April 2021 | ISSUE No. 321 | USRCC Business Newsletter
USRCC Upcoming Events
The 11 Annual Welcome Reception Honoring Delegations 
from Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan 
at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2021)
The USRCC's OTC Reception is attended by more than 300 international business professionals, including, leading experts from oil and gas/energy industry, investors, suppliers, and government officials.

The USRCC’s OTC Reception provides energy professionals the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm CST

Hotel ZAZA | Fountain Room 
5701 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005
USRCC Members - $50 | Non-members - $100

"Pay at the Door" Option will be available at: 
USRCC Members - $55 | Non-Members - $110

Registration deadline: COB Monday, August 16, 2021
Refunds will not be issued after August 13, 2021
2900 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 133, Houston, TX 77042
P: (713) 429-4680
info@usrussiacc.org www.usrussiacc.org
The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce is hosting this Webinar to discuss the long-term challenges facing the global supply chain. Energy, Shipping, Mining and Metals, and Agriculture industries’ leaders will share their experiences as to what their respective industries are doing to combat the missing pieces that make the global economy move products smoothly.
  • How to handle supply chain disruptions?
  • How to decrease costs throughout the supply chain?
  • How to meet consumer demands and improve quality, speed and service?
  • What are the advantages of digitalization of supply chain management?
These and other related questions will be covered during this Webinar.

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

8:00 am – 9:30 am (CST) | 16:00 – 17:30 (MSK)

Registration deadline: COB Monday, October 4th, 2021.


2900 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 133, Houston, TX 77042 | +1 (713) 429-4680
info@usrussiacc.org | www.usrussiacc.org
Anton Posner

Chief Executive Officer,
The Mercury Group and Mercury Resources LLC;
North East Chapter Chair and 
New York Representative,
U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce

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C. Brian Hesse

President and CEO, 
Rusal America Corporation

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Scott Bergeron

Director of Business
Development & Strategy,
Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG

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Robin Martin

Head of Market Development,
London Metal Exchange

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Scott R. Evans


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The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce
invites you to the partner event -
Gastech Exhibition & Conference 2021 at Singapore EXPO,
September 13-16, 2021.

Gastech is a global platform that convenes industry leaders annually in their shared mandate towards a zero-carbon economy. A key enabler of engagement between policy makers, business leaders, disruptors and innovators, Gastech 2021 will drive the conversations, collaborations and connections to address the challenges and opportunities created by the energy transition. Lower and zero-carbon fuels will play a central role in the delivery of the new energy landscape, as global focus continues to move towards a decarbonised and sustainable environment. Gastech 2021 will take place in Singapore, an epicentre for trade across Asia, reflecting the rapid shift Asian economies are making towards Natural Gas and LNG to meet their energy demands. Gastech will help you shape the strategies that will enable your company to thrive, providing an opportunity to explore new markets, forge exciting new partnerships and generate new business across the gas, LNG, hydrogen and energy value chain.

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Member's News
Airat Ishmurzin Put in Charge of Gazprom Pererabotka

Gazprom.com, April 26, 2020: Airat Ishmurzin was born in 1972. He graduated from Kazan State Technological University, majoring in Chemical Technology of Natural Fuels and Carbon Materials. He has a PhD degree in Engineering. He has been employed with Gazprom for 26 years. Read more...
API Receives Accreditation of Safety and Sustainability-Focused Certification Programs

Api.org, April 27, 2021: The American Petroleum Institute (API) is pleased to announce the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) accreditation of three of its inspector certifications, validating API’s ongoing commitment to deliver world-class programs to support safe and reliable natural gas and oil operations. Read more...
USRCC Announcement
The USRCC Member is seeking
business representative in Russia

Here are the key requirements:

  • The company / individual should have the industry contacts in dealing with Sulphur plants, CO2 capture and/or academics;
  • The representative should have a working knowledge of the amine industry;
  • The representative should have the understanding of how business works in the Russian region;
  • The company / individual could have represented tray vendors, solvent suppliers, other software, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction company.

For more details please contact: info@usrussiacc.org
Please indicate in subject line "Russian Representative"

The USRCC is looking for new team members!

Volunteers play a key role and the contributions they make impact the day-to-day functions of the chamber and shape the future of the relationship between Russia and the U.S.

There are many ways you can get involved with the USRCC. Whether you are an experienced leader or a student, there is a place for you. By volunteering, you can be at the very center of our high-profile events held in Houston, Chicago and New York City and interact with influential leaders in the U.S.-Russia trade and investment.
To learn more about the position 
or contact us directly at info@usrussiacc.org  
call 713.429.4680
This Week in Review
Russia to Create Whole Range of Hydrogen Infrastructure Equipment in Coming 2-3 years

Tass.com, April 29, 2021: Russia plans to develop technologies on the whole range of hydrogen infrastructure equipment in coming 2-3 years, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov told a Russian-German conference on Thursday. "From the viewpoint of technologies, we plan to create the whole range of required equipment for hydrogen infrastructure in coming 2-3 years," he said. Read more...
All of Liquified Natural Gas from Russia’s Arctic for Next 20 Years Sold in Advance

Russiabusinesstoday.com, April 29, 2021: Russia’s energy giant Novatek said on Wednesday it has inked 20-year agreements with the shareholders of its Arctic LNG 2 project on the sale and purchase of the entire volume of liquified natural gas. The LNG sales from the plant’s first liquefaction train are planned to commence in 2023, according to the company. Read more...
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021 Agenda

Russia-briefing.com, April 23, 2021: The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) will be held, partially online this year, from June 2-5. It is an important forum for Russian and International governments and businesses to discuss future co-operations and explore opportunities. This year’s SPIEF is titled ‘A Collective Reckoning of the New Global Economic Reality’ during which issues of the Russian and global economy, as well as social and technological agendas, will be discussed. Read more...
U.S. Embassy to Russia Reduces Consular Services

Interfax.com, April 30, 2021: From May 12, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow will reduce consular services in connection with the decision of the Russian authorities to prohibit the embassy from employing foreign nationals, the embassy said in a statement on Friday. "Effective May 12, U.S. Embassy Moscow will reduce consular services offered to include only emergency U.S. citizen services and a very limited number of age-out and life or death emergency immigrant visas," the statement, published on the embassy website, said. Read more...
Dollar Falls Below 50% in Russia’s Export Mix

Themoscowtimes.com, April 27, 2021: The share of Russian exports sold in U.S. dollars has fallen below 50% for the first ever time, according to Central Bank data analyzed by Bloomberg. In the fourth quarter of 2020, 48% of Russia’s exports were sold in dollars — down from a 61% share registered in the same period a year earlier. Read more...
Deputy CEO: Gazprom Can Build LNG Plant at Amur Gas Refinery

1prime.biz, April 26, 2021: Russian gas giant Gazprom is considering construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) production facility at the Amur gas refinery, Deputy CEO Vitaly Markelov said on Monday. The launch of two debut production lines at the 950 billion ruble Amur gas refinery is scheduled for April–June 2021 and of the third line for December 2021. All the six lines planned now will be commissioned by December 2024, and the plant’s production capacity will amount to 38 billion cubic meters of methane, 2 million tonnes of ethane, 1.7 million tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas, and 60 million cubic meters of helium. Read more...
Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities
West Siberian Research Center to Train Personnel for Carbon Testing Grounds

Tass.com, April 28, 2021: West Siberian Interregional Research and Education Center will become a training center for organizations - operators of carbon testing grounds, where an automated assessment of carbon emissions will be carried out, stated by rector of Tyumen State University Ivan Romanchuk at the strategic session of the top-notch research center, the press service of Tyumen State University reported on Wednesday. Read more...
CIS Business News
Azerbaijan, Russia Eye Expanding Trade, Investment Ties

Azernews.az, April 30, 2021: Azerbaijan’s Deputy Economy Minister Elnur Aliyev has said that one of the main directions of Azerbaijani-Russian relations is mutual trade and comprehensive measures are taken to expand cooperation in this sphere. He made the remarks during an online joint meeting of the Azerbaijani-Russian and Russian-Azerbaijani business councils. Read more...
ADB Forecasts Kazakh Economy To Rebound to 3.2 Percent in 2021

Astanatimes.com, April 29, 2021: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) projects the Kazakh economic growth to reach 3.2 percent in 2021 and 3.5 percent in 2022 in its latest ADB Outlook published April 28. The growth is expected to occur assuming investment, hydrocarbon production, and manufacturing increase and vaccination continue as scheduled. Read more...
Belarusian Economy in Transition from Recovery to Growth

Eng.belta.by, April 30, 2021: The Belarusian economy has recovered and demonstrated a 0.9% GDP growth in Q1 2021 in comparison with Q1 2020. Belarus' GDP is expected to grow by 1.5-1.8% in H1 2021. The figures are mentioned by an economic review prepared by Belarusian Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov for the Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta newspaper, the press service of the Belarusian Economy Ministry told BelTA. Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russian
◾ Новости недели
«Роснефть» Запасает Газ для «Роспана»

Kommersant.ru, Апрель 28, 2021: «Роснефть» опередила «Газпром» на аукционе по Северо-Кустарниковскому участку на Ямале, подняв стартовую цену аукциона до рекордных за последние годы 17,6 млрд руб. Актив, хотя и содержит значительные ресурсы газа, практически не имеет подтвержденных запасов и требует геологоразведки. «Роснефть» сможет использовать участок для наращивания производства своего крупнейшего газового проекта «Роспан». Читать далее...
Правительство Ждет Инфляцию в РФ в 2021 году в Интервале 4-4,5%

Interfax.ru, Апрель 27, 2021: Правительство РФ прогнозирует инфляцию в РФ в 2021 году в интервале 4-4,5%, сообщил журналистам первый вице-премьер Андрей Белоусов, комментируя новый прогноз ЦБ по инфляции в 4,7-5,2%. По его словам, инфляция замедляется на внутреннем рынке, а по некоторым товарам даже наблюдается снижение цен. Белоусов отметил, что министерства уже создали развернутую систему предупреждения рисков повышения цен. Читать далее...
Объем Инвестиций в Проект "Арктик СПГ - 2" в 2021 году Составит $6 Млрд

Tass.ru, Апрель 29, 2021: Объем инвестиций в проект строительства "Арктик СПГ - 2" на полуострове Гыдан в 2021 году составит до $6 млрд, что на 50% больше суммы вложений в 2020 году. Об этом сообщил зампредседателя правления "Новатэка" Марк Джитвэй в ходе телефонной конференции. Читать далее...
Корпорация МСП Рассказала о Поддержке Бизнеса через "Инвестиционный Лифт"

Ria.ru, Апрель 30, 2021: Корпорация МСП в первом квартале 2021 года оказала поддержку предпринимателям по программе "Инвестиционный лифт" на сумму около 1 миллиарда рублей для развития производства, сообщили РИА Новости в корпорации. Поддержку получили 9 проектов малого и среднего бизнеса. Читать далее...
"Лукойл" Оценил Возможности для Дополнительных Налогов в "Нефтянке"
1prime.ru, Апрель 27, 2021: Возможности для дополнительных налогов на нефтяную отрасль России при нынешней климатической повестке нет, поскольку в ближайшее время будет расти спрос только на дешевое сырье, заявил- вице-президент и совладелец "Лукойла" Леонид Федун. Он пояснил, что уже сегодня примерно 20% мировых запасов углеводородов в мире ни при одном климатическом сценарии развития ситуации до 2050 года не будут востребованы. Читать далее...
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