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Hi Everyone,

Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Black Friday is upon us! Although the origin of the term is a bit fuzzy, it refers to the official start of the Christmas shopping season and the biggest shopping day for "Brick & Mortar" retail stores. Meanwhile, Cyber Monday (next Monday) became official in 2005 as a catchy name for the biggest online shopping day of the year.

The Christmas Moose is Back!Christmas Moose
Once again the Christmas Moose is here to remind you that you can increase the probability of getting what you want for Christmas by printing a copy of our Product Catalog, circling the items you want, and leaving it were one of "Santa's helpers" will find it. Just click on the Christmas Moose to download.

Christmas Shipping Deadline: Dec 20th
According to the notifications we've received from USPS and UPS, the last shipping day that will ensure arrival in time for Christmas is December 20th. We recommend that you place your order by no later than Noon (MST) on Friday December 20th.






SliX-Sizer SliX-Sizer

The SliX-Sizer rounds out the crimp of shotshells, avoiding the infamous "Stuck Hull" in double barrel shotguns. Just insert and twist!

Solid Aluminum
Durable Anodized Finish
Knurled Exterior for Solid Grip
1.5″ Outer Diameter for Leverage
Available for 12GA Only
Item #: T1715   Click Here
 Click Here to see all products for Cowboy Action Shooting.




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Garage Sale Page - "Super Sales"
Through Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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If you've never visited our "Garage Sale" page, it is a great place to find hot deals. It is a "One Stop Shopping Spot" to see all the products that are on a Clearance Sale, Blowout Sale or Final Closeout.

We just updated the Garage Sale page and added a few more products. We also slashed prices on many products. Just look for the "Super Sale" icon. Super Sale prices will remain in effect through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

eGift Cards!
Our eGift Cards are always a real hit for holidays. They not only make great "stocking stuffers", but they are easy to mail to the recipient in a holiday greeting card. And you download them at the time of purchase so there is no waiting for them to be delivered. UniqueTek eGift Cards are available in $25, $50 and $100 values.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Ceramic Knives
Ceramic Pocket Knife w Clip
Ceramic Pocket Knife
Item #: T1674   Click Here
Ceramic & Carbon Fiber Knife
 ☆ ☆ THE ORIGINAL! ☆ ☆
Ceramic & Carbon Fiber Knife
Item #: T1387   Click Here
Rigger's Knife with Marlin
Spike & Ceramic Blade

Rigger's Knife
Item #: T1536   Click Here
Ceramic E.O.D. Knife
 ☆ Used by US Military! ☆
Ceramic EOD Knife
Can Not Rust: Great for your
fishing tackle box, camp
kitchen box or bug out bag.
Item #: T1388   Click Here
Other Unique Knives
CLIPSTER Knife w Money/Belt Clip
AR Upper Swab

2″ Locking Blade
All 420 Stainless Steel
Integral Money/Belt/Pocket Clip
Only 1.24oz Weight
Packaged in Reusable,
Waterproof HardCase
(Hardcase not shown)
Item #: T1709   Click Here
LED Lights
NEBO® SLIM Pocket LED Light NEBO LED Light
Rechargeable via USB
Dimmable: 500 lumen to 50 lumen
Power Memory Recall of Last Dimmer Setting
Anodized Aluminum Body
Water & Impact-Resistant
Collapsible Hanging Hook
Powerful Magnetic Base
Belt/Pocket Clip with Magnet
Slim Enough to Fit Pocket or Purse
Item #: T1696   Click Here
For The Grill!
PigTail® Food Flipper PigTail
Item#: T1457-1 ("Baby" 12″)
 Click Here
Haboob Dust Creative Seasonings
– Dry Rub Spice Blends
Haboob Dust
T1654-xx  Click Here
Miscellaneous Unique Products
By UniqueTek
Item #: T1433-3 (3-pk)
  Click Here


Ask Lee

Q: I had a lengthy conversation with a Dillon Precision Technical Support about getting the XL 650 primer punch centered in the hole of the shellplate (it was off center to the rear). I have an alignment tool, but he said it wasn't an alignment issue but rather a "timing" issue with the shellplate. I was able to follow his instructions for adjusting the Indexer Block and it fixed the problem. But now I want to purchase a Bearing Indexer Block and need to make sure that it won't interfere with the "timing".

A: Dillon Tech Support was correct that it wasn't a platform alignment issue. The aligner tool aligns the platform on 550, 650 and 750 presses. But that alone doesn't guarantee the shellplate is properly indexed or "timed". The shellplate is indexed to the platform solely by the Index Ball (#13891) when it engages the detent hole in the bottom of the shellplate. The four most common issues that can cause the Shellplate to not index properly are;
1) The Shellplate Bolt (#13794) is too tight.
2) The Index Ball Spring (#13997) is too weak.
3) Spilled powder or other residue has built up under the Shellplate.
4) The Indexer Block (#16776 on XL 650 or #62324 on XL 750) is not positioned correctly.

In your case it appears that the Indexer Block adjustment was the problem. The holes in the Indexer Block are slotted so it can be slid toward the front or rear of the press frame slightly to adjust how it engages the Ring Indexer (#13677 on XL 650 or #75105 on XL 750).
The indexer Block only needs to push the Indexer Ring just far enough that the Index Ball takes over and snaps the shellplate into position. If adjusted to far toward the rear of the press frame, the Indexer Block can push the shellplate slightly past the point where the Index Ball engages. This appears to have been the issue with your press.
An easy way to test this adjustment is to try rotating the shellplate counterclockwise with your fingers. It should be free to rotate about 1/16″ and when released, the Index Ball should snap it back into position. If it is not free to move counterclockwise, the Indexer Block needs to be adjusted slightly toward the front of the press.

So I think you will be safe to install a third party Bearing Indexer Block. I would expect all of them to have slotted holes to provide this same adjustability.




Tips File #21:
“Confessions of a Gunfighter”

This "Tips" file was written by Cris McPhail a.k.a. Lacey D'Oyly. It chronicles how she got started in Cowboy Action shooting and how she got from there to where she is now … including all the challenges, pitfalls and just plain mistakes she made along the way. I applaud her for unashamedly confessing to all those mistakes while sharing the solutions that worked.

With Winter Range just three months away, I though it was a good time to feature it in the Newsletter.

To download in PDF format, just Click Here!

Our Tips File Library: Tips File logo

We currently have 22 "Tips" files covering a variety of reloading and shooting topics. To see the complete library, click on the "TIPS" lightbulb!



UniqueTek Product Catalog UniqueTek Catalog

Updated 10/16/19
To download in PDF format, just Click Here!

To request a printed copy, just call (855-507-0866 Toll Free) or
email (info@uniquetek.com) and we'll mail a printed copy to you.





SHOT SHOW 2020Shot Show Logo
Las Vegas, NV / January 21st - 24th, 2020

Look for us at SHOT SHOW 2020. I'll be walking the show looking for new and unique products. If you happen to see me, don't be afraid to stop me and say "Hi".

Ron will be at the Ranch Products Booth (#16240) during much of the show and will have a few of our products to show off.

If you want to schedule a meeting with us, please contact us in advance and we'll be happy to set up a time and location.

UniqueTek Sponsored Events
For December, 2019

If you shoot one of these matches, look for our products on the prize table and a flyer in your shooter's bag.

Event State
Absolute Zero Sniper Series Finale VA
Panhandle Cowboys - "Toys for Tots" (SASS) FL



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