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Member's News
Gazprom and TMK Discuss Innovative Pipe Solutions for Field Development

Gazprom.com, January 26, 2020: A working meeting took place between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Dmitry Pumpyansky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMK. The parties discussed the state and prospects of their cooperation. It was noted that over the course of 2020, amid the restrictions imposed to fight the spread of the coronavirus, pipes for Gazprom were produced and shipped in a timely manner. Read more...
RNG Purchased a Batch of Gas Reinjection Equipment

Rngoil.ru, January 27, 2020: Respect for environment and responsible subsoil use are the key areas of RNG’s environmental program. The company plans to spend 4.5 billion rubles on environmental protection measures. A significant part of the program is aimed at the beneficial use of the extracted associated petroleum gas (APG). The APG reinjection system will allow the company to solve the problems of maintaining reservoir pressure, as well as to exclude emissions into the atmosphere. RNG’s investments in the project for the rational use of APG in the Eastern blocks of Srednebotuobinskoye oil and gas condensate field will amount to 3.8 billion rubles. Read more...
Lukoil Commissions New Production Complex at The Volgograd Refinery

Lukoil.com, January 29, 2020: Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov, Russian Minister of Energy Nikolai Shulginov, Governor of the Volgograd region Andrei Bocharov and President of LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov took part in today's opening of a high-viscosity index oils production complex at the Volgograd refinery. The production facility includes a de-asphalting unit and a fractionation unit for unconverted oil. The construction of the complex started in October 2018. Read more...
USRCC Announcement
The USRCC Member is seeking
business representative in Russia

Here are the key requirements:

  • The company / individual should have the industry contacts in dealing with Sulphur plants, CO2 capture and/or academics;
  • The representative should have a working knowledge of the amine industry;
  • The representative should have the understanding of how business works in the Russian region;
  • The company / individual could have represented tray vendors, solvent suppliers, other software, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction company.

For more details please contact: info@usrussiacc.org
Please indicate in subject line "Russian Representative"
This Week in Review
IMF Expects Russia’s GDP to Rise 3% in 2021, 3.9% in 2022

1prime.biz, January 26, 2021: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has improved its forecast for Russia’s 2021 gross domestic product (GDP) growth to 3% from 2.8% and in 2022 to 3.9% from 2.3%, the IMF said in the World Economic Outlook released on Tuesday. In 2020, Russia’s economy contracted by 3.6%, the IMF said. Approval of vaccines and launches of vaccinations in some countries in December 2020 bring hope for an ultimate end to the coronavirus pandemic. In spite of a growth of the amount of casualties from the pandemic, the world’s economic activity will adapt to it with time, the fund said. Read more...
Russia’s Non-Energy Exports Up To 30% Of GDP

Russia-briefing.com, January 29, 2021: Russia has long been labeled as a solely oil and gas-based economy, however efforts by the Government to change and diversify the economy appear to be paying off. Non-resource and energy exports were up in 2020, amounting to US$160 billion in 2020, or roughly 30% of all total exports. Read more...
Oil Might Reach $45-80 per Barrel, Gas Industry Plan Reads

Tass.com, January 27, 2021: According to the draft general plan for the development of the gas industry in Russia until 2035, oil prices will be in the range of $45 - 80 per barrel, Director of Oil Refining and Gas Processing Department of the Ministry of Energy Anton Rubtsov said on Wednesday. Read more...
VSMPO, Boeing Sign Long-term Contract to Supply Titanium Products

Interfax.com, January 26, 2021: PJSC VSMPO-Avisma Corporation and Boeing have signed a long-term contract to supply titanium products, the Russian titanium producer's press service told Interfax. The contract stipulates that VSMPO-Avisma will supply Boeing and its suppliers with titanium forgings to meet the requirements to manufacture civil aircraft of various models, specifically Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, 777, 767, and 737 airplanes. Read more...
ING: Russian Corporates are Back to Foreign Debt Redemption in 2020

Intellinews.com, January 26, 2021: Russian corporates reduced foreign debt by $11bn in a tumultuous 2020 after a steady 2019. Still, with 89% of the debt refinanced, foreign debt redemption is not a material pressure factor for the ruble. The large drop in non-debt foreign liabilities was more important, but this appears to be a one-off so far. Corporate sector has reduced foreign debt by $11bn in 2020 after keeping it flat in 2019. The Bank of Russia released its first estimate of the foreign debt as of year-end 2020, which gives additional cover to the general balance of payments data we covered earlier. Read more...
Investment House Targets $600M Fund for Russian Tech

Themoscowtimes.com, January 27, 2021: Leading private equity firm Elbrus Capital has attracted $260 million to launch a new investment fund focusing on Russian digital companies, business daily Kommersant reported. It will be the third fund launched by Elbrus — an investment house specializing in tech firms from Russia and other ex-Soviet countries. The company is aiming to raise a total of $600 million by the end of 2022 to pump into technology firms. Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
University of Tyumen: Ivan Romanchuk Appointed Rector of University of Tyumen

Indiaeducationdiary.in, January 26, 2021: On January 20, 2021, by the order of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Valery Falkov, Acting Rector of the University of Tyumen, Ivan Romanchuk, was appointed the Rector of the University of Tyumen for a period of 5 years. In his new post, Ivan Romanchuk intends to establish a mutually beneficial connection between the university and region, strengthen cooperation with industrial partners and further facilitate the process of individualization of education at the university. In terms of scientific agenda, the University of Tyumen plans to approach complex challenges through West Siberian Interregional Scientific and Educational Center and deliver world-class research with the mega-grant program. Read more...
CIS Business News
Thirteen New Enterprises Slated to Open in Karaganda Region in 2021, Create 1,500 Jobs

Astanatimes.com, January 25, 2021: The Karaganda Region plans to open 13 new enterprises in 2021 that will create 1,500 jobs, said Karaganda Region Akim (Governor) Zhenis Kassymbek at the recent online meeting focusing on the region’s investment opportunities. Six more projects will start this year and are slated to launch in 2022. Among the projects scheduled to launch this year is a mining and processing plant in Zhairem village. A 145 billion tenge (US$344.2) project that involves a Swiss company will provide jobs to 210 people. Read more...
Russian Government Okays Draft Agreement on Transshipment of Belarus' Cargoes via Russian Ports

Eng.belta.by, January 27, 2021: The Russian government has approved a draft agreement with the Belarusian government on the organization of cooperation in transportation and transshipment of Belarusian oil products destined to third countries through Russian seaports. The appropriate resolution of the Russian government was published on the Russian internet legal information portal on 27 January, BelTA has learned. Read more...
US Shipping Bureau issues IMS conformity certificate to Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC

Azernews.az, January 29, 2021: An external audit in the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company CJSC (ASCO), conducted by the US Bureau of Shipping, one of the authoritative classification organizations, has been completed, the ASCO told Trend. As a result of the audit conducted in the relevant departments and on various ships of the ASCO, it was confirmed that the ASCO's Integrated Management System (IMS) conforms to ISO international management standards in the field of quality, health, safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency. Following the audit, a five-year certificate was issued to the ASCO. Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russia
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Новак Анонсировал Строительство Более 10 СПГ-заводов в России

Rbc.ru, Январь 29, 2021: Среди потенциальных крупных проектов по производству сжиженного природного газа (СПГ) в проекте долгосрочной программы развития производства СПГ выделяются более десяти заводов, которые на сегодня находятся в различной степени проработки. Об этом говорится в сообщении пресс-службы правительства по итогам совещания по подготовке долгосрочной программы, которое в среду, 27 января, провел вице-премьер Александр Новак. Читать далее...
Доля Убыточных Организаций в России Серьезно Выросла в 2020 году
1prime.ru, Январь 29, 2021: Доля убыточных организаций в РФ в январе-ноябре выросла на 3,1 процентного пункта по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года и составила 31,2%, сообщает Росстат. По оперативным данным службы, за отчетный период сальдированный финансовый результат (прибыль минус убыток) организаций (без субъектов малого предпринимательства, кредитных организаций, государственных и муниципальных учреждений, некредитных финансовых организаций) в действующих ценах составил 10,283 триллиона рублей (39,2 тысячи организаций получили прибыль в размере 15,066 триллиона рублей, 17,7 тысячи организаций имели убыток на сумму 4,783 триллиона). Читать далее...
Фонд "Сколково" Обновил Состав Совета Директоров и Показатели Эффективности
Tass.ru, Январь 28, 2021: Четыре новых члена вошли в состав совета директоров фонда "Сколково"(фонд под управлением ВЭБ.РФ), кроме того, установлены новые показатели эффективности работы фонда на 2021 год, в которых сделан акцент на эффективность координации системы институтов развития. Об этом в четверг сообщила пресс-служба фонда. Читать далее...
Добывающие Компании Готовятся Снизить Экспорт и Поднять Объемы Переработки

Kommersant.ru, Январь 26, 2021: Российские нефтекомпании на фоне роста оптовых цен на топливо внутри страны готовятся перенаправить нефть с экспорта для загрузки НПЗ. Согласно предварительному плану, в феврале отгрузки нефти на экспорт из портов европейской части РФ могут упасть сразу на треть относительно января. Читать далее...
Всем Фондам Фонд: Государство и Фирмы Вложатся в Российские Стартапы

Iz.ru, Январь 29, 2020: Идея создания фонда фондов, работающего в секторе инноваций, возникла в марте на встрече президента России Владимира Путина с крупнейшими инвесторами. Идею выдвинул основатель Almaz Capital Partners Александр Галицкий. По его словам, ведущие корпорации не готовы вкладывать напрямую в высокорисковые стартапы, создающиеся с нуля. Выходом может стать создание посредника, когда компании, пенсионные фонды или страховщики создают структуру, которая инвестирует в венчурные фонды, напрямую работающие с новыми развивающимися бизнесами. Читать далее...

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