Volume 2, Issue 4

Youth Development, Mental Health

& Agricultural Productivity

As 2022 ends, I am reflecting on the incredible efforts of USU Extension. Programs focused on Home and Community, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Youth Development truly do have an impact on our communities in Utah and beyond. Our Extension faculty not only implement, facilitate, and evaluate these programs, but they also share the impacts of their work with you in these newsletters.

Please read on to discover the successes in your communities in youth development, mental health and agricultural productivity.

My best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

The Impact of Utah 4-H

4-H is the largest youth development program in the United States. Utah 4-H conducts programs guided by the principles of positive youth development to help youth across the state lead a successful life. This article discusses the impact of Utah 4-H on the wellbeing of youth.

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Adventure-Oriented Confidence Building Curriculum for Youth

Youth are bombarded with a myriad of life stressors that impacts their self-esteem and ability to be resilient. Young people from diverse backgrounds across the state of Utah participated in a three-day camp structured around a newly developed confidence-building curriculum. Practical application and high-adventure activities reinforced the concepts taught in the curriculum.

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Preservice Teachers and Agriculture

Utah Agriculture in the Classroom hosts preservice teacher seminars in partnership with five universities across the state. From 2017-2021, approximately 600 college students participated in these seminars. The preservice seminars provided agriculture-themed lessons aligned to state educational standards for future teachers to use as they build resources for their classrooms.

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Beekeeping in the Beehive State

The Thriving Hives Beginning Beekeeping Education program caters to novice beekeepers to promote best practices, confidence in beekeeping skills, and healthy apiaries around the state. A major objective of the program is to educate participants on the management of Varroa mites in their hives.

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Integrated Pest Management

The mission of USU Extension’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is to increase the use of sustainable pest management practices within urban and rural landscapes to provide economic, human, and environmental health in Utah. In the spring of 2022, the IPM program established a vegetable farm to test and demonstrate IPM practices. The farm served as an experiential learning classroom for almost 50 farmers and home gardeners.

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Reducing Mental Illness Stigma in Box Elder County

Targeted efforts to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness in Box Elder County provided education and resources to identify and treat individuals suffering from these issues. Utah State University Extension’s efforts to address mental health reached thousands of individuals and generated new partnerships with county organizations.

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