SPLC Surrogates ANTIFA Scare Venues to Cancel Amid Threats of Protests and Violence  

Worldview Weekend's 5 City/5 Day speaking tour, which included UTT's President John Guandolo, had significant success in Des Moines, Iowa last night where nearly 200 people attended and learned about the threat Islam's sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamic Movement pose to the civilized world.

The audience also was shown evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood owns the  Islamic Center of Des Moines, and what that means for their community.

For the first time in a long time, the media actually covered the event in a measured way.  See the news video HERE.

However, as a result of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) energizing their minions in ANTIFA and other revolutionary groups, 2 venues in Green Bay and Milwaukee canceled the event because of fears of protests and violence.  

Antifa is a Marxist/Communist organization with a long history of violence.

The venue in La Crosse, Wisconsin was concerned about liability and drug out the decision-making until it was too late to make the event happen tonight.

In Minneapolis, the jihadis and Marxists were converging.  Since UTT is aware that some in law enforcement in Minneapolis are hostile to UTT's work, the decision was made not to go forward with this event because the safety of the attendees could not be insured.

This is where we are in this war, and this is where the war will be won or lost.

We are going to regroup and decide on how to get back to these areas of the country in the future.

I will be live on twitter periscope at 4 PM CST today with Brannon Howse and Chris Gaubatz to discuss this.  @johnguandolo

UTT will continue to boldly speak truth about real threats to our communities and our nation from the Islamic and Marxist Movements.  We need your help.

UTT is grateful to Worldview Weekend (WVW) and the leadership of Brannon Howse who has shown great courage and strength in this effort.  WVW hosts UTT's television and radio shows.

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God bless you all.

John Guandolo
Understanding the Threat (UTT)