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Rachel Davis, Billing Manager

USTRANSCOM Personal Property Advisory #21-0097
On August 6, 2021. USTRANSCOM released USTRANSCOM Personal Property Advisory #21-0097 which temporarily authorizes TSPs to invoice an additional cost for shipments that are stored outside of the local area in order to access additional storage capacity. Clarification on the Advisory was received and it will be applied in the following circumstances.

On Code D and Code 2 shipments with a registered pickup date of 9 August, 2021 through 30 September, 2021 the military has authorized billing of the 210B delivery charge. In order to qualify, the shipment must be stored at a warehouse location 30 miles or more from block 18 of the GBL and the delivery from warehouse to actual delivery address must be over 50 miles. If these criteria are met, item code 210B can be billed.

Please note shipments stored at warehouse locations within 30 miles of Block 18 of the GBL are not impacted and standard 210A/210B/210C application as outlined in the tariff apply. 

Other notable factors in applying the 210B as outlined in Advisory #21-0097:
1. If a reweigh is not performed on a shipment going into SIT the shipment cannot be billed to the government until the reweigh has been performed out of SIT. If we cannot bill the government we unfortunately cannot remit payments until we can bill the government. This includes LHS, 105A, 135A, 16A, etc.
2. If a reweigh fails to be performed and a non-performance fee has to be refunded to the government the temporary authorization of 210B delivery charge would be forfeit. 

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