March 2015  

Save Energy, Save Money
Water Heater Edition

The average household spends $400-$600 a year on water heating. Taking an extra two minutes in the shower, leaving the water running while washing dishes, or washing clothes with hot water instead of cold adds up fast. The good news is, you can save money on water heating costs by making some easy do-it-yourself improvements.


One of the fastest and easiest ways to save money on your monthly water heating bill is to lower the heating temperature on your water heater. For every 10 degrees of reduction in the temperature of your water, you can expect to save up to $30 a year! For steps on how to lower your water heater temperature, click here.


Another great way to reduce your water heating cost is by insulating your hot water pipes. Not only will this save you money, it will also raise your water temperature by up to four degrees, allowing you to keep your water temperature at a lower, and cheaper, level. An added bonus, you have less wait time when you turn on a faucet or shower head, which also helps to conserve water. For more information about insulating your hot water pipes, click here.

Beyond Wireless: Local Calling Options
There are a number of ways you can stay connected without relying solely on wireless services. In many rural areas, wireless service is still unreliable and having a landline is your only option. Telecommunications companies now offer a number of options when it comes to landline service, including competitive long distance calling packages.

Learn how you can adapt your telephone service to meet your specific needs, here.
Dig Safe this Spring 
Call Before You Dig  
Spring is here and that means it is time to get your garden and outdoor projects started. Be smart and save yourself from headache and heartache by calling 8-1-1 for a FREE underground utility locate before you break ground. Not only is it the law, but it can prevent you from damaging expensive and dangerous underground utilities.

Calling 8-1-1 is easy! Just dial 8-1-1 from any land line or wireless telephone at least two business days before your planned digging project. The notification center will ask for some basic information about the location of your project, and then notify all of your local utility companies to come out and mark their underground utility lines and pipes within your planned dig area.

For more information about "Call Before You Dig," click here.   
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