Sunday, April 14, 10am " Passover as a Community Organizing Strategy" – Rev. Krista Taves
Monday, April 15, 5:30pm – Real Talk Real Time – JavaVino
Tuesday, April 16, 6:30pm – Uncapped Conversations – JavaVino
Thursday, April 18, 6pm – Pathways to UU 2 – Conference Room
Thursday, April 18, 6:30pm – "Cakes" UU Women's Study Course – Sanctuary
Sunday, April 21, 10am "A Defiant Easter" – Rev. Krista Taves
Sunday, April 28, 10am " Respecting the Web of Life in the Driftless Area " Melinda Knutson
Sunday, April 28, 11am La Crosse's Annual Earth Fair – Myrick Park
As Christians begin Holy Week, Jews are preparing for Passover, which begins on Friday. The Passover Seder celebrates the journey of the Ancient Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. But it also offers much for those who strive for freedom today.
Hearing Assistance Available

We have recently purchased a hearing assistance system which consists of receivers with headphones to be used during the service. Please ask our A/V Tech, Giorgia, if you would like some help with this.
Special Collection for April

April is Earth Month, and the April Special Collection will be for the local chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby. CCL is a nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization empowering people to experience breakthroughs exercising their personal and political power. The La Crosse chapter is headed by Larry Sleznikow, who took the lead in designing our Fellowship's new website. Please make checks payable to "La Crosse Citizens Climate Lobby" Contributions are not tax-deductible.
Past Service Recordings
Past sermons are available for listening online via our SoundCloud page.
Visit the link below to catch up on Sunday Services from the UUF of La Crosse

Sign Up for a Visioning Listening Session

YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Share your hopes and dreams for the future of our fellowship. This Sunday is the listening session especially for new members and friends. To sign up contact Cindy Ericksen at . You may also sign up for future listening sessions after service. These dates include: April 19, April 23, April 27, May 1, May 10 and May 18. More info on the Visioning Listening Sessions Facebook event page.
Visioning Session
UU La Crosse Conference Room

04/14/19 11:30am - 04/14/19 1:00pm

Your voice matters! New members and friends are encouraged to attend this session after service. Pizza and childcare will be provided.
I'll be there!
I can't make it

2nd Meeting of UU Women's Study Course on April 18th

The classic UU women’s study course, “ Cakes for the Queen of Heaven ,” will be offered this April and May at UU La Crosse. The themes of the Session Plans are “The Sacred Female,” “In the Name of the Mother and the Daughter,” “Womanpower,” “The First Turning -- From Goddess to God,” and “Reclaiming Women's Heritage of Peace." Come join from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday April 18th and May 2nd, 16th and 30th. Sign up on the sheets can be found in the Fellowship coffee area or RSVP to Ingrid at  or Ellen at .
New Member Recognition During Service April 14

We will formally welcome all who have become members of the congregation in the last year during the service. Interested in becoming a member of our Fellowship? Please contact Membership Development Co-Coordinators Donna Bauer & Jennifer Miller at or reach Jen by phone at 779-861-2655.  

What does it mean to become a member of a Unitarian Universalist Congregation?
Our congregations are free associations of people who have joined because they experience the congregation as their spiritual home. We share a commitment to living our 7 principles as best we can. ( ) As members we commit to serve the congregation with our time and our gifts. We journey together as a covenantal community of the spirit, helping each other and serving our community. 
Real Talk Real Time
Monday, April 15th, 5:30pm
JavaVino - Private Room

Join us for Real Talk, Real Time, where we talk about the real things in life. There's time to order food and drinks at 5:30 with discussion to start around 5:45-6pm. Young adults are welcome to attend and engage in self-exploration through guided discussion. The theme for April is “Wholeness” 
RSVP to Giorgia at
See the  UU Fellowship of La Crosse Facebook page for more info.
Uncapped Conversations
Tuesday, April 16th, 6:30pm
JavaVino - Private Room

The evening’s theme is Finding Wholeness in a Broken World . These guided conversations are a time to reflect on our lives and tell our stories.  We gather at 6:30 p.m., place our orders, and the conversation starts around 6:45 p.m. Rev. Krista facilitates the conversation.
Pathways to UU 2
Thursday, April 18th, 6pm
Conference Room

Due to the popularity of Pathways 1, which is an introduction to Unitarian Universalist history and theology, Rev. Taves is offering a Part 2 which will focus on contemporary Unitarian Universalist theology. All are welcome to attend whether you participated in Pathways 1 or not. Childcare is available if needed.
If interested in attending, please contact Jen: 779-861-2655 or
Additionally, contact Rev. Krista at to receive the reading materials.
Volunteer at the Earth Fair
Saturday, April 28th, 11am
Myrick Park

Interested in volunteering for Earth Fair? UU La Crosse will have a table at this year's Earth Fair on Sunday, April 28th at Myrick Park from 11am- 5pm. We are looking for volunteers to help with set up, engage with fair goers about our Fellowship, collect email addresses and break down. Please contact Jen: 779-861-2655 or
Please join us as we do some spring cleaning at the UU La Crosse building inside and out. This includes front and side landscaping, indoor surplus “stuff” removal, some touch-up painting, and general spiffing up of the space. Please wear work clothes and bring gloves. If you plan to work outside then bring whatever gardening implements you want to use. Even if you can only participate for an hour or two that would be helpful, but we will for sure put you to work!. We will have cleaning supplies, trash bags, and a pickup truck for hauling. If someone could bring snacks that would be nice. All ages and abilities welcome.
If you have questions please contact David Boen
Shhhh..... UU La Crosse Silent Auction Coming May 5th

If you have any items, gift baskets, services, or anything else you can think of that you'd be willing to donate please let us know! We'd LOVE to add that item/service to the list of items up for auction. Questions? See Nicole, Meghan or Ingrid
Sunday, April 21, 10am – "A Defiant Easter" – Rev. Krista Taves

In the 19th century, Unitarians and Universalists left behind the doctrine of original sin, which says that humans are born depraved, and the doctrine of atonement, which says that Jesus died for those sins. Without these doctrines, what is left of Easter? More than you can possibly imagine.

Sunday, April 28, 10am – "Respecting the Web of Life in the Driftless Area"
Melinda Knutson

A meditation on the UU 7th principle: respect for the interdependent web of all existence.
Caregiver is Here to Help!

The caregiver can offer support to those in need by sending a card, making an announcement during Joys and Concerns, and/or publicizing your status and needs via the weekly emails. Let us know the level of care you desire. You may reach the caregiver at or leave a message at 608.796.9993 (attn: Caregiver)
Notes from the Office

Office Hours:
Emmy will be available for drop-ins or appointments Thursdays from 10am 1pm .
As usual, email Emmy at if you would like to meet outside of office hours or need assistance otherwise.

Deadlines for Newsletters & Announcements:

Weekly E-news: Giorgia at  by 12pm Mondays

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