December 2020 | ISSUE No. 304| USRCC Business Newsletter
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The U.S.-Russia business relations in 2020 were challenging. How would 2021 be different in terms of U.S.-Russia mutual cooperation? What are the hopes and expectations?

Matthew Rojansky, the leading expert on the U.S. – Russia relations, will share his thoughts and insights on the impact of the new administration policies on the U.S.-Russia business interactions.


Matthew Rojansky is Director of the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. An expert on U.S. relations with the states of the former Soviet Union, especially Russia, he has advised governments, intergovernmental organizations, and major private actors on conflict resolution and efforts to enhance shared security throughout the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian region.

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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

8:00 am– 9:00 am CST (Houston) 17:00 – 18:00 (Moscow)
Members – complimentary | Non-members - $20
Simultaneous translation into Russian language is included.
Registration deadline: noon (CST) Monday, January 25th, 2021.
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Refunds will not be issued after January 22nd, 2020.
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Member's News
Mandatory Negative PCR Test Requirement on Turkish Airlines Effective 30th, December 2020, December 28, 2020: Passengers flying to Turkey or another country via Turkey are required to submit a negative PCR test, sampled maximum 72 hours prior to their flight, as per the current regulation in Turkey. This procedure will be in effect as of 30 December 2020 12 AM, with the local dates and times of the departure countries. There is no obligation to submit a test result for passengers under 6 years old. Our transit passengers should also take into account the rules of the final arrival country in terms of PCR test requirements, age limits and time guidelines. Passengers who do not submit a negative PCR test (in print or as digital media) will not be admitted to the flight.
Natural Gas Demand Poised for Long-term Growth, December 23, 2020: The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information concerning the impacts of the events of 2020 on the long-term outlook for the global energy market. The most significant development of the year, including in the energy market, has been the new coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the pandemic's impact on the global gas market has been quite limited. According to Gazprom's preliminary estimates, the global demand for gas in 2020 fell by about 2 per cent, while other fossil fuels are showing greater decline in consumption. Read more...
Rosneft Develops Environmentally Friendly Drilling Fluids Production Technology, December 23, 2020: Rosneft and specialists of the Siberian Federal University have developed the technology of production of environmentally friendly drilling fluids based on seed oils and containing biodegradable components. The development of Russian green drilling fluids rivalling costly foreign analogues in terms of functionality is the task of utmost importance. Drilling fluids of the high environmental standard can be used in the development of the fields with the fragile ecosystem of the Far North, including those of the Vostok Oil project. Read more...
Thirty-Five Million Tons Of Oil Produced at LUKOIL’s North Caspian Fields, December 29, 2020: LUKOIL's cumulative production of oil has exceeded 35 million tonnes at its Yury Korchagin and Vladimir Filanovsky fields in the North Caspian Sea. LUKOIL carried on with these projects in 2020. In particular, new production wells were drilled, as well as side-track wells to intensify influx of hydrocarbons. In 2020, LUKOIL produced over 7 million tonnes at two aforementioned fields. Read more...
This Week in Review
Novak: Global Oil Demand to Grow by 5–6 mln bpd in 2021, December 28, 2020: Global demand for oil is expected to increase by 5–6 million barrels per day in 2021, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told Rossiya 24 television channel on Monday. Novak expressed hope that the global oil market would bounce back to the pre-pandemic level in 2021, and also pointed to the positive influence that coronavirus vaccines emergence has on the demand recovery. Read more...
Russia’s Finance Ministry to Borrow around $50.23bn in 2021, December 29, 2020: The Russian Ministry of Finance plans to borrow about 3.7 trillion rubles ($50.23bn) in 2021, about 75 billion rubles ($1.02bn) a week, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov said, as reported by TASS. According to Siluanov, the pace of borrowing will depend on the external situation. “We will look at the situation. There is also the question of what will happen to the U.S. administration, whether they will impose restrictions on our debts,” the minister said. Read more...
Russian Government Prepares Benefits for Mining Companies in Arctic, December 29, 2020: The Russian government is discussing new benefits for mining companies in the Arctic zone. If the decisions are made, they can be provided in return for investments. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters on Tuesday. Read more...
Russian Far East Records Significant Foreign Direct Investment Increases, December 29, 2020: The Russian Far East, an area of North-East Asia covering 6.2 million (2,400,000 sq mi), now accounts for 32% of all Foreign Direct Investment into Russia, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev. Special economic zoning and concessions have stoked investor interest in the region. Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
Tyumen Region Entered the "Golden Twenty" of the Tourist Rating, December 30, 2020: Over the year, the region has improved its position in the national ranking. Neighbors in the "Tyumen Matryoshka" are located in the second and third divisions. The Tyumen Region confirmed the seriousness of its intentions to increase its tourist attractiveness. In the national tourism rating-2020, the region is consolidated in the so-called "golden twenty", taking the 18th line. Read more...
CIS Business News
Ferroalloy and Sinter Plants to be Built in Karaganda Region, December 29, 2020: The construction of the ferroalloy and sinter plants has been launched as part of the Business Roadmap 2025 initiative in Karaganda, the regional press service reported.The production capacity of the plants are 57,000 tons of ferroalloys and 240,000 tons of sinter per year. 100-percent locally sourced content is a significant factor of these projects, said Founder of Qaz Carbon Company Yerlan Nigmatulin at the presentation of the project on Dec.22. Read more...
Azerbaijan Names Growing Economic Activities Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, December 30, 2020: Azerbaijan recorded growth in the non-oil industry, production, distribution, and supply of electricity, gas, and steam, agriculture, ICT despite the recession in such sectors as tourism, catering, construction, and oil production amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Vusal Gasimli, CEO of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications (CAERC), said, Trend reports on Dec.30. Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russia
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В Минфине Оценили Перспективы Российской Экономики в 2021 году, Декабрь 30, 2020: Министр финансов РФ Антон Силуанов выразил надежду, что дополнительных мер поддержки российской экономики в 2021 году не потребуется, и ситуация с коронавирусом "спадет к середине года". "Если потребуется принятие экстраординарных мер, — надеюсь, что до этого не дойдет ситуация, — то опыт текущего года говорит о том, что мы можем быстро мобилизоваться, быстро принимать решения и быстро достигать цели", — сказал он в интервью телеканалу "Россия 24", отвечая на вопрос про "план Б" на случай, если снова потребуется мобилизовать ресурсы. Читать далее...
Глава Boeing в России Оценил Потери Мировых Авиакомпаний из-за Пандемии в $160 млрд, Декабрь 28, 2020: По итогам 2020 года потери мировых авиакомпаний из-за пандемии коронавируса могут достичь $160 млрд, сообщил президент компании Boeing в России и СНГ Сергей Кравченко в интервью телеканалу «Россия-24». По словам господина Кравченко, авиакомпании используют только 50% провозных мощностей из-за действующих ограничений. Читать далее...
Государство Запустило Механизм Гарантий для Крупного Бизнеса, Декабрь 28, 2020: В 2020 г. в стране появился новый инструмент стимулирования инвестиций – в апреле вступил в силу закон «О защите и поощрении капиталовложений в Российской Федерации». Правда, заработал этот инструмент только в октябре, когда премьер-министр Михаил Мишустин подписал два соответствующих постановления – о правилах заключения соглашений о защите и поощрении капиталовложений (СЗПК) и о порядке выплаты компенсаций за строительство дополнительной инфраструктуры. Тем не менее к концу 2020 г. правительство заключило 25 первых СЗПК, а к 2024 г. планирует подписать не менее 1000 таких соглашений. Читать далее...
Новак Назвал Оптимальные для Рынка Цены на Нефть, Декабрь 25, 2020: Оптимальные для текущей рыночной ситуации цены на нефть находятся в диапазоне от $45 до $55. Об этом заявил журналистам вице-премьер России Александр Новак, передает ТАСС. «Для восстановления нашей добычи, которую мы сильно уронили, диапазон цен в $45–55 за баррель — это самый оптимальный, иначе мы никогда не восстановим добычу, восстановят другие, а мы будем все время на своем уровне», — сказал Новак. Читать далее...
"Транснефть" в 2025 году Планирует Завершить Проект Создания Единой Информационной Системы, Декабрь 30, 2020: Проект "Транснефти" по развитию корпоративной сети передачи данных для построения единой информационной системы (ЕИС) планируется завершить в 2025 году. Об этом говорится в сообщении компании. В рамках проекта ведется строительство магистральной волоконно-оптической линии связи общей протяженностью более 9 тыс. километров и строительство 298 антенно-мачтовых сооружений связи. Читать далее...

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