2021, Issue 7, November 17
Next month we will start providing a 1-year Training Program for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMH-NPs) in a collaboration between our department and the UT Arlington School of Nursing. Please meet our current NPs as we continue to celebrate team-based care and the advanced practice providers in our department.
--Carol A. Tamminga, M.D.
Department Chair
LanChasica "Lanie" Alexander, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Alexandra Chapman, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Vanessa Echetabu, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Starla Harrison, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Jo Kutty Kurian, M.S.N., ARPN, PMH-NP (bc)
Ji Yun "Julia" Lee, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Annette Mancuso, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
John Muturi, M.S.N., APRN, FNP-C, PMH-NP (bc)
Diane Nguyen, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Fawn Palmer, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Carrie Ratliff, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Eric Shellhorn, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Brandi Yund, M.S.N., APRN, PMH-NP (bc)
Spotlight On... Dallas Brain Collection
Technological developments have provided scientists such as Carol A. Tamminga, M.D. (above), and Chunfeng Tan, M.D., Ph.D. (below), greater opportunities to study the pathophysiology of serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

Human post-mortem brain tissue is an essential resource that facilitates translational research, allowing for discoveries in basic research to lead to innovation in clinical settings. The Neuropsychiatry Research Program, established in 2003, is an integral part of the Division of Translational Neuroscience Research in Schizophrenia at UT Southwestern.
The Brain Tissue Program is designed to collect human post-mortem brain tissue from cases of all major psychiatric disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, substance abuse) and healthy controls after obtaining consent from next of kin.

Tissue is collected from recently deceased persons who come to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office or UT Southwestern's Transplant Service Center or Willed Body Program. Once procured, the brain tissue is rapidly processed, frozen, and stored for future use. Each brain provides tissue for hundreds of potential experiments.

Clinical history is obtained from medical records and from interviews with caregivers sensitively conducted 6 months to 1 year after the donation.
New Faculty
  • Christopher Holland-Deguire, Psy.D. – VA
  • Ritu Ghai, M.D. – Children’s 
  • Matthew Hudgens-Haney, Ph.D. – Tamminga Lab
  • Emmanuel Rosario Nieves, Ph.D. – Psychology

New Staff
  • Omar Plata-Vargas – Accountant I – Financial Affairs
  • Zach Brown – Program Coordinator – Mood Disorders
  • Jessica Davis – Ambulatory RN – BL7
  • Amber Deane – Senior Research Scientist – Mood Disorders
  • Monserrat Feria-Vargas – Research Study Coordinator – Tamminga Lab 
Faculty Openings
We have many opportunities!
for current openings.
Publication Highlights
The Brain-Body Perceptions team has had several publications out this Fall:

Robin Jarrett, M.D., and colleagues wrote chapter 14 in a comprehensive classic book for the field of psychotherapy: Cognitive, behavioral, and cognitive behavioral therapy: First and second waves. Bergin and Garfield’s Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavior Change (7th Ed.), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Honors and Achievements
Mustafa Husain, M.D.
Distinguished Service
Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians 
Adam Brenner, M.D.
Psychiatric Excellence
Texas Psychological Association Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education
Betsy Kennard, Psy.D., Director of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, has been recognized for truly distinguished contribution by a psychologist in the area of education, including design of curriculum, psychological research specific to education, and leadership in educational and training development.
Christian Goans, Ph.D., earned the 1st Place Poster Award at the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry conference for his work with colleagues on "The Effect of Agitation On the Sensitivity of the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale Screener to Suicide Risk After Emergency Department Visit."
Adriana Miu, Ph.D.
Elected to Texas Psychological Association Board of Trustees
Kristine McCaslin, Psy.D.
Drs. Adrianna Miu and Kristine McCaslin have been elected to the Texas Psychological Association's Board of Trustees! Congratulations to both, and thanks to all who voted for them. Not only is this great representation for psychology in Texas but a wonderful reflection on the top-notch psychologists and leaders in the field we have at UT Southwestern!
Veronica Bordes Edgar, Ph.D., received the Tony Wong Diversity Award for Outstanding Work Related to Diversity as a Mentor from the National Academy of Neuropsychology. This award recognizes efforts to promote public education, advocacy, and research in brain health in culturally diverse and minority communities and is given annually to one NAN member who has made a significant contribution to the field of multicultural neuropsychology.
2021 Clinical Psychology Fall Social Awards
Although we were unable to celebrate this year’s Clinical Psychology Fall Social in person, we appreciate that we were able to take part in an online ceremony on November 4. We congratulate the award recipients and thank all the faculty and students for all their efforts and accomplishments in this unprecedented year!

The Rush C. Williams Award for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Dennis Burchette

The Sandra L. Warshak Outstanding Dissertation Award in Clinical Psychology
  • Laura Frazee, Ph.D.

FOCUS Awards
  • Outstanding Teacher – Ellie Hakim, Ph.D., Couple & Family Dynamics: A Systemic Perspective
  • Outstanding Research Mentor – Veronica Bordes Edgar, Ph.D., ABPP, Children’s Health Neuropsychology
  • Outstanding Clinical Supervisor – Kristine McCaslin Psy.D., Parkland Psychology
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant – Dennis Burchette, Clinical Methods I Lab

FOCUS Student Research Awards
  • Alyssa Kaser, “Exploring the Effects of EEG Neurofeedback Training on Verbal Episodic Memory in a TBI Sample”
  • Molly Michaels, “Content Analysis of Suicide Prevention IOS Applications used by Adolescents”
  • Adrianna Martin, “Examining the Effectiveness of Telehealth TF-CBT with Children in Foster Care”
  • Blake Martin, “Suicide Risk and Psychiatric Symptoms Among Post-9/11 Justice-Involved Veterans”
Brave Space is a monthly discussion forum to build a community of support and connection and foster anti-racism, mutual growth, empowerment, respect, and empathy through facilitated dialogue about diversity, equity, and inclusion within our department and the communities we serve. RSVP required.

Next session:
Thursday, November 18, at 3pm.

Other Upcoming Events
December 1 Town Hall
Our next Psychiatry Department
Town Hall will be held via Zoom at
12pm Wednesday, December 1. Reach out with your ideas for topics to cover or questions to be addressed!

December 8
Grand Rounds
Jennifer Skeem, Ph.D.
What Works for Justice Involved People with Mental Illness
December 14
Subspecialty Series
Timothy Proctor, Ph.D.
The Forensic Mindset & The Role of the Forensic Witness
December 15
Grand Rounds
Laura Gitlin, Ph.D.
Home and Community Based Interventions for Dementia Care
Mark G. Kuczewski, Ph.D., HEC-C, presents "Undocumented Patients and Physicians: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going?"
While there is no registration fee, participants must register to attend.
Congratulations to “FALL-iday” Contest Winners
1st place – Dr. Valerie-Ruth Loehr
2nd place – Chen Lin
3rd place – Education Group
Inspiring Careers in Mental Health
Applications for the 2022 High School Student Internship have opened!

The OBI has new programs for the UTSW research community! The following program applications are due December 1:

- Research Interest Groups
o Transdisciplinary research groups
o $2,000 available to support regular meetings

- Sprouts Project
o Focused funding for trainees in an Investigator lab
o $25,000 available for a 1 year project

- Visionary Neuroscience Program
o High-impact transdisciplinary funding for innovative project
o $500,000 available for up to 3 year project