USTA SOUTHWEST Junior Newsletter: October/November 2020
This is our report of tennis happenings in our area, as well as an informational guide/resource for parents and junior tennis players. From events and upcoming deadlines to how our juniors are faring at big section, national and international events, as well as pertinent rankings and endorsement information, this is your monthly guide to all things junior tennis.

For more information about junior tennis in the Southwest, contact USTA Southwest Junior Player Development Manager Nicole Fintell at or 480-289-2351 x. 106
If your player plans on participating in any section organized junior sanctioned tournaments or JTT, a
USTA Southwest Waiver is required in order to play.

The Southwest Section run events that require a waiver are:
L6 Phoenix supersets and 10U events
L5 Sweet 16
L4 Sun City

*Note: Parents can submit one waiver if they include all of the section run events played



L4 Lobo Challenger has been canceled due to state executive orders; the L4 Thanksgiving Jr Masters replaces it and a link to the 12U/14U will be available on tennislink soon.
*El Paso currently does not allow spectators at sporting events
**Added to replace the June L3 that was canceled
The ITA Tennis/Universal Tennis Rating Fall Circuit has a couple of tournament stops in Arizona cities in the coming weeks.

The ITA/UTR Fall Circuit is a series of over 150 national events at more than 100 facilities across the country. It offers Junior, Collegiate, and Pro players the opportunity to compete locally with high-level play.

Oct. 31-Nov. 2 & Nov.14-16 : Reffkin Tennis Center, Tucson
Nov. 6-8: Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex, Surprise, AZ
The Level 1 Indoor Championships has been canceled. Level 1 Winter National Championships remains on the schedule as planned with a final decision made in the coming weeks.

Junior Orange Bowl (BG12-14) and Eddie Herr have been canceled for this year. Orange Bowl (BG16-18) remains on the schedule with reduced draw sizes.

National Shadow Rankings that will represent the rankings for 2021 will be available November 11th (view Shadow Ranking Philosophy link and question of the month below for more info).

2021 Section Quota will be frozen at the 2020 level. Therefore, our section will get 2 players directly into Winter Nationals for all age divisions, 1 player in directly for National Indoors for all age divisions, and 3 players (BG 16-18)/2 players (BG 12-14) into National and Clay Court Championships in 2021.

Play College Tennis is a "one-stop-shop" page that provides all of the information to know about what opportunities are out there to play in college.

The Student-Athlete's College Tennis Recruiting Workbook is a wonderful resource written by Marianne Werdel to make the college recruiting process more manageable, while saving thousands of dollars, for the athletes and parents. It is a full step-by-step workbook starting in the 9th grade, all the way through the freshman year in college.
You can also visit the Intercollegiate Tennis Association website for great information and watch a very informative recorded webinar on eligibility, recruiting, and the future of college tennis.

The 2021 Junior Competitive Structure is changing to allow more play opportunities for players at the level they fit in, and to have a clear junior structure that everyone can understand.

Watch a great 3 minute video on the 2021 structure Simplified Whiteboard Video

Q: Do all 2020 junior tournament results drop off the end of this year since we will be going to a new system and structure starting January 1, 2021?

A: NO! Shadow rankings will be available in November. These will show the results from this year that will be included in the rankings for next year. All tournaments that have been played in 2020 have been tagged as a L1-7. Early January 2021, the current NSL and section rankings will essentially turn off and the shadow rankings will become the new NSL. Results will still roll off after 12-months.
2021 Junior Player Handbook and Resource Folder

2021 SW Junior Tournament Schedule

Serve Tennis: The new USTA platform where you will register for tournaments and programs

There are opportunities for junior players heading to college to receive financial assistance. Both the USTA Foundation and the Southwest Tennis Foundation offer scholarships.

To learn more about financial opportunities, visit the links below. Also, check with your local USTA region to see what potential assistance they might have to offer.


We often get asked why we place certain photos of our players up on our social media or our website. It's a good question!

We are always trying to be representative of our entire Southwest area and our contingent of juniors and the events they are participating in. We definitely enjoy relaying their success.

Many times it comes down to a simple decision: Do we have an image of that participant from that event? Today's media cycle demands us to be quick and timely, and we like to show things from just-happened events.

When events are held outside of our Southwest areas (like say a Level 3 event in Las Vegas or an ITF event in Costa Rica, we often do not have images from those events, unless a parent or coach snaps one. So, one way you can help us, and thereby helping give your child some potential recognition, is by taking quality images - clean backgrounds, well lit, posed even - of your children at events we are not at (especially if they win an event or a sportsmanship trophy) and to share them with us here at USTA Southwest.

We can't guarantee they will always be placed up, but the likelihood is far greater if we do actually have a quality image from an event we are not at. Cell phones take awesome pictures these days!

We love our parents/coaches/tournament directors sharing positive info about their kids and the things going on in their tennis lives anyway! Help be a resource for our kids by sending over photos, along with a little info about the photo, or by tagging us when you're posting them on all of our relevant social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

(Example, "Child A (name) and the Boys' 16s singles 1st place trophy from the Mike Agassi No-Quit Championships in Las Vegas at the Darling Tennis Center). That's enough info right there for a quality Instagram of Facebook post!

Parents and coaches should feel free to send us great images from future events in real-time (hint, don't wait three days) to or

In the meantime, check us out and follow us by clicking the social media icons just below this story.
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