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The EVIT Surveyor Apprenticeship Program is due to begin this August!

We are very close to hiring an instructor.  Now all we need are STUDENTS!


Last Thursday (6/16) from 2-4pm at the EVIT Main Campus there was an orientation for students.  The event was a success and there are more that are interested who were not able to attend.  Another orientation will be announced soon.

The fee for this 2-year program is $4400 with $4000 likely to be covered by the Workforce Investment Act grant (available to anyone with a combined household income of less than 172K!).

Applications for this grant HAVE TO BE COMPLETED ASAP to ensure funding.


Surveyor Assistant Apprenticeship Advisory Council

Dana Klett - Chaiperson
Kent Groh - Vice Chair
Doug Toney - Secretary

Interested in Getting Involved?  Contact us!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016


The Wrigley Mansion

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USofAZ would like to Welcome our newest Life Member, Jack Kesler.  

 Jack M. Kesler is a native of Arizona and was born and has spent most of his life in Kingman, Arizona. Since 2004 he has been retired and maintains a consulting practice for Land Surveyors. He holds registration as a Land Surveyor in Arizona and Nevada.  He is a BLM appointed United States Mineral Surveyor.  He has served his community on the City Council and his profession as a member of the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. He received a BS degree in Physics from the University of Arizona and following his enlistment in the U.S. Navy received an MS in Engineering with specialization in Geodesy and Celestial Dynamics also from the University of Arizona.  He has written technical papers on surveying subjects and held many seminars on the same subjects.



 It is a certainty that if any of you folks have children of school age then you have heard of Texas Instruments and its great line of calculators or handhelds. Because of the power and simplicity of programming the “84 series”, and the low cost of these devices many surveying related programs have been written and the intention of future articles is to share them with the “surveying community” both beginning and old pros. 

 Before the first article the reader should acquire an “84 series” device such as: TI84, TI84PLUS, TI84PLUS Silver or a TI84PLUS CE.  The older versions such as the TI83 will get you started.  The ideal device is the TI84PLUS CE because of the available on board RAM and archive memory and its clear and high density screen. The Texas Instruments website is available to download free software to promote communication between the devices and your PC and the TICONNECT™ software should be downloaded and installed together with the appropriate Guidebook.  The website to seek is:

 The programs cover most of the usual tools such as traversing by azimuth bearing or angles, COGO, rotation translation, area computation, traverse balancing and Least Squares.  Horizontal curves, curve fitting three point solution, predetermined areas, working with terrestrial observations and their conversion, arc of latitude determination, double proportion compensation and many utilities.

 It is the author’s hope that these simple yet powerful little tools will kindle the desire for young surveyors to learn and older pros to have an easier time in their practice.

 The next article will take the prospective user through some of the simple mechanics of using the handhelds in preparation for jumping into their use in solving surveying problems.  The author will post the programs and other resources for download.

 For future reference should a reader wish to contact me please preface your email with “Field Notes Question” this will assure that I will receive it.


In honor of the Summer Olympics, we are hosting
our 1st Annual  Survey Games & End of Summer Picnic

Fun for the whole family! Head North and escape the heat!

 Format / Activities
2 Person Teams: Bags (Corn-hole) Tournament &  Ladder Golf Tournament
Individual Events: Pacing Contest &  Benchmark Challenge
*Prizes for Winners*

Food and Beverage Donations Sought!
Send info to Megan via email to

Survey Games Logo Contest
Design our official Survey Games Logo

Send entries to


The Survey Forum was conducted on January 22, 2016 at the Westin, San Diego in the Opal Conference Room. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future of Surveying, with the specific task assigned to the committee that the meeting was being held to develop and recommend a plan of action to reduce the diminishing number of surveyors. Participating organizations were carefully reviewed and key organizations and their leaders were invited. The response from those invited was excellent, with nearly every invited professional in attendance, or with a designee in attendance. The participants were constantly engaged and worked continually throughout the day to accomplish the goals. Within the room, there was continual evidence of dedication to the purpose and true passion for the future of surveying. 
Autonomous drones map historic landmark, could save construction industry billions

Autodesk and 3D Robotics partnered with the city and county of Denver to map the historic landmark with an autonomous drone that delivers data to the cloud.

A park as big as Red Rocks is hard to take in all at once. Red Rocks, which is located outside of Denver, Colorado, is a roughly 600-acre property that's home to the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater.

But thanks to a project from Autodesk, 3D Robotics, Kimley-Horn, and the city and county of Denver, it's possible to get a good look from above at the outdoor venue, as well as about half the acreage, with all its rock formations.

The companies created a 3D digital model of the area and, using a new platform called Solo and a product called Site Scan, created an automated system for capturing data using drones, that requires no drone expertise to run.

"It's literally a push button process, the drone takes off automatically, goes and captures that data that you need based on selecting an area on a map of what data that you need and what resolution you'd like, it goes and flies the site, and then comes back and lands," said Autodesk's Tristan Randall.

The pictures are pretty, but the aesthetics aren't the sole point. 


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