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As most of you know I have been hanging the art on the walls at Caffé Molise for a very long time.  Molise is my most favorite restaurant in the city! 
If you haven't eaten there before you have really missed out!
Fabulous food, lovely atmosphere and terrific people - I am so proud to help them facilitate showing off some of our local, talented artists as well.
best from,
Pam O'Mara

Willamarie has brought me some of the most marvelous paintings!
Make sure to check them out.

You can preview these beauties here.

You may recognize this name!
Molly has brought me her latest paintings - inspired by the Wasatch Front . . . 
And they are nothing short of remarkable! 
(and NO I am not at all biased!)

These gorgeous Italian paintings are just perfect at Molise!

And what an honor to be able to show this world renowned artist.

Cara has a lot of fans of her wonderful, and oh so colorful depictions of Utah landmarks.  One whole wall is filled with her city paintings - 
Including this new Salt Lake City Panorama.
check it out . . . 

These are some of my favorite pieces from the Bits and Pieces show - 
Everyone just loves Ron's work!

Take a look!

There are still a few left from Tyler.

His work has been really appreciated at Caffé Molise.

Check it out!
I have a whole website dedicated to the artists that hang their work at Caffé Molise:

Then call them today, grab a bite and experience all of this wonderful work for yourselves:
I am so grateful to represent these most talented Utah artists.

And - I've been working on my website.
It's not quiet ready for shopping - but, there is a lot to browse.




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