Scientists from ExxonMobil, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Imperial College of London have published joint research on potential breakthroughs in a new membrane technology that could reduce emissions and energy intensity associated with refining crude oil. Laboratory tests indicate the patent-pending membrane could be used to replace some heat-intensive distillation at refineries in the years ahead. Read more...    
Turkish Airlines Resume Flights from Houston

Turkishairlines.com, July 21, 2020: Turkish Airlines is pleased to announce   that our scheduled flights   to/from Houston will start again as of July 27 th , 2020.
Our other U.S. destinations & flight schedules are shown below:
  • Chicago | 3 flights per week as of June 19, 2020
  • Washington DC | 3 flights per week as of June 19, 2020
  • Los Angeles | 3 flights per week as of June 24, 2020
  • Miami | 3 flights per week as of June 22, 2020
  • New York | 3 flights per week as of Jul 10, 2020
  • San Francisco | 3 flights per week as of Jul 16, 2020
  • Houston | 3 flights per week as of Jul 27, 2020
  • Boston | 3 flights per week as of Aug 2, 2020
  • Atlanta | 3 flights per week as of Aug 5, 2020

For more information click here.
This Week in Review
Putin, Trump Want to Boost Bilateral Trade, Economic Cooperation - Kremlin

Interfax.com, July 23, 2020:  Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States President Donald Trump have discussed the prospects of economic cooperation and positively evaluated joint efforts to combat coronavirus during a recent phone conversation. "Both parties said they want to boost Russian-U.S. trade and economic cooperation. They gave a positive assessment of cooperation in countering the spread of coronavirus," the Kremlin press service said. Read more...
Pivot to ‘Green’: Russia’s Gas & Nuclear Energy Giants Gazprom and Rosatom to Start Producing ‘Clean’ Hydrogen

Rt.com, July 23, 2020:  Russia’s pivot away from hydrocarbons took another step forward this week, as the country’s Ministry of Energy announced a roadmap to start producing clean hydrogen by 2024. Natural gas giant Gazprom – the largest company in Russia – and state-owned nuclear energy corporation Rosatom were both named in a federal plan focused on developing clean hydrogen. Read more...
Nord Stream 2 to Remain Profitable Despite Sanctions, Moscow Says

Tass.com, July 22, 2020:  The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will remain an economically sound project owing to Europe’s need for Russian energy resources, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said in an interview with First Deputy Director-General of TASS Mikhail Gusman. Read more...
Roscosmos to Create a Hydrogen Engine for Angara

Russiabusinesstoday.com, July 23, 2020:  Roscosmos has decided to create a hydrogen engine for the Angara rocket, the press service of the enterprise told RIA Novosti.
This will allow the development of a carrier of increased carrying capacity, and in the future – a rocket with reusable stages, the source said. Read more...
Russia's Economy Contracted 4.2% in First Half 2020: Ifax Cites Economy Minister

Reuters.com, July 22, 2020:   Russia’s gross domestic product (GDP) declined 4.2% in the first half of 2020, Economy Minister Maxim Reshetnikov was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency on Wednesday.  Read more...
Melting Arctic Permafrost Threatens Russian Energy Firms’ Bottom Line – Morgan Stanley

Themoscowtimes.com, July 23, 2020:   Rapidly melting Arctic permafrost poses the greatest threat to major Russian energy producers’ infrastructure and financial indicators, according to a new Morgan Stanley report obtained by the Vedomosti business daily. Gazprom, Novatek, Alrosa and Norilsk Nickel — whose fuel tank leaked after sinking into thawing permafrost in May, resulting in a major environmental disaster — stand to lose the most from the phenomenon that releases carbon gases and further fuels global warming. Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
Vladimir Putin May Take Part in the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum in September

Fedpress.ru, July 23, 2020:   Vladimir Putin  accepted the invitation  of SIBUR's Tobolsk enterprises to take part in a meeting on the development of the oil and gas industry. The President can visit the ZapSibNeftekhim polypropylene plant. The enterprise is the largest investment project in the region. The Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum is the country's leading specialized platform, annually gathering more than three thousand experts of the oil and gas industry, representatives of federal ministries and departments, heads of market leaders . Read more...
CIS Business News
World Bank: Kazakh Economy Set to Recover By 2.5% After 2020 Left Behind

Astanatimes.com, July 23, 2020: Kazakhstan’s economic growth will probably shrink by three percent in 2020 for the first time since the late 1990s and will recover by 2.5 percent in 2021, said the World Bank in its latest “Kazakhstan Economic Update, Summer 2020: Navigating the Crisis” report. The country’s economic update features a thorough analysis of the nation’s economic performance, macroeconomic policies, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and projections on how Central Asia’s largest economy will buffer the potential long-term economic consequences stemming from the pandemic. Read more...
Revenues from Technical Solutions of Belarus' Space System Exceed its Costs by $27m

Eng.belta.by, July 16, 2020:   Revenues from the technical solutions of the Belarusian space system for earth remote sensing have exceeded the cost of its development and operation by more than $27 million, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) Vladimir Gusakov said in an interview with BelTA. Read more...
Azerbaijan Registers $1.5bn Surprlus in Foreign Trade Turnover

Azernews.az, July 20, 2020:   Azerbaijan's foreign trade turnover resulted in a surplus of $1.5 billion in January-May 2020, the State Statistics Committee has reported. According to the report, in January- May 2020, legal entities and individuals in Azerbaijan carried out trade operations with partners across 166 countries. Products were exported to 98 countries and imported from 155 countries. Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russia
◾ Новости недели
Российские Компании в Пандемию Стали Активно Занимать за Рубежом

Rbc.ru, Июль 21, 2020:   Российские эмитенты в первом полугодии 2020 года заняли за рубежом $11,2 млрд с помощью эмиссии еврооблигаций. Это сравнимо с годовым объемом выпусков в последнее время, следует из обзора рынка, который подготовила международная консалтинговая компания PwC (есть у РБК). В 2018 году российские эмитенты разместили бонды на $7,8 млрд, проведя 17 сделок, а в 2019-м компании заняли $13 млрд в результате 28 сделок.  Читать далее...
Минтранс США не Видит Препятствий для Возобновления Авиасообщения с Россией

Kommersant.ru, Июль 24, 2020:   Минтранс США считает, что ничто не мешает российским авиакомпаниям возобновить регулярное авиасообщение. По словам официального представителя ведомства, для этого компании должны за 30 дней подать уведомление с графиком рейсов. Читать далее...
Мишустин Заявил, что Российская Экономика Сохраняет Стабильность, Несмотря на Пандемию

Tass.ru, Июль 23, 2020:   Экономика РФ, несмотря на пандемию, сохраняет стабильность, средств для реализации национальных целей развития достаточно. Об этом заявил премьер-министр РФ Михаил Мишустин в интервью телеканалу  "Россия-24" . Глава кабмина также указал, что все меры, которые принимались властями РФ в условиях кризиса, вызванного пандемией, были очень четкими и дали свои результаты. Читать далее...
Глава Татарстана Предложил Создать Первую в России Бондовую Зону

Ria.ru, Июль 23, 2020:   Президент Татарстана  Рустам Минниханов  предложил правительству РФ рассмотреть возможность создания в республике первой в стране бондовой зоны для трансграничной интернет-торговли, сообщается на сайте регионального бизнес-омбудсмена. Читать далее...
Новый План Путина: Июльский Указ Президента Оказался Скромнее Майского

Forbes.ru, Июль 21, 2020:   О том, что цели национального развития России необходимо скорректировать из-за проблем, с которыми столкнулся бюджет из-за пандемии, президент России Владимир Путин  заявил  в начале прошлой недели. Согласно новой версии указа, к 2030 году инвестиции должны вырасти не менее чем на 70% в реальном выражении. Это значит, что в среднем вложения в основной капитал должны увеличиваться на 5,5% в год, оценил Долгин. Темпы роста инвестиций в основной капитал в следующем десятилетии, таким образом, должны ускориться более чем вдвое: в 2010-2019 годах, по данным Росстата, они росли в среднем на 2,5% в год. Аналогичными темпами, согласно новой версии указа, в ближайшее десятилетие должен расти российский несырьевой экспорт. Читать далее...
Торгово-Промышленная Палата Предложила Меры по Поддержке Малого Бизнеса

Vedomosti.ru, Июль 21, 2020:   Регионам необходимо дать право сокращать ставку по налогу для самозанятых до 1%. Письмо с таким предложением отправил глава Торгово-промышленной палаты (ТПП) Сергей Катырин спикеру Совета Федерации Валентине Матвиенко и спикеру Госдумы Вячеславу Володину (есть в распоряжении «Ведомостей»). Читать далее...

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