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NEWS – JULY, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Summer Vacation
Ron and Tina will be on vacation and out of the office from June 30th through July 13th. Although our web site is open 24/7, we will not be able to ship orders during this time. Tina expects to resume order shipments on July 14th. If there is anything "mission critical" that you need, please place an order by no later than June 27th.

Customer Service

Lee will still be available to answer Customer Service calls during that time.

Update on Coming New Products
Unfortunately, progress is still slow due to continuing shipping delays and some manufacturers with overloaded production schedules.

Click-Box Storage Case (Launched: June 2nd)
Quick-Release FailSafe Rod Nut (Expected: August)
New Adsorbent for Gun Safes (Expected: July)
Sight Mount for Ruger® Mini-14® (Expected: End of July)
Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter (Expected July)
New Brass Case Cleaner Polish (Expected July)
New Time-Out™ Case Cleaner Timer (Sample Coming!)
UniqueTek Catalog

Product Catalog Updated
In early June, I completed a rather significant update of our Product Catalog. The update included;

  1. Reorganizing several pages to keep similar products clustered together.
  2. Making room to insert products collecting for too long in the "New Product Showcase" into their appropriate categories.
  3. Adding a "Coming Soon" column in the space cleared on the back page.
  4. Updated photos of a few products and enlarged photos of others.
  5. Corrected prices of several products.
  6. Deleted a couple of recently discontinued products.

Just click on the Product Catalog icon to download.

Don't Forget to Look for the YouTube IconYouTube
In January, I added the YouTube logo next to each product in the catalog for which there is a video demo on our web site.







Click-Box Storage Case

The Click-Box™ is the same container we use for our Blank/Starter Pistol Cleaning Kit. Because of its handy size and high quality, we've had many requests for just the box … so we made it a regular product.

4x20 Scope
4x20 Scope
KelTec P-11

Click-Box™ can be used to contain all manner of items. It's even roomy enough to contain certain compact and subcompact pistols!

It's "lip & groove" lid engagement eliminates gaps … ensuring that small items can't "sneak" out. The latch has two points of engagement and makes an audible "CLICK" to let you know it is securely engaged.

External Dimensions: 7.8″ x 5.1″ x 1.5″
Internal Dimensions: 7.3″ x 4.4″ x 1.4″
Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Item #: T1755-1 (each)  Click Here
Item #: T1755-3 (3-pack)  Click Here
Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit – Large
By UniqueTekSpacer Bolt Kit

The Powder Bar Spacer Bolts in this kit replace the white plastic Powder Bar Spacer Plugs (#13921) on Dillon powder measures. Clamps the Powder Bar Spacer solidly in place so it can't creep back and forth as the powder bar cycles.

New Large Kit for up to 8 Powder Measures!
Due to popular demand, we now also have a larger kit that services more powder measures.

Item #: T1751-L  Click Here




Top 20 Products of 2020!
(Thus Far)

In just a few days we will officially be half way through 2021. So I thought it was appropriate to post a list of the most popular products so far.

Precision Powder Baffle™
For Dillon Powder Measure

Precision Powder Baffle Item #: T1278  Click Here
The Bin-Dam™
For Cartridge Bins
Bin-Dam Item#: T1359 (550/650/SDB)
 Click Here
Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends
For Dillon RL 550/XL 750

Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends Item #: T1739  Click Here
Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™
For Dillon Powder Measure

Micrometer Kit Item #: T1231  Click Here

Also Available preinstalled
   in new powder bars!
Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit
For Dillon Powder Measures
Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit Item #: T1751  Click Here
Case Feed Stop Switch
For Dillon XL650/750 Press
Case Feed Stop Switch Item #: T1704  Click Here
Roller Bearing Camming Pin
For Dillon XL 650/750 Press
Roller Bearing Camming Pin Item #: T1706  Click Here
Drain-N-Change Tool™
For Dillon Powder Measure

Drain-N-Change Tool
Item #: T1347  Click Here
Primer Rod & Holder
For Dillon Presses

Primer Rod & Holder Item #: T1562  Click Here
Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob
For Vibratory Case Polishers

Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob Item #: T1750-01 (1/4″-20)
Item #: T1750-02 (5/16″-18)
Item #: T1750-03 (3/8″-16)
 Click Here
Shellplate Bearing Kit
For Dillon 550/650 Presses

Shellplate Bearing Kit Item #: T1601  Click Here
Roller Bearing Indexer Block
For the Dillon XL 650 Press

Roller Bearing Indexer Block Item #: T1705  Click Here
Port-A-Stand™ 'V'
Portable Target Stand

Port-A-Stand 'V'
For 18″ Wide Targets Port-A-Stand 'V' Item#: T1426-V  Click Here
550/750 Primer Feed Stop
For Dillon 550/750 Presses

550/750 Primer Feed Stop Item #: T1742  Click Here
Primer Feed Stop Switch
For the XL 650 Press
Primer Feed Stop Switch Item #: T1703  Click Here
Port-A-Stand™ 'B'
Portable Target Stand

Port-A-Stand Brackets For Any Width Target
Port-A-Stand Brackets Item#: T1426-B  Click Here
Open End Die Wrench:
1″ X 1-1/8″
For Dillon Presses

Die Wrench Item #: T1733  Click Here  

Also available:
– 1″x1-1/8″ Dbl Box End T1532
– 3/4″x9/16″ for SDB T1604
– 1-3/16″x1-1/8″ for RCBS T1560
Powder Measure Quick Change , QD Tab
For Dillon Powder Measures

Powder Measure QD Tab Item #: T1720  Click Here
XL750 Ultimate Bearing Kit
For Dillon 750 Press

750 Ultimate Bearing Kit Item #: T1749  Click Here
Port-A-Stand™ 'H'
Portable Target Stand

Port-A-Stand 'H'
For 18″ Wide Targets
Port-A-Stand 'H' Item#: T1426-H  Click Here


Ask Lee

Q: I'm trying to load .223 Rem. with a stick powder and getting severe bridging in the Dillon powder funnel. Is there an aftermarket powder funnel that works better?

A: There is no aftermarket powder funnel that I am aware of that will cure this. You can reduce the bridging by reaming out the inside diameter of the powder funnel with a taper reamer and then polish the metal. Do not over ream the powder funnel. You must stop before you ream off the shoulder that the case mouth meets.

A customer recently reported that, after reaming, he saw a 100% reduction in bridging with IMR 4166. He also noted that the taper reamer he used was handy because it has a hex shank that can be chucked in a drill to speed up the job. (Click here to see it.)




Tips File #1:
“26 Tips for Powder Measure Accuracy”

This "Tips" file describes 26 things you can do to help improve powder drop consistency. It is our most downloaded Tips file and has been updated and expanded many times since first published in 2003.

To download in PDF format, just Click Here!

Our Tips File Library: Tips File logo

We currently have 25 "Tips" files covering a variety of reloading and shooting topics. To see the complete library, click on the "TIPS" lightbulb!



UniqueTek Product Catalog UniqueTek Catalog

Updated 06/09/21
To download in PDF format, just Click Here!

To request a printed copy, just call (855-507-0866 Toll Free) or
email (info@uniquetek.com) and we'll mail a printed copy to you.





SMM3Gun Logo

ANME is a B2B trade show that offers goods from the army-navy, tactical & law enforcement, camping & outdoors industries.

This will be our first time exhibiting at ANME and we will be sharing a table with Ranch Products (Table T2). We are bringing our Port-A-Stand portable target stands. Unlike Shot Show, sales are allowed from the booth … both retail and dealer orders.

Due to a scheduling conflict, setup day has been moved from Saturday to Sunday, so the Exhibit Hall will be open to the public only on Monday (9AM to 5PM) and Tuesday (9AM to 4PM).

Attendee Registration is FREE and open to the general public!
To register in advance Click Here.
See a list of ANME Exhibitors & Booth Numbers Click Here.
Tuscany Suites & Casinos has a special reduced room rate for Attendees and Exhibitors. But to get it, use Group code 0821ANM or just use the "Book Your Room" link on the ANME web site.

UniqueTek Sponsored Events
For July, 2021

Event State
Shootout at Moose Nugget Flats (SASS) AK
Oregon Tail Regulators 21st Annual SASS Shoot OR
Great Divide Steel Challenge (USPSA) WY
USPSA Michigan Sectional MI


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