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Mongolian BBQ
Our Mongolian BBQ was an outstanding success, and I like to say well done to: Jill Tufts, Kevin Michael, Jimmy Kelsey, Joe Smith and Lorelei Smith. They hosted the event and did a great job.
Christmas in July
Christmas in July was also a great success! Well done to: Ella Mae Kuzel, Caroline Plantz, Bob Sharpe, Susan Sharpe, Kimberly Beagle, Sandr Louthain, and PW Louthan.

There was Breakfast, Crafts and a visit from Santa after an early round of Golf. 
at Ocean Beach Park
It’s an ALL-DAY EVENT on  August 18 th , 2018 .

Veteran access to the beach is FREE and parking is FREE.  All you must do is show you served in the military to get into the park.  The acceptable forms of ID must be a military ID card, a Military Medical ID card, a Retired Military ID card, a Military Disability ID card, your DD-214, or your Military Discharge Certificate. Again, we will be looking for a few volunteers to help with this First Annual Event.
Also, during the Veterans Appreciation Day event on  August 18 th , we will have a Military Awards Ceremony where those veterans who served during a war-time period. For example, World War II –  December 7 , 1941 to  December 31 , 1946; Korean Hostilities – June 27 , 1950 to  January 31 , 1955; Vietnam –  February 28  to  July 1 , 1975. 

If you served during these periods and were a resident of Connecticut you will be honored with receiving the  Connecticut Wartime Veterans Service Medal, Korean Service medal and Vietnam Lapel Pin . To qualify you need to contact the New London Veterans Affairs office for an application form. It needs to be completed and returned to the below address by no later than  July 31 , 2018.   If you have already sent in your application, disregard this notice.

Any questions or if you wish the forms for the awards, we encourage you to contact us. Thank you from New London Veteran Affairs.
Steak & Lobster Dinner
This year’s Steak n Lobster Dinner will be held on September 15, 2018

Price is as follows:

a) 1 Steak or 1 lobster : $16
b) 1 Lobster and 1 steak : $25
c) 2 steaks or 2 lobsters $25
Signups are at the clubhouse. Call the clubhouse at 860-445-5262 for information on the dinner. 
filet mignon steak with lobster tail surf and turf meal
Chaplain's List
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Call, send a note, or a visit - A phone call or a visit from a shipmate means a lot, even if you don't know the person.   If anyone knows of a shipmate that should be added, I don’t. Please let me know. 
A reminder, there are many who have recently had or are having scheduled surgery. In most cases they have asked that I don’t put their names on this list. Your thoughts and prayers are requested for each of them. 

Also, I do send an Eternal Patrol certificate and a letter of condolence to the spouse or child of a Groton Base member whenever I hear of their passing.  National does a fine job of letting me know, however, some fall through the cracks. Let me know if you hear of one’s passing.  
Binnacle List
Please say a prayer for all who may also be under the weather including spouses and relatives. Special note: This should include those who are suffering from some debilitating illness, and may be in a nursing home, etc. There are many who come to mind that had previously been on this list.   
God bless. Jack
USSVI Groton Events
Visit our new website at USSVI Groton Base Events and Meetings

July themes - Begin Membership Renewals
  •  07/24/2018 4:30 PM - (1630), Board of Trustees
  • 07/25/2018 - Reminder: Committee Budget submittals due to Base Treasurer NLT 6 September
  • 07/25/2018 9:00 - 11:00 AM -RSVP Veterans' Coffeehouse, Norwich
  • 07/26/2018 - Chairman reports due to Base Secretary
  • 07/29/2018 10:00AM-12:00PM Brunch
  • 07/30/2018 5:30 – 8:00 PM - (1730), E-Board Meeting, Monday!
Happy Birthday Shipmates
Clubhouse & Bar Hours
  • Sunday 10AM to 6 PM
  • Monday 11AM to 5 PM**
  • Tuesday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Wednesday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Thursday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Friday 1AM to 12:30 AM
  • Saturday Closed**

** Open/expanded Saturdays and Mondays Evenings for Scheduled Event s
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