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Lee Love





Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!
New Years is just four days away! All of us at UniqueTek wish you and your families a happy and safe New Years celebration and a prosperous 2020!
— Our office will be closed December 31st and January 1st.

SHOT SHOW 2020 Shot Show Logo
We will not be exhibiting in the Pop-Up Preview Pavilion like last year. Instead, Ron will be at the Ranch Products Booth (#16240) during much of the show and will have a few of our products to show off.

Meanwhile, I'll be walking the show looking for new and unique products. If you happen to see me, don't be afraid to stop me and say "Hi".

If you want to schedule a meeting with us, please contact us in advance and we'll be happy to set up a time and location.






Threaded Barrel AdapterSliX-Sizer

This thread adapter converts from 1/2″-28 threads to 5/8″-24 threads. Ideal for attaching 5/8″-24 flash hiders, muzzle brakes, suppressors, or other devices to your AR-15/M16 barrel.

CNC Machined for Perfect
Concentricity and Alignment
416 Stainless Steel for Durability,
Heat Resistance and Corrosion Resistance.
1/2″-28 Female Threads X 5/8″-24 Male Threads
3/4″ Hex Lands
Only 0.850″ Long
Item #: T1717   Click Here

We have many more products for AR Rifles.
Just Click Here.

Wyoming Sight DrifterSliX-Sizer

The Wyoming Sight Drifter is a sight drifting tool using kinetic energy, in a unique spring loaded device, that gently and accurately adjusts your sights quickly, without the fuss of normal adjustments. It's so simple to use that you'll never leave it out of your gear bag!

Easily Adjusts Sights in the Field or at Range
Uses Kinetic Energy - Not Hammer & Punch
Eliminates Need for a Gun Vise or Cradle
Brass Tip Won't Mar Sight
Not Much Larger than a Standard Ink Pen
Packaged in Reusable Plastic Storage Tube
Item #: T1716   Click Here
 Click Here to see all products for Cowboy Action Shooting.





Super Sale Extended!Super Sale logo
"Super Sale" pricing has been extended through New Years! Just go to the Garage Sale page and look for the "Super Sale" icon on select products.

Top 20 Products of 2019!

Since the new year starts in just a few days, I thought it appropriate to post a list of the most popular products of 2019. I found it interesting that 75% were older products and 25% were new products launched in 2019.

Precision Powder Baffle™
For Dillon Powder Measure

Precision Powder Baffle Item #: T1278  Click Here
The Bin-Dam™
For Cartridge Bins
Bin-Dam Item#: T1359 (550/650/SDB)
 Click Here
Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™
For Dillon Powder Measure

Micrometer Kit Item #: T1231  Click Here

Also Available preinstalled
   in new powder bars!
Drain-N-Change Tool™
For Dillon Powder Measure

Drain-N-Change Tool
Item #: T1347  Click Here
Full Moon Clips
For S&W 610 Revolvers

610 Moon Clip Item#: T1419-04 Click Here
Foam Grip
For Dillon Roller Handle

Foam Grip Item #: T1527  Click Here
Also fits roller handle of other presses!
Die Wrench: 1″ X 1-1/8″
For Dillon Presses

Die Wrench Item #: T1532  Click Here  

Also available:
– 3/4″x9/16″ for SDB T1604
– 1-3/16″x1-1/8″ for RCBS T1560
Shellplate Bearing Kit
For Dillon 550/650 Presses

Shellplate Bearing Kit Item #: T1601  Click Here
550 Primer Track Bearing
No Primer Bar Droop!

550 Primer Track Bearing Item #: T1571  Click Here
Roller Bearing Indexer Block
For the Dillon XL 650 Press

Roller Bearing Indexer Block Item #: T1705  Click Here
Case Feed Stop Switch
For Dillon XL650/750 Press

Case Feed Stop Switch Item #: T1704  Click Here
Component Recovery Cup
For Dillon Presses
Component Recovery Cup Item #: T1668  Click Here
FailSafe Bracket Kit
For the XL 650 Press

FailSafe Bracket Item #: T1677  Click Here
CNC Machined Toolheads
For 550 or 650 Presses

CNC Machined Toolheads Item #: T1333  Click Here
D-Wipe Towels - 40ct
Lead Decontamination Wipes
D-Wipe Towels Item #: T1233  Click Here
Deflector Brake Kit
For AR Rifles

Deflector Brake Kit Item #: T1686  Click Here
Primer Feed Stop Switch
For the XL 650 Press
Primer Feed Stop Switch Item #: T1703  Click Here
Custom Powder Funnel
9mm/.38 Cal.

Custom Powder Funnel Item#: T1582-01 Click Here
Roller Bearing Camming Pin
For Dillon XL 650/750 Press
Roller Bearing Camming Pin Item #: T1706  Click Here
D-Lead Hand Soap

D-Lead Hand Soap Item #: T1262 Click Here


Ask Lee

Q: I mistakenly ordered Berries 9mm 124gn FN bullets instead of HP bullets. Although they case gauged just fine, they wouldn't chamber in my Sig Sauer 226 or 229. I do like to work at as close to the max COL as possible. Maybe you could make a case gauge that is more like a 9mm chamber?

A: Although they are the same caliber and mass, the profiles are probably quite different. And since you were seating at max COL with the HP bullets, the FN bullets are being seated long enough to contact the bore before the case headspaces. The bullet manufacturer's and powder manufacturer's load data sheets usually specify a recommended "Load To" length.

In lieu of a load data sheet, or arbitrarily reducing COL until they chamber, you can refer to the SAAMI chamber specifications and use the procedure below to calculate a workable COL.
NOTE: I highly recommend having a copy of the SAAMI specs for every cartridge you load. They are free to download at SAAMI.org.

  1. Make a handful of dummy cartridges with the bullets seated longer than SAAMI Spec COL but don't crimp them.
  2. Chamber them one at at time. They may be too long to feed from your magazine so just manually load them into the chamber and then close the slide. The bullet will contact the rifling and be seated deeper in the case as the slide closes.
  3. Eject them carefully onto a thick towel or pillow so that the bullet seating depth is not altered.
  4. Measure the COL of each round. This gives you the COL to contact the rifling. But do not load ammo to this length as you must have a minimum of 0.002″ off the rifling to avoid a pressure spike.
  5. Now refer to the SAAMI chamber specs for your cartridge and look for the specified distance from max headspace dimension (0.776″ for 9mm Luger) to the rifling lead (0.8113″ for 9mm Luger) and then divide by 2 (yields 0.017″ for 9mm Luger). SliX-SizerNow deduct that from the COL measured from the dummy rounds to get the final COL. That will yield a reasonable COL that should chamber easily, feed from magazines and be backed off from the rifling enough to avoid a pressure spike.

Considering the time it takes to perform this procedure, you may be better off to just wait until you can get the powder or bullet manufacturer's load data sheet.

Disclaimer: UniqueTek, Inc. is not liable for damages or personal injury that may be incurred as a result of using this information. It is your responsibility to ensure that your reloading equipment is properly assembled, is maintained in proper working condition, and is used according to the manufacturer's instructions and safe reloading practices.
Chamber drawing provided courtesy of SAAMI.




Tips File #22:
“Die Lock Nut Spacers”

This "Tips" file describes how to easily and inexpensively make spacers that allow you to put die lock nuts on the bottom of the toolhead without interference from the press frame.

To download in PDF format, just Click Here!

Our Tips File Library: Tips File logo

We currently have 22 "Tips" files covering a variety of reloading and shooting topics. To see the complete library, click on the "TIPS" lightbulb!



UniqueTek Product Catalog UniqueTek Catalog

Updated 12/23/19
To download in PDF format, just Click Here!

To request a printed copy, just call (855-507-0866 Toll Free) or
email (info@uniquetek.com) and we'll mail a printed copy to you.





SHOT SHOW 2020Shot Show Logo
Las Vegas, NV / January 21st - 24th, 2020

Look for us at SHOT SHOW 2020. I'll be walking the show looking for new and unique products. If you happen to see me, don't be afraid to stop me and say "Hi".

Ron will be at the Ranch Products Booth (#16240) during much of the show and will have a few of our products to show off.

If you want to schedule a meeting with us, please contact us in advance and we'll be happy to set up a time and location.

UniqueTek Sponsored Events
For January, 2019

If you shoot one of these matches, look for our products on the prize table and a flyer in your shooter's bag.

Event State
2020 South Mountain Showdown (IDPA) AZ
Dusty bunch Old Western Shooters - 20th Annual "Gathering of the Posses" (SASS) AZ
The Colorado River Shootists - "Territorial Prison Breakout" (SASS) AZ



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