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We've just launched the Under The Same Sun Hat Giving Challenge leading up to International Albinism Awareness Day - June 13. This is a social media campaign to raise awareness about the #1 challenge facing people with Albinism in Tanzania and other parts of Africa.


Did You Know...


The top killer of people with albinism in Tanzania is skin cancer?


With its scorching hot sun, the tropical climate of Tanzania puts people with albinism at a high risk for developing skin cancer at an early age.


100 PERCENT of children with albinism in Tanzania show signs of SUN-RELATED SKIN DAMAGE by the age of 10.


About 30,000 people have albinism in Tanzania today. HALF of them will develop ADVANCED SKIN CANCER before the age of 30.




Yet simple items like HATS AND SUNSCREEN CAN HELP PREVENT the deadly disease. Wide-brim hats are handmade in Tanzania employing people with albinism. Specially formulated sunscreen is also manufactured locally. 

BUT... Most people with albinism in Tanzania are utterly poor and CAN'T AFFORD the hats and sunscreen that could help save their lives .

That's why Under The Same Sun is inviting everyone to take the Hat Giving Challenge leading up to the first International Albinism Awareness Day (June 13, 2015)


Creating awareness and giving people with albinism the protection they need is as easy as 1-2-3.  


1-    Pose in your favorite sun hat and post your picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


2-    Donate $5 to give a sun hat to a person with albinism in Tanzania, and help protect them from deadly skin cancer.

To Donate $5 Click The Links Below

3- Challenge 3 friends (by name) to do the same.

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Did you know that the top killer of people with albinism in Tanzania is SKIN CANCER? LESS THAN 2 PERCENT WILL LIVE TO AGE 40. Take the  Hat Giving Challenge : To mark International Albinism Awareness Day,  post a picture of yourself in your favorite sun hat, and donate $5 to give a hat to a person with albinism in Tanzania.   Then challenge 3 friends to do it too! You'll help protect vulnerable children and adults from deadly skin cancer, and create awareness at the same time.  Thank you! #hatgivingchallenge #AlbinismAwareness2015

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