Volume 37 | September 16 2018
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Reminder Boat Notes are due by 1 September. Let’s continue the great job we have been doing on communicating the happenings of our base and all Submarine related activities tour membership. Send any articles to Commander@ussvigroton.org
It is that time of year where we are starting our preparation for our 18 th annual Thanksgiving Dinner that we provided to our Veteran’s, EMS Personnel and Sailors. Look for a separate broadcast with our Thanksgiving request. We will be asking for Volunteers, donations (Turkeys, pies and etc..). Last year we provided 1,100 meals - lets continue what we do best. 
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Thanksgiving Fundraiser
We need volunteers for Sept 29 fundraiser at the Groton Wal-Mart. Please contact Base Commander or Stan Mathis 

Without volunteers, the fundraiser simply cannot happen. Please consider donating a little of your time to help feed over 1,000 active-duty submariners a Thanksgiving meal they'll never forget!
Picture of the Week
United States Navy Memorial
At this month's Membership Meeting, John G. Casey gave a presentation of the US Navy Memorial and how YOU should become part of it. Over the next few broadcasts, we will present more information about this program.

USSVI Groton Website
Our new website is online! It is still under construction, and does not yet have any login pages. We are in the process of uploading recent Base Broadcasts and Committee Reports.
Chaplain's List
Call, send a note, or a visit - A phone call or a visit from a shipmate means a lot, even if you don't know the person.   If anyone knows of a shipmate that should be added, I don’t. Please let me know. 
A reminder, there are many who have recently had or are having scheduled surgery. In most cases they have asked that I don’t put their names on this list. Your thoughts and prayers are requested for each of them. 

Also, I do send an Eternal Patrol certificate and a letter of condolence to the spouse or child of a Groton Base member whenever I hear of their passing.  National does a fine job of letting me know, however, some fall through the cracks. Let me know if you hear of one’s passing.  


Jim Drodz is in a nursing home in IL. He has a stomach issue. Pray for his early recovery.
Binnacle List
Please say a prayer for all who may also be under the weather including spouses and relatives. Special note: This should include those who are suffering from some debilitating illness, and may be in a nursing home, etc. There are many who come to mind that had previously been on this list.   
God bless. Jack
Eternal Patrol - September 2018
USSVI Groton Events
Visit our new website at USSVI Groton Base Events and Meetings

September themes:
  • Membership Renewals
  • Third Friday of September is NATIONAL POW/MIA RECOGNITION DAY

  • 09/17/2018 7:00 PM - GB Westport Satellite Group Meeting
  • 09/18/2018 - Birthday - U.S. Air Force, September 18, 1947
  • 09/18/2018 11:30AM-1:00PM - Holland Club luncheon
  • 09/18/2018 4:30 6:00 PM - Board of Trustees Meeting
  • 09/18/2018 - Yom Kippur begins at sunset
  • 09/19/2018 - Yom Kippur
  • 09/19/2018 09:00 - 11:00 AM - 0900-1100, RSVP Veterans' Coffeehouse, Norwich
  • 09/20/2018 - Chairman reports due to Base Secretary
  • 09/20/2018 09:00 - 11:00 AM - RSVP Veterans' Coffeehouse, Mystic
  • 09/21/2018 09:00 - 11:00 AM RSVP Veterans' Coffeehouse, Groton
  • 09/23/2018 10:00AM– 12:00PM - Brunch
Happy Birthday Shipmates
Clubhouse & Bar Hours
  • Sunday 10AM to 6 PM
  • Monday 11AM to 5 PM**
  • Tuesday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Wednesday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Thursday 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Friday 1AM to 12:30 AM
  • Saturday Closed**

** Open/expanded Saturdays and Mondays Evenings for Scheduled Event s
Base Commander | USSVI Groton | 860.445.5262 | commander@ussvigroton.org