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Fourth of July Parade
Our Color Guard Captain, Paul Skalski, who chaired this year’s Parade did a outstanding job. We had 30 members who walked, rode or towed various floats. We also had the honor of having Naval Submarine school Staff and students, including Captain Houdeshell and CMDMC Murphy, march with us this year.

I like to thank the SUBVETTS, along with Jull Tufts, Tom Conners, David Douglas, Alex Tufts and Obie Hill for assisting with the reception upstairs. There was a lot of food and all enjoyed the atmosphere as we celebrated AMERICA!
Submarine Veteran's Golf Tournament
Come join us for our Annual Golf Tournament! This year the proceeds will be used to benefit repair and operation of the Groton Base Clubhouse.

  • Date: 14 July 2018
  • Time: 1PM Shotgun Start
  • Location: Fenner Hill Golf Club
  • Cost: $125 per person – Includes Golf, Golf-Cart, Lunch and Dinner

Registration forms are at the clubhouse. Any questions contact Jim Moulding: 860-449-2289
We need golfers!!! And we need volunteers.
Mongolian BBQ
Come down to the clubhouse for one of our most popular dinners. On July 20 th we will be having Mongolian BBQ. Two sittings at 5:30 and 7PM Price is $12. Signups are at the clubhouse or call 445-5262 to get more details. 
An Asian chef carrying out his artistry on a large round grill which I really enjoyed later
Christmas in July on a red background with a collection of shells and a Santa Clause figure
Christmas in July
This year SANTA has asked to visit the children and grandchildren of our local SubVets members. So bring your kids (or grandkids) with a wrapped toy and their name to see SANTA. I have been told he will be here Bermuda shirts and Hawaiian shirt We will have crafts and pancake breakfast for the kids and all.

So - sign up at the club!

0900-1200 on 21 July 2018.  
at Ocean Beach Park
It’s an ALL-DAY EVENT on  August 18 th , 2018 .

Veteran access to the beach is FREE and parking is FREE.  All you must do is show you served in the military to get into the park.  The acceptable forms of ID must be a military ID card, a Military Medical ID card, a Retired Military ID card, a Military Disability ID card, your DD-214, or your Military Discharge Certificate. Again, we will be looking for a few volunteers to help with this First Annual Event.

Also, during the Veterans Appreciation Day event on  August 18 th , we will have a Military Awards Ceremony where those veterans who served during a war-time period. For example, World War II –  December 7 , 1941 to  December 31 , 1946; Korean Hostilities – June 27 , 1950 to  January 31 , 1955; Vietnam –  February 28  to  July 1 , 1975. 

If you served during these periods and were a resident of Connecticut you will be honored with receiving the  Connecticut Wartime Veterans Service Medal, Korean Service medal and Vietnam Lapel Pin . To qualify you need to contact the New London Veterans Affairs office for an application form. It needs to be completed and returned to the below address by no later than  July 31 , 2018.   If you have already sent in your application, disregard this notice.

Any questions or if you wish the forms for the awards, we encourage you to contact us. Thank you from New London Veteran Affairs.

Chaplain's List
Call, send a note, or a visit - A phone call or a visit from a shipmate means a lot, even if you don't know the person.   If anyone knows of a shipmate that should be added, I don’t. Please let me know. 
A reminder, there are many who have recently had or are having scheduled surgery. In most cases they have asked that I don’t put their names on this list. Your thoughts and prayers are requested for each of them. 
Binnacle List
Please say a prayer for all who may also be under the weather including spouses and relatives. Special note: This should include those who are suffering from some debilitating illness, and may be in a nursing home, etc. There are many who come to mind that had previously been on this list.   
God bless. Jack
USSVI Groton Events
Visit our new website at USSVI Groton Base Events and Meetings

July themes - Begin Membership Renewals

  • 7/11/2018 9:00 -11:00 AM - RSVP Veterans' Coffeehouse, Norwich
  • 07/11/2018 6:00 PM - Thanksgiving/ Caring & Sharing Prog Plng/Letter Writing
  • 07/14/2018 1:00 PM - 1300 USSVI SUBMARINE VETERANS Golf Tournament Date: July 14th, 2018 Shotgun start at 1300 Location: Fenner Hill Golf Club, Hope Valley, RI Cost $125
  • 07/14/2018 9:00 PM - Groton/New London Fireworks (Fort Griswold Celebration on the Thames ) on 14 July; Club is closed
  • 07/15/2018 10:00AM-12:00PM -  Brunch
Happy Birthday Shipmates
  • *1992 Tri State Base 26 years old
Clubhouse & Bar Hours
  • Sunday 10AM to 6 PM
  • Monday 11AM to 5 PM**
  • Tuesday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Wednesday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Thursday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Friday 1AM to 12:30 AM
  • Saturday Closed**

** Open/expanded Saturdays and Mondays Evenings for Scheduled Event s
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