Volume 2, Issue 1

Diversity, Agriculture and Environment

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I am excited to share Volume 2, Issue 1 of Outcomes & Impact Quarterly (OIQ). In 2021, OIQ showcased 19 different programs in Utah involving over 50 of our faculty and staff members. USU Extension is proud of their efforts to improve the lives of Utahns.

I look forward to sharing more impacts through OIQ this year and invite you to read this current issue to learn more about our progress and impacts on youth development, food access, water quality, and diversity in your communities.

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Kids and Gardening - A Perfect Match

Wayne County 4-H used grant funding to develop a community garden to encourage youth in agriculture and promote positive youth development in the county. Positive outcomes of the garden include increased sense of community belonging, knowledge of local agriculture, and increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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Pack It Out Utah!

USU helps keep our Statewide

Trails and Waterways Clean

Utah’s public lands have experienced a surge in outdoor recreation which has led to an increase in garbage on trails, parks, neighborhoods, and eventually, in our waterways. In response, Utah State University Water Quality Extension initiated an annual statewide cleanup to raise awareness and facilitate the proper disposal of litter. During the cleanup events in 2020 and 2021, over 11,000 pounds of trash were removed from our public lands and waterways.

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Understanding the Needs of Residents in Sevier County to Plan Impactful Programs

USU Extension provides evidence-based community education in response to community needs. A needs assessment was conducted in Sevier County UT in 2021 to determine critical needs of residents. The results of the assessment will guide Extension programming in Sevier County.  

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Welcoming and Inclusive Farmers Markets: Encouraging Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Farmers markets, as vibrant hubs for community connection and stimulus to the local economy, often have staff, vendor, and customer demographics that are predominantly white. The Utah Farmers Market Network (UFMN) convened a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community of Practice with market managers statewide to assist markets in becoming more welcoming and inclusive of historically excluded populations. 

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Cultural Competency in USU Extension: Impact of Professional Development for Latino Outreach Programs

In response to the growing Latino population in Utah, USU Extension faculty participated in trainings to build their cultural competency and engage with Latino audiences. The professional development series were attended by 186 Extension professionals. A 2021 follow-up study reported that 52% of respondents who participated in the training are currently engaging in Latino outreach programs. 

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