The 2019 University of Texas Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing AI, Applications and Infrastructure will be conducted on Tuesday December 10, 2019 on the UT Austin campus in the Gates Dell Complex.   

Below, Dr. Derek Chiou, UT ECE, and Microsoft Partner Architect, kicks off the 2017 UT Austin Workshop. On next Tuesday, Dr. Chiou will present “Accelerating Microsoft's Cloud”.
Greetings!  Welcome to the IAP Newsletter, with info about the upcoming IAP Cloud Workshop conducted at UT Austin.
Expect a full day of talks by experts in academia and industry working in AI and machine learning, hardware acceleration, operating systems, networking, Big Data, security, storage and data management -  all in the context of distributed systems – from mammoth data centers to tiny IoT devices on the edge of the cloud. 
Date: Tuesday December 10, 2019 -- 8:00AM-5:00PM

Registration: Attendance is Free, Advance Registration is Required .  

Venue: On the UT Austin campus in the Gates Dell Complex in GDC 6.302, 2317 Speedway, Austin TX, 78712.

Audience: Stude nts, Faculty, Academic Staff, Industry Researchers and Practitioners are Cordially Invited. Organized by Prof. Chris Rossbach, UT Computer Science, and the Industry-Academia Partnership.

Confirmed speakers and presentation titles are listed below (alphabetical order).  The agenda, abstracts, and bios are posted on the agenda page . Please check back later for additional speakers and updates to the schedule.

· Prof. Vijay Chidambaram, UT, "Designing File Systems and Concurrent Data Structures for Persistent Memory" 

·  Dr. Derek Chiou, UT and Microsoft Accelerating Microsoft's Cloud”

· Dr. Niall Gaffney, Texas Advanced Computing Center,   "Research using HPC for Big Data and AI"

·  Prof. Kristen Grauman, UT and Facebook AI Research , “Egocentric Visual Learning”

· Dr. Vinod Kathail, Xilinx , “Vitis and Vitis AI: ML Application Acceleration from Cloud to Edge”

·  Dr. Hui Lei, Futurewei,   Towards the Industrialization of AI”

·  Grant Mackey, Western Digital , “ Computational Storage: A Brief History and Where is it Going?”

· Prof. Simon Peter, UT , “E3: Energy-Efficient Microservices on SmartNIC-Accelerated Servers”

· Prof. Keshav Pingali, UT , “Single-Machine Analytics on Massive Graphs Using Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory”

· Prof. Chris Rossbach, UT,  “System Software in the Wake of Moore's Law”

· Larry Wikelius, Marvell, “New Applications and Accelerators for ARM-based Servers”

· Prof. Emmett Witchel, UT, “Achieving System Security in the Era of Secure Enclaves”

$300 CASH AWARDS - POSTER SESSION: $300 cash awards offered for Best Undergrad and Best Graduate Posters. See photos and quotes of the 2017 UT Workshop .  

Attendance is Free, Advance Registration is Required .  

Please feel free to contact us for more info on these items.
Jim Ballingall
Executive Director
Industry-Academia Partnership (IAP)
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