December 2020 | ISSUE No. 301| USRCC Business Newsletter
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In 2007 the City of Houston and the City of Moscow have signed an agreement of cooperation. In March of 2020 these international cities signed the new working agenda, which also covered tourism. In the context of this cooperation with the support of the U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce both cities are holding a virtual roundtable with participation of the top industry experts from Houston and Moscow, who will be sharing their experience and best practices during these challenging times. 

It is not a secret that tourism industry is facing multiple challenges due to COVID-19.
How will the post-COVID world look like for the tourism? How do governments support the industry? What is the impact of digitalization? What both cities are doing to protect their tourists during the pandemic? Are there any positive developments due to the pandemic? These and other current questions will be discussed during the roundtable.
Monday, December 14th, 2020

9:00 am– 11:00 am CST (Houston) | 18:00 – 20:00 (Moscow)

Live YouTube Stream available on
This event is complimentary
Simultaneous translation into Russian language is provided.

Svetlana Zeynalova

Russian Radio and TV Host

To read the full bio click here.
Christopher Olson

Trade and International Affairs, 
City of Houston

To read the full bio click here.
Sergey Cheremin

Minister of the 
Moscow Government,
Head of the Department of External Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow

To read the full bio click here.
Alexander Zakharov

Consul General,
Consulate General
of Russian Federation
in Houston 

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James Golsen

Commercial Counselor - Senior Commercial Officer, Embassy of the United States of America in Moscow

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Jorge Franz

Senior Vice President of Tourism,
Visit Houston

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William T. Harris

President and CEO,
Space Center Houston

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Nicki Keenan

Senior Vice President, Sales,
Landry's Inc.

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Ekaterina Pronicheva

Moscow Tourism Committee

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Konstantin P. Akopyan

External Communications Department,
Travel Service
Ilya Kuzmin

Deputy Head,
Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow

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Fedor N. Yurchikhin

Cosmonautics and Aviation 
Center at VDNKh

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Marina Skokova

Chief General Manager,
Metropol and Petrovsky Travel Palace Hotel Group

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Member's News
ExxonMobil Discovers Hydrocarbons Offshore Suriname, December 11, 2020: ExxonMobil and PETRONAS have discovered hydrocarbons at the Sloanea-1 exploration well on Block 52 offshore Suriname, adding to ExxonMobil’s extensive finds in the Guyana-Suriname basin. The well was drilled by operator PETRONAS, and the discovery is being evaluated to determine its resource potential. Read more...
Novokuibyshevsk Refinery Implements Pilot Project of Smart Safety Helmets, December 7, 2020: Specialists of the Novokuibyshevsk refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s Samara refining complex, jointly with Rostelecom PJSC have performed pilot tests for the introduction of smart safety helmets--pieces of digital personal protective equipment--at the sites. The new equipment helps monitor compliance with industrial safety rules at production facilities remotely. Read more...
Lukoil Enhances its Positions in ESG Ratings, December 11, 2020: LUKOIL has substantially enhanced its positions in acknowledged international ESG ratings in 2020. In particular, LUKOIL has stepped up in the Sustainalytics Risk rating from 25th to the 11th position among over 50 vertically integrated oil and gas companies participating in the rating. LUKOIL risk rating advanced by 9 points to 32.7. The SAM S&P agency (formerly RobecoSAM) upgraded LUKOIL rating by sixteen points at once to 46 points, which places LUKOIL ahead of the most of oil and gas companies. Read more...
This Week in Review
Government Cuts Forecasts for Russia’s Oil, Gas, Coal Output in 2020, December 11, 2020: The government has reduced its forecasts for Russia’s production of oil, natural gas, coal, and bulk polymers, including rubber, in 2020, as seen by PRIME on Friday in a ruling published on the government’s website for disclosure of legal information. The oil output forecast was reduced to 507.4 million tonnes in 2020 from 560 million tonnes, production of natural and associated gas is now expected at 690.8 million tonnes this year instead of 743.1 million tonnes. The coal forecast was cut to 395 million tonnes from 448 million tonnes, and production of bulk polymers is now expected at 6.3 million tonnes, down from 7.9 million tonnes. Read more...
Russia, AstraZeneca to Test Combined Coronavirus Vaccination, December 11, 2020: The developer of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine will partner with AstraZeneca to test in a clinical trial whether combining their jabs would boost immunity to Covid-19, the British drug-maker announced Friday. Russia’s state-run Gamaleya research center two weeks ago suggested trying the combined regimen with AstraZeneca, saying on Twitter it “may prove important for revaccinations.” Read more...
Construction of Nord Stream 2 Resumes, December 11, 2020: The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline resumed on December 11; the Fortuna barge will carry out the pipe laying in the exclusive economic zone of Germany, Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the pipeline construction, told reporters on Friday. The pipelayer Fortuna will lay a 2.6-kilometer section of the gas pipeline in the exclusive economic zone of Germany in waters at the depth of less than 30 meters. Read more...
Russian Economy in Unstable Equilibrium for Past Month, to Start Growing if Epidemic Eases - Dep Minister, December 11, 2020: The latest figures point to some decline in the Russian economy in last couple of weeks and the situation for the past month is one of unstable equilibrium, Deputy Economic Development Minister Polina Kryuchkova said during an online conference organized by the Central Bank. She said consumer demand had recovered to pre-crisis levels, but "there has been some decline, and with unstable dynamics for a couple of weeks." Read more...
Russian Scientists Devising New Methods to Monitor Purity of Seawater From Space, December 9, 2020: Scientists of Don State Technical University (DSTU) have developed complex computational complex models and methods for analysing coastal environments ‘systems based on the Azov sea remote sensing data. The results of the research would help to develop detection technology, allowing the recording of such natural and environmental hazards as oil pollution, wind-induced current, over-enrichment of waters, as well as taking water ecosystems’ forecast to a whole new level. Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
Tyumen Volunteers Have No Serious Side Effects after Testing Coronavirus Vaccine, December 11, 2020: Post-registration studies of the EpiVacCorona coronavirus vaccine are underway in the regional center. More than 250 volunteers have already been vaccinated. According to Ivan Petrov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation Policy of Tyumen State Medical University, doctors carry out the analysis immediately after vaccination and after a while. They have not yet found any serious side effects. Read more...
CIS Business News
Kazakh Government Officials Report Positive Economic Indicators, December 11, 2020: Kazakh government officials noted positive economic indicators over the past 11 months and reported them during the Dec. 10 government meeting, the Kazakh Prime Minister’s press service reported. Construction and processing industries show significant growth, said Kazakh Minister of the Economy Ruslan Dalenov. The processing industry grew by 3.3 percent, where pharmaceuticals and car construction increased the most by 39.5 percent and 52.6 percent respectively. Read more...
EIA Changes Forecast for Volume of Azerbaijan's Oil Production in 2021, December 10, 2020: The U.S. Energy Information Administration has changed its forecast for Azerbaijan's average daily oil production for 2021. In the report released in December, the agency decreased its forecast for Azerbaijan's daily oil production for 2021 by 10,000 barrels to 720,000 barrels. It should be noted that according to the report published in November, the Agency forecasted daily oil production to be 730,000 barrels in 2021. Read more...
Belarus, CIS Plan to Increase Mutual Trade in 2021, December 11, 2020: Belarus and the CIS countries plan to increase mutual trade in 2021, BelTA learned from the press service of the Agriculture and Food Ministry following the 33rd session of the CIS Intergovernmental Council on Agriculture and Food held as a video conference on 10 December. The members of the council have considered the preliminary results of the agro-industrial complex of CIS countries in 2020. Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russia
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АО «РНГ» Сотрудничает с Американскими Нефтесервисными Компаниями для Оптимизации Нефтедобычи
АО «РНГ» ведет добычу нефти в сложных геологических условиях Восточной Сибири. Менеджмент компании имеет более чем десятилетний опыт сотрудничества с американскими нефтесервисными подрядчиками, специализирующимися на методах снижения издержек и повышения нефтеотдачи. Утвержденная стратегия группы «Истсиб Холдинг», в состав которой входит АО «РНГ», предусматривает сохранение политики долгосрочных контрактов с американскими партнерами. Читать далее...
Приток в Инвестирующие в Россию Фонды за Неделю Вырос на $140 млн, Декабрь 11, 2020: Чистый приток средств в фонды, которые инвестируют в российские акции и облигации, за неделю составил $380 млн с учетом фондов, ориентированных не только на Россию, говорится в обзоре компании BCS Global Markets. На прошлой неделе приток был равен $240 млн. Совокупный чистый приток за пять недель составил $1,47 млрд, это третий показатель после января 2018-го и февраля 2017 года. Читать далее...
Эксперты Считают, что Российская Нефтянка Может Отстать во Внедрении ИИ, Декабрь 11, 2020: Несмотря на удачные пилотные проекты по внедрению искусственного интеллекта (ИИ) в нефтегазовой отрасли, Россия может отстать от зарубежных партнеров, если участники рынка не скооперируются для обмена наработками и первичными данными. К такому выводу пришли участники круглого стола "ИИ для бизнеса: цифровая трансформация нефтегазовой отрасли", который состоялся в пятницу в рамках седьмого конгресса "Инновационная практика: наука плюс бизнес". Читать далее...
Государство Вложит в Инвестиционные Проекты 2,7 трлн Рублей за Три Года, Декабрь 11, 2020: Министр экономического развития России Максим Решетников утвердил федеральную адресную инвестиционную программу (ФАИП) на 2021 г. и на плановый период 2022 и 2023 гг., говорится в сообщении Минэкономразвития. Программой предусмотрены инвестиции на реализацию 1,1 тыс. инвестпроектов, в том числе более 1 тыс. адресных объектов капитального строительства. Читать далее...
Росстат Улучшил Оценку Спада Российской Экономики, Декабрь 11, 2020: Росстат уточнил оценку падения ВВП России в третьем квартале 2020 года: оно составило 3,4% по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года. В середине ноября ведомство предварительно оценило его в 3,6%. За январь—сентябрь снижение составило 3,4%, ранее Росстат оценил его в 3,5%. Читать далее...

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