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The excitement continues for the UTD-X-Program for both the consumer with the discounted pricing and for the instructors joining the program. ESM and Side Mount Minis continue to grow and are rapidly becoming our most popular classes. 


This Saturday November 3rd we are offering an ESM class at HQ in Carlsbad, CA 10-3pm. There are only a few spaces left so call 855-348-3883 ext 4 to sign up! The cost of class is $125.00 (normally $250.00) on special. 

The UTD-X Class Specials on Open Water Certification, Refresher, Extreme Scuba Makeover, Side Mount Mini, Zuba Junior Open Water, and Zuba Supervised Diver are targeted to divers and non-divers worldwide. 
Don't miss out on the last few days of this special. Until October 31st you or someone you know may purchase any of the X-Special classes at a 50% off and then redeem it with one of the UTD-X Instructors. Click this link for more info.


One of classes that needs special mention is the "Side Mount Mini". This class is very unique and having a positive impact in recreational diving community. The Z-Side Mount System is a complete system for all divers, including recreational divers. Recreational Side-Mount diving is all the rage. For more info on the UTD Side Mount Mini Class, click here.


Incredible Waterproof/Shockproof/Snowproof/Dustproof iPhone 4/4S Case!


UTD Apple iPhone cases match the pace of your busy lifestyle. With this case for iPhone 4 / 4S, your device and all of its capabilities can follow wherever you go from the sea to land. Additionally, attaching our waterproof iPhone cases to your device lets you take it where other mobile devices fear to tread - oceans, ponds, even the shower! Experts have called this case the best of all the iPhone cases because it is waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof, but there's much more to it than that. Unlike other iPhone case this is a sleek low profile that barely increases the size of your device. Your iPhone is not only protected, it looks cool. Take your device in the water, dirt or snow with this case for the iPhone 4 / 4S. Let's Go!  


Check it out/Buy Now

UTD X-Program (For UTD Instructors/Facilities)
The UTD X-Program is a free in-house marketing resource for UTD Instructors/Facilities to utilize to help market and grow your presence locally. Previous newsletters have been keeping you up to speed with the progression of the UTD-X-PROGRAM and the positive impact it has had on our UTD Facilities and Instructors so far. Remember, this program allows you (the shop, instructor, etc) to work closely with our in-house marketing specialist to provide varies marketing avenues and incentive programs to drive new students and customers to you!! This will enable you to competitively market your business and UTD and bring in more students. If this is something you are interested in finding out more about contact mary@unifiedteamdiving.com

Note: This service does not require you to pay a upfront fee. It is FREE for a UTD instructor or facility to join the X-Program. 
Side-Mount Diving DEMOS
Carlsbad, CA and DEMA


UTD is offering Side Mount Demos! These are by appointment only. We have pool time every Tuesday and Thursday in Carlsbad, CA from 1:15-3pm. We will also be offering Demos at DEMA on Thursday 11/15. We welcome you to call 855-348-3883 ext 2 to schedule an appointment and DEMO our side mount system. 


Side Mount diving is becoming wildly popular among recreational open water divers, advanced technical divers, cave divers and wreck divers alike because it offers the best of all worlds...the advantages of side mount diving include a stable, streamlined platform to dive from coupled with the same ease of movement, mobility and lack of tanks on your back that free diving offers. The UTD Z-System offers a UTD/DIR-compatible equipment configuration, so that all levels of divers have consistency in team diving procedures and gear.


Unified Team Diving is an online community and scuba training agency that certifies divers in open water, technical, rebreather, and overhead environments.


Our goal is to create the finest training materials available in the dive industry, along with a group of the best instructors anywhere.


For more information on UTD Classes, click here or contact us.


For information on becoming a UTD Instructor, click here


We look forward to seeing in the water and online!


AG and Jeff

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iPhone 4/4s water case

DEMA 2012 



DEMA show 2012 is Just 2 weeks away. The show is being held at the Sands Convention Center November 14-17th 2012 Las Vegas, NV. Appointments are being set up now! Be sure to call us at 855-348-3883 ext. 2 and set up your appointment to meet with Andrew and Jeff. We will be available to answer all of your questions.

Pool Demos will be held Thursday, November 15th from 1 pm to 2 pm. Call us to pre-book your appointment so you can demo equipment during this hour.

We will have pool and product demonstrations including Z-systems, Zuba, lights, and heating systems. On  




+1 855 DIVE UTD

+1 855 348-3883

+1 760 585-9676 (Direct)



+1 760 585-9681




BOOTH 1070


Join us for this year's Dive Industry Show November 14-17 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.


On the training side, we will be unveiling the new UTD-X program for instructors, Extreme Scuba Makeover, and Zuba Diving.


New equipment will showcase the Z-Isolator Manifold for Side Mount, Zuba, and much more.


We are currently scheduling meetings for anyone interested in becoming a UTD Instructor. Email us at info@unifiedteamdiving.com to reserve your time slot.

We look forward to a great time in Vegas!


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