Our 2020
Annual Giving Campaign!
Roman Popadiuk 
Chairman of the Board
Nadia K. McConnell
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Dear Friend of the Foundation,
We are appealing to you today to seek your participation in our Annual Giving Campaign as Ukraine needs your support through the work of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation. Your financial gift is so important to us and will enable the Foundation to continue to be a vibrant, strong, pro-Ukraine organization, even as we are all being challenged during this COVID-19 pandemic.

This period of a crisis has made all of us realize the vital importance of effective democratic governance, sound economics, and human rights, which are the bedrock of our organization’s mission. We find our values, while tested, have been strengthened. 

And, we most importantly understand that while the U.S.-Ukraine bilateral relationship has been in turmoil and threatened in recent times, with the help of the Kremlin, it is urgent that U.S.-Ukraine relations not be derailed. Ukraine needs our support and our voice – your voice – to be heard in Washington.
The Foundation’s Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN), a non-partisan coalition of approximately 35 Ukraine experts, prepared it’s Priority Recommendations For U.S. Assistance to Ukraine 2020 in the latter part of 2019, and since then held 53 briefings for Congressional Members and staff, both in-person and, because of the corona-virus, in conference-call briefings with numerous Congressional offices over the last several months. Overall, FOUN members delivered the Recommendations for Testimony purposes to Congressional offices and the Executive Branch, a distribution totaling 421.

The Foundation has been at the forefront in advancing Ukraine’s society, her economic prosperity and the on-going fight against corruption through its programs over the past 29 years. The Foundation’s programs have included people-to-people exchanges, democracy and civil society building efforts, economic development activities, such as its cutting-edge biotech project, and conferences that strengthen the U.S.-Ukraine relationship, whether through cultural, business or governance-related themes.

We hope our continuing commitment to Ukraine and her future encourages your generosity. Your contribution today can help sustain and widen the work of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation. 

You can donate though our website, or simply click the DONATE NOW image above.  Alternatively, you can your mail your check to our new postal address: 

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation
6312 Seven Corners Center – #361
Falls Church, VA 22044

Your generous, financial support for the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s 2020 Annual Giving Campaign will be very much appreciated during this very unprecedented time in our history. Let’s stay #UsUkraineStrong!

Roman Popadiuk 
Chairman of the Board
Nadia K. McConnell
P.S. The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible as provided by law.  


Join the Growing List of Major Supporters for the
U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

Barbara M. Barrett
Bohdan & Vira Bodnaruk
Bohdan & Olena Buchynsky
Douglas R. Cox
Gifts Honoring Maria Daschynytsch-Kulczycky
Yuri & Inna Deychakiwsky
Carol E. Dinkins
Adrian & Larissa Dolinsky
Robert & Martha Dzioba
Michael & Betsy Fleenor
Roman Goy
Paul Hawran
Ihor & Roma Hayda
Oxana Horodecka
George Hrycelak
Michael Jaskiw
Irene Joseph
Zenon Kossak
Gifts Honoring Lubomyr Lypeckyj
George Masiuk
Leonard & Helena Mazur
Dan & Lecia McMinn
Irene Nowak
Theodore B. Olson
Marta Pereyma
Victor Rud
Wolodymyra Slywotzky
Halyna Traversa
Theodora Turula
Stephan & Tamara Tymkiw
Christopher Wendel

Combined Federal Campaign
Diamond Generating Corporation
Dmytro & Jaroslava Jarosewycz Memorial Charitable Gift Fund
Katherine Sorenson Revocable Living Trust
 Noosphere Ventures
NU Art Gallery
Olga Dowzynsky Charitable Trust
Open World Leadership Center of the Library of Congress
The Selfreliance Foundation of Selfreliance FCU (Chicago, IL)
Self Reliance (NY) Federal Credit Union, NYC
SUMA (Yonkers) Federal Credit Union
Sutaruk Foundation
The Heritage Foundation of First Security Fed'l Savings Bank
The Livingston Group LLC
The Maria Hulai Lion Foundation
Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union, Philadelphia
Ukrainian-American Community Foundation, Rochester, NY
Winner Group Ukraine

2019 Annual Giving Campaign

See the 315 wonderful Donors who contributed to the campaign!
 Gifts totaled nearly $700,000 in 2019!
That’s 80% of all USUF revenues!  

That means your gift is important!

Become a Difference-Maker…

Participate and Become a Donor Today!

Your Gifts Support the People of Ukraine

Your generosity makes a difference for Ukraine and Ukrainians!

Your financial gifts have enabled the Foundation to provide
$2.2 million in direct assistance
for key projects over the past 10 years, such as: 
for hosting professional delegations in the U.S.
for economic development and other democracy-building activities
for humanitarian aid
for educational scholarships
That’s an impressive record of support in which everyone can be proud!

There’s more! We should remember that volunteer services performed by individuals and non-cash gifts, like medical equipment and supplies, offered by U.S. organizations, have aided Ukrainians through the years.

And let’s not forget all of the programs the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation administers … with total Foundation spending of nearly $9 million over 10 years … see all our programming by visiting our three websites:

Your financial generosity for this year’s Annual Giving Campaign can continue this tradition of assistance in support of the People of Ukraine!
Your Generosity Supports New Programs, Too!

The Foundation recently learned that the Katherine Sorenson Trust has decided to donate $50,000 (along with future, annual considerations) to assist Orphans in Western Ukraine throurgh USUF.   This is the newest legacy gift for the Foundation.

The trust was established by Katherine (Kruchko) Sorenson (photo left) who passed away in July 2018 at the age of 93. Mrs. Sorenson, who lived in
 Michigan for many years, hailed from Western Ukraine (with roots in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts). During her lifetime, she was employed by GMC Truck and Coach for 18 years and served in the U.S. Army.  
 For the Katherine Sorenson Trust, the Foundation conducted an assessment trip in Western Ukraine in October and November 2019, and reported recommendations on strategically targeting assistance where it is most needed and most effective for orphans. Much of the assistance is anticipated to aid youth with their “life and vocational skill-sets.”  

For donors, it is important to realize that gifts aid all USUF programs, and this new humanitarian and educational assistance project will have transformative impact on the lives of Ukrainian youth. We hope this new legacy gift will inspire you to generously support USUF. You’ll be hearing more about our work with orphans in the months ahead!
When considering the transfer of stock as a gift to the Foundation, or using part of a retirement plan, or any other legacy gift or financial planning assistance, please be in contact with USUF's brokerage firm, Davenport & Company LLC, of Richmond, VA, by toll-free telephone 888-285-1863. 

For any questions, you can directly contact Ms. Bucci Zeugner, Senior Vice President - Investments, at 804-780-2087, email: bzeugner@investdavenport.com or Ms. Delaney Gibson, Registered Client Service Associate, email: dgibson@investdavenport.com and seek their expertise regarding your specific needs.

Davenport assists USUF's donors and friends!
Mail: Davenport & Company, One James Center - Suite 1100, 901 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23219
Or, Mail: Davenport & Company, PO Box 85678, Richmond, VA 23285
CARES Act Encourages Philanthropy

President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act in March 2020 to help combat the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19.

While the CARES Act contains a number of health-related provisions focused on the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, such as paid sick leave and insurance coverage of coronavirus testing, it also aids the non-profit charitable sector by encouraging charitable giving.  

What does the CARES Act mean for your charitable giving?  

Click and read this article by: 

Please consult with your financial or tax advisor to determine the impact of these CARES Act provisions on your financial planning.
Ways to Financially Support the Foundation
Checks (cash) by postal mail
U.S.-Ukraine Foundation
6312 Seven Corners Center – #361
Falls Church, VA 22044

Cash/Donor Advised Funds by Wire Transfer:
 Call USUF at (202) 789-4467 for details on a cash transfer to our United Bank account

Transfers of Stock/Securities, Mutual Funds, IRA Charitable Rollovers:
Contact USUF’s Broker, Davenport & Company LLC, of Richmond, VA, by toll-free telephone 888-285-1863. 
Ask for Ms. Bucci Zeugner, Senior Vice President - Investments, at 804-780-2087,

Matching Gifts:
Many companies match personal gifts to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations made by their employees or, in some cases, by family members of employees and/or retirees. By taking advantage of your matching gift benefit, you can double or triple the amount of your gift to USUF!

Life Insurance:
You can name USUF as a beneficiary of your insurance policy, in full or a portion … or you can transfer ownership of the policy to USUF.   

Gifts of Real Estate (or other personal property):
A donor can give real estate to USUF outright, transfer that asset into a charitable trust, or arrange for a sale agreement. Retaining the right of occupancy is possible until the donor’s death. Consultation with your attorney and/or tax advisor is recommended.

Gifts through your Will … a Bequest
Through a written and executed will or living trust you can make a gift to USUF. Consult with your attorney and/or tax advisor to make this work appropriately for you.

There are Plenty of Ways to Support USUF!
Today, your financial support for the Foundation can also occur as simply as when you buy online through AmazonSmile or donate a gift card! 

Contact the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation at 202-789-4467 with any questions you have!

Benefits of Being Generous

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Helping others could help you, too!

From a young age, we're told that it's better to give than to receive. Although you may think this is just a cliche, it turns out that there's a lot of truth behind that sentiment …
People with high levels of generosity reap all kinds of benefits.
Here are the perks of generosity that stand out the most:  

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