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◾ Member's News
Rosneft Introduces Modern Digital Services for Fuel Customers

Rosneft.com, February 3, 2020: The Achinsk Refinery has become the first among Rosneft Oil Company’s refineries to introduce QR codes on quality certificates for petroleum products. The codes have been placed on documents issued for unloading motor gasolines RON-92-K5 and RON-95-K5, as well as diesel fuels of the highest environmental class. Modern digital technology will help consumers learn more about the manufacturer of a product online. Read more...
ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions to Commercialize Emission-reduction Technology

Exxonmobil.com, February 1, 2020: ExxonMobil said today it has created a new business to commercialize its extensive low-carbon technology portfolio. The new business, ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, will initially focus on carbon capture and storage, one of the critical technologies required to achieve net zero emissions and the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. Read more...
Sulzer Completes Acquisition of Nordic Water

Sulzer.com, February 1, 2020: Sulzer announces it has completed its acquisition of Nordic Water, a leading supplier of water treatment technology, on February 1, 2021. The transaction was announced on January 11, 2021 and has been completed ahead of schedule. Read more...
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  • The company / individual should have the industry contacts in dealing with Sulphur plants, CO2 capture and/or academics;
  • The representative should have a working knowledge of the amine industry;
  • The representative should have the understanding of how business works in the Russian region;
  • The company / individual could have represented tray vendors, solvent suppliers, other software, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction company.

For more details please contact: info@usrussiacc.org
Please indicate in subject line "Russian Representative"
◾ This Week in Review
Evraz to Invest 3 bln rbl in Steel Facility Upgrade at NTMK Plant

1prime.biz, February 4, 2021: U.K.-based mining giant Evraz, which operates mainly in Russia, plans to invest 3 billion rubles in upgrade of a steel-making facility at its Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant (NTMK), the company said in a statement on Thursday. The upgrade is to be finished until 2023, and will boost the facility’s capacity to 1.8 million tonnes from 700,000 tonnes annually. Read more...
Lancet Analysis of Sputnik V Puts It Among World's Top Vaccines, Medical Scientist Says

Sputniknews.com, February 5, 2021: On Tuesday, peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet published an interim analysis from the phase 3 trial of the Russian vaccine, showing its 91.6 percent efficacy against symptomatic COVID-19. The vaccine is also 91.8 percent effective for people aged over 60, and none of the rare serious adverse effects had been deemed to be associated with the vaccine, with most of the side effects being mild flu-like symptoms. Read more...
Ombudsman Expects Certain Policies Supporting Businesses to be Extended in 2021

Tass.com, February 3, 2021: Russia’s Presidential Commissioner for the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights Boris Titov expects certain anti-crisis measures to support businesses to be extended in 2021. Read more...
Rosneft Signs Investment Agreement with Relevant Govt Ministries on Boosting Oil Output at Priobskoye Field

Interfax.com, February 5, 2021: Russia's Finance Ministry, Natural Resources Ministry, and state oil company Rosneft have signed an investment agreement on boosting oil output at the Priobskoye field, the Finance Ministry said in a statement posted on its website. The signed agreement stipulates that Rosneft assume responsibility and obligations for additional investments in developing oil production at the Priobskoye field, the Finance Ministry said in the statement. Read more...
US Open to Easing Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Intellinews.com, February 3, 2021: The US may be prepared to enter talks with Germany on easing its sanctions on Nord Stream 2, German business paper Handelsblatt has said, signalling that the Biden administration may have resigned itself to the fact that the Russian pipeline will be completed. Washington has been an ardent opponent of Nord Stream 2, causing clashes with Germany and its other European allies that are anticipating economic gains from the project. However, the new US administration has signalled it could be willing to discuss lifting its sanctions, Handelsblatt reported, citing a US official involved in the talks. Read more...
Russia's Economy Shrunk by 3.1% in 2020

Themoscowtimes.com, February 1, 2021: Russia said Monday that its economy contracted by 3.1% in 2020 as the oil producing nation was hit by coronavirus lockdowns and a plunge in global crude prices. The drop was less severe than Russian authorities had expected however, as the central bank had forecast a contraction of about 4.0%. The Rosstat statistics agency attributed the drop to "restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus and the fall in global demand for energy resources." Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
UTMN: Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to Finance New University of Tyumen Arctic Project

Indiaeducationdiary.in, January 30, 2021: The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation will fund a new international project of the University of Tyumen — Arctic Academy for Sustainability: Creating Environmentally and Socially Responsible Sustainable Energy and Resource Development in the Arctic. The Foundation is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development on a global scale with an emphasis on climate change and energy, biodiversity, and water. Read more...
CIS Business News
Kazakhstan Makes Legislative Changes to Expand Support to Investors

Astanatimes.com, February 2, 2021: Kazakhstan introduced legislative changes to support investors. Starting this year, investors can conclude an investment agreement with the government without parliamentary ratification, said the Kazakh Foreign Ministry in a statement. The amendments were made to Kazakhstan’s business and tax code. Read more...
Belarus Adopts Agriculture Development Program for 2021-2025

Eng.belta.by, February 5, 2021: On 1 February 2021 the Council of Ministers passed Decree No. 59 to approve the Agricultural Business state program for 2021-2025, BelTA informs citing the National Legal Internet Portal. The program seeks to increase the competitiveness of domestic agricultural products and foodstuffs, to unlock unexploited export potential, to promote environmentally friendly agriculture with a view to strengthening the country's food security, and to ensure adequate nutrition and an opportunity to live a healthy life for the country's citizens. Read more...
Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan Gas Deal Marks New Era of Cooperation at Caspian

Today.az, February 3, 2021: Azerbaijan and the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan entered a new stage of cooperation last month after the two countries agreed to jointly develop the once-disputed energy field in the Caspian Sea. On January 21, the two countries’ foreign ministers signed a memorandum of understanding on joint exploration of Dostlug field. Read more...
◾ US-Russia Related News in Russia
◾ Новости недели
Reuters Узнал о Переговорах о Слиянии Двух Крупнейших Нефтедобытчиков США

Rbc.ru, Февраль 1, 2021: Главы двух крупнейших американских нефтедобывающих компаний ExxonMobil и Chevron в первой половине 2020 года провели предварительные переговоры о возможности объединения, сообщает Reuters со ссылкой на анонимных собеседников. Reuters отмечает, что рыночная капитализации Exxon и Chevron составляет $190 млрд и $164 млрд соответственно, а обсуждаемое объединение могло стать крупнейшим в истории слиянием компаний. Читать далее...
Назван Чистый Приток в Инвестирующие в Россию Фонды за Неделю
1prime.ru, Февраль 5, 2021: Чистый приток средств в фонды, инвестирующие в российские активы и облигации (с учетом фондов, ориентированных не только на РФ), за неделю по 3 февраля составил 160 миллионов долларов, снизившись с уровня прошлой недели в 190 миллионов, говорится в обзоре компании BCS Global Markets. BCS Global Markets приводит данные организации, которая отслеживает приток и отток средств в инвестиционные фонды и распределение средств — Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR). Читать далее...
Обязательная Нейтральность: Риски "Углеродной Сегрегации" для Российских Компаний Растут
Interfax.ru, Февраль 5, 2021: Инвесторы начали делить крупнейшие мировые корпорации на тех, кто способен заслужить себе место в "зеленой" экономике будущего, и тех, кто рискует остаться в "углеродном" прошлом. Более 90% компаний S&P 500 публикуют нефинансовую отчетность. Но этого уже недостаточно. Рынку важнее, что, согласно январскому опросу Fortune и Deloitte, у 40% крупнейших мировых корпораций пока нет программы достижения углеродной нейтральности к 2050 г. Читать далее...
Глава Минэнерго Сменит Главу Минсельхоза в Совете Директоров «Газпрома»

Kommersant.ru, Февраль 4, 2021: Глава Минэнерго Николай Шульгинов может войти в совет директоров «Газпрома» вместо главы Минсельхоза Дмитрия Патрушева, следует из сообщения холдинга. Господин Патрушев входил в состав совета директоров монополии с 2016 года, однако на этот раз не вошел в число кандидатов в совет. По данным “Ъ”, уже несколько месяцев обсуждаются возможная отставка господина Патрушева с поста министра и его возможный уход на позицию губернатора в один из субъектов РФ. Читать далее...
Крупный Бизнес Выступил Против Нового Закона о Банкротстве

Iz.ru, Январь 29, 2020: РСПП не поддержал обновленную версию законопроекта о банкротстве юрлиц, который Минэк внес в кабмин в конце января. Значительная часть замечаний РСПП связана с нововведениями, которые касаются СРО и арбитражных управляющих (АУ). Так, снижение минимального числа членов саморегулируемых организаций со 100 до 10 или 20 человек, в зависимости от типа, фактически превратит этот институт в управляющие компании, которые будут действовать исключительно в интересах своих участников. Читать далее...

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