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A Paradigm Shift

JASON FOOSE 12.18.2019
The ultimate judicial function of a surveyor is to help maintain a stable society through artistic measuring of land boundaries. Our most valuable service is keeping the neighbors out of the courtroom. Reasonable individuals and corporations that own land understand the economics of a legal fight. They are happy to employ a land consultant that can work through issues rather than pull the fire alarm and walk away.

The paradigm shift begins with adopting logic that neighbors only need one surveyor to resolve their issues and without litigation.This means our contracts should include verbiage that addresses resolution as a necessary part of the completed survey.
We are well poised to assemble the evidence and guide the concerned parties cohesively to resolution before we finalize our survey.
A strange phenomenon occurs when a lawyer is approached by an upset client. The client’s attitude and pocketbook trigger the lawyer’s “fight or flight” switch. Surveyors have adopted a binary switch as well. It flips between 1.) “I’m right/you’re wrong” and 2.) “That’s just a big ol’ mess out there, see ya later”. Can you see how the surveyor’s response professionally trips the lawyer’s trigger? Land owners view both surveyors and lawyers as costly but necessary evils. With those binary options who wouldn’t?

Student Scholarship for 2020 Surveying and Geomatics Conference

Student Scholarship Application

In 2018, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI) established the Student Scholarship Award program to promote outreach and engagement with colleges, universities and students by enabling them to attend ASCE-UESI conferences.
This scholarship is intended to provide opportunities for students to attend a UESI conference and meet with industry professionals. Scholarship applicants who are members of ASCE-UESI are preferred but the scholarship program is open to all qualified students.

Questions: Contact Susan Reid, UESI Manager, at .

Raising the Standards in the Geospatial Industry Globally
The Business & Marketing Evangelist!
Elaine’s mission!
To raise the standards within the Geospatial Industry Globally by giving surveyors through to manufacturers a dedicated resource for business, sales, marketing and strategic communications…and to encourage and excite the next generation of surveyors.
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This podcast is to provide listeners with a
light-hearted yet serious perspective on the life of a geomatics professional. Topics will cover the spectrum of these great professions and more, without limitations. Listeners can count being entertained and educated!

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April 2018 - Earl Watts, AZ RLS 27253
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November 2019 - Eric Austin Instrument Operator 
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