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to the Breakbulk Americas 2020

Breakbulk Americas has been the established hub for the project cargo and breakbulk industry for more than 30 years. Based in Houston, it hosts more than 5,000 professionals from across the industrial supply chain based primarily in Canada, U.S. and Latin America, including the America’s largest EPCs and oil & gas companies. The conference provides shippers with the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the leading specialized carriers, forwarders, ports, terminals and packers who have the expertise and resources to handle oversized cargoes with unique handling requirements.

U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce invites you to join the welcoming Russian and CIS delegations to the 10th Annual Breakbulk Americas Reception. This annual event draws decision makers in U.S.- Russia trade and investment, including senior representatives from major shipping and logistics companies, leaders in the oil and gas industry, government officials, elected officials and more. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Four Seasons Hotel, Whitney Room 
1300 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77010

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Member's News
ExxonMobil and Global Clean Energy Holdings Sign Agreement for Renewable Diesel, August 11, 2020: The renewable diesel will be sourced from a refinery acquired by Global Clean Energy in Bakersfield, California, which is being retooled to produce renewable diesel from Global Clean Energy’s patented varieties of camelina, a fallow land crop that does not displace food crops, and other non-petroleum feedstocks. Following scheduled production startup in 2022, ExxonMobil plans to distribute the renewable diesel within California and potentially to other domestic and international markets. Read more...
Emerson’s New Ultrasonic Generators Offer User-Friendly Digital Controls for Fast Setups and Precise Operation, August 10, 2020: Today Emerson introduced its new BransonTM GCX Series of ultrasonic generators, which combine user-friendly digital controls, advanced features and a more compact footprint to precisely control the delivery of ultrasonic energy for precision cleaning systems used in medical, electronic, automotive and other industries. Read more...
Houston Ranks 11 in 100 Best Cities in America, August 6, 2020: Every big city across America has wrestled with the challenges brought by the global pandemic. That is why Houston First is especially pleased to share that Houston is the top ranking Texas city, coming in at number 11 out of 100 cities across the country by Resonance Consultancy, a strategic business marketing, development and research company. This is the fifth year for the organization’s recently released rankings, which also factors in effects of COVID-19 on a city’s unemployment rate, income equality, and number of confirmed cases. Read more...  
This Week in Review
Rosneft to Double Oil Handling in Arkhangelsk Year-on-Year, August 12, 2020: Rosneft will double year-on-year the handling of oil products, due to be supplied to northern regions, at the terminal in Arkhangelsk, the company said on Wednesday. The terminal’s key facilities have been upgraded to improve performance and accuracy of measurements. In addition to that, from October the company will supply oil products to Norilsk Nickel using facilities of the Arkhangelsknefteproduct Company. Read more...
Russia Becomes First Country to Register Covid-19 Vaccine - Putin, August 11, 2020: Russia has registered the world's first Covid-19 vaccine, which forms stable immunity, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. "As far as I know, the world's first vaccine for the novel coronavirus infection was registered this morning," Putin said at a meeting with government members. Read more...
Russia's Novak Expects No Hasty OPEC+ Decisions This Month: Reports, August 13, 2020: Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak does not expect any hasty decisions on output cuts when an OPEC+ group monitoring committee meets next week as the oil market has been stable, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, known as OPEC+, have been cutting output since May by around 10% of typical global demand to tackle the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more...
Nord Stream 2 Project to Be Implemented Shortly, Lavrov Says, August 11, 2020: There are all reasons to believe that the Nord Stream 2 project will be implemented shortly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday, TASS informed. Moscow considers the exterritorial approach in imposing sanctions, same as the unilateral approach used by the US and EU, unacceptable. Read more...
Exports of Russian Oil Products to US Hit 16-year High, August 11, 2020: Russia shipped over 9 million tons of oil products to the US in the first half of 2020, the highest amount since at least 2004, customs data shows.
In the first six months of this year, Russia exported over 74.6 million tons of oil products. The US turned out to be its second largest buyer, accounting for more than 12 percent of the shipments. Year on-year shipments to the country more than doubled during this period, according to RBC calculations. Read more...
Russian Economy Shrank 8.5% in Second Quarter – Official Data, August 12, 2020: Russia's economy contracted by 8.5% year-on-year in the second quarter, the state statistics agency said Tuesday in its first assessment of the impact of the coronavirus and an oil crisis. GDP fell in "all areas of the economy except agriculture" between April and June, the Rosstat agency said in a statement, with passenger transport down 79% and the services industry down 37.2%. Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
From Students to Startups. Successful Entrepreneurs from All Over Russia Will Come to Tyumen in September, August 12, 2020: The All-Russian Youth Forum "Meeting of Successful Entrepreneurs-2020" will be held in Tyumen on September 11-12. In two days, the participants will attend a business conference, a presentation of the "Rating of Young Entrepreneurs" project and an all-Russian "Investment Fair", the organizing committee of the forum said. The event is organized for those who develop their business and entrepreneurship. These are experienced and novice entrepreneurs, startups, business mentors, students, operators of national and federal entrepreneurship projects. Read more...
CIS Business News
Kazakhstan Fulfills OPEC+ Obligations, Goes Above and Beyond Expectation for July, August 14, 2020: Kazakhstan has reduced its average oil production to 1.313 million barrels per day in July reaffirming its commitment to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agreement, reported the Kazakh Energy Ministry. The ministry said Kazakhstan achieved 101 percent conformity to the agreement in July. Read more...
Naftan Starts Receiving Second Batch of U.S. Oil, August 13, 2020: OAO Naftan has started receiving the second batch of oil from North America, the oil refinery told BelTA. The tanker with White Eagle Blend oil specially designed as an analogue of Russian Urals for European refineries arrived at the port of Klaipeda on 9 August. The capacity of the tanker is 76,000 tonnes. This morning, the first train carrying oil arrived at Naftan. The entire batch will be delivered to Naftan during August. Read more...
Azerbaijan's Foreign Trade Turnover Hits $11.7bn in 2020, August 13, 2020: The volume of Azerbaijan’s foreign trade turnover amounted to $11.7 billion in the first six months of 2020, State Statistics Committee reported on August 13. According to the statement, the value of exported goods amounted to 57.5 percent or $5.6 billion from the trade turnover, while the value of imported goods amounted to 42.5 percent or $4.9 billion, resulting in the surplus of $1.7 billion. Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russia
◾ Новости недели
S7 Решила Всерьез Заняться Грузоперевозками, Август 13, 2020: Одна из крупнейших российских пассажирских авиакомпаний — S7 Airlines впервые получит грузовые самолеты. Речь идет о двух Boeing 737-800BCF, за счет которых компания планирует нарастить перевозки грузов и почты на 30%. Аналитики говорят о росте рентабельности сегмента карго в ближайшие годы: после остановки международного авиасообщения грузовой рынок потерял 65-70% провозных мощностей, которые обеспечивали багажные отсеки пассажирских самолетов. Читать далее...
Силуанов Заявил о Безопасном Наращивании Госдолга России, Август 13, 2020: Сокращение доходов бюджета в связи с карантинными ограничениями и снижением цен на нефть и необходимость финансировать программы поддержки граждан и бизнеса потребовали некоторого увеличения государственного долга России, заявил журналистам министр финансов Антон Силуанов. Однако размер госдолга «сохраняется на безопасном уровне, ниже 20% ВВП, и остается одним из самых низких в мире», подчеркнул министр. Читать далее...
Пермский Край Планирует Создать Особую Экономическую Зону, Август 13, 2020: Пермский край в 2021 году планирует создать в регионе первую особую экономическую зону промышленно-производственного типа, сообщается на сайте губернатора и правительства региона. Соглашение о взаимодействии при создании в ОЭЗ глава Пермского края Дмитрий Махонин подписал в четверг с управляющим директором ООО "Сибур" Павлом Ляховичем. Читать далее...
Госзаказчики и Компании Заключили Контрактов с МСП на 12 Трлн Рублей, Август 13, 2020: Госзаказчики и компании заключили в 2019 году и первом полугодии 2020 года контрактов с малыми и средними предприятиями (МСП) на 12 трлн рублей. Об этом говорится в материалах, размещенных на сайте Минфина. Сумма контрактов госзаказчиков, а также сумма договоров отдельных видов юридических лиц, заключенных в первом полугодии 2020 года с малым бизнесом, составила 3,8 трлн рублей, указано в сообщении. Читать далее...
«Пострадали от Мала до Велика»: Российский Бизнес Пережил Сильнейшее за 16 Лет Падение Прибыли, Август 12, 2020: Совокупная прибыль крупных и средних российских предприятий в марте-мае 2020 года обвалилась по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года на 67%, сообщила международная аудиторско-консалтинговая сеть FinExpertiza в присланном Forbes исследовании. Это самое глубокое падение за весенние месяцы как минимум за последние 16 лет, отмечается в докладе. Исследование проведено без учета малого бизнеса. Читать далее...
Международные Резервы России Впервые Превысили $600 Млрд, Август 13, 2020: Международные резервы России на 7 августа составили $600,7 млрд, сообщил Банк России. За неделю они выросли на $8,9 млрд, или на 1,5%. Рост произошел под воздействием положительной курсовой переоценки из-за снижения курса доллара США к другим резервным валютам и повышения цен на золото. В результате превышен исторический максимум, продержавшийся 12 лет - 8 августа 2008 года объем резервов России оценивался в размере $598,1 млрд. Читать далее...

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