Welcome to our Telehealth Partners

In an effort to provide better communication to our member sites, we are developing this quarterly email update to keep you informed and help you find resources you can use to improve your practices. We encourage feedback on how UTN can improve services and communicate technology updates more effectively.
UETN Board Appoints Spencer Jenkins
as the new CEO and Executive Director of UETN

The governing board of the Utah Education and Telehealth Network appointed Spencer Jenkins as the new UETN CEO and Executive Director. Jenkins, who is associate commissioner of the Utah System of Higher Education, succeeds Dr. Ray Timothy who is retiring July 1. Timothy has served as UETN’s CEO for the past decade.
Network Services

Security Services

  • Reminder: UETN is improving its connection speed and security services. The changes go into effect, July 1. Every site on the UETN network has been upgraded to 1 Gbps download speed, and will receive a new network switch and firewall as part of the new service. If you have any questions about the changes, please email info@utn.org.
Member Services
  • VisuWell Platform: As a UETN member site, you are eligible to start using the VisuWell Telemedicine platform free for the first five years. VisuWell’s easy-to-use digital health platform allows healthcare provider organizations to connect with their patients quickly, enabling better engagement to meet the needs of patients. To schedule a demo of VisuWell and the virtual triage tool “Virtriage,” please email us at info@utn.org.
Telehealth Success Story
The annual UETN Tech Summit was held on June 23-24, and the Telehealth Services team arranged a number of sessions for administrative and IT directors from rural hospitals and clinics.

The sessions included topics on HIPAA compliance and regulations, school-based telehealth, digital health and the VisuWell platform, mobile device management, and cybersecurity best practices.

We also held our bimonthly Technical Subcommittee meeting at the end of the second day and hosted a 1.5-hour security workshop for those in attendance.

Overall, attendees felt like the Tech Summit was a success and they learned valuable insights to improve their job skills. We look forward to expanding the healthcare & telehealth track next year and including even more sessions for our healthcare partners.

Thank you to those who were able to attend this year!