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April 2017
Thank you for subscribing to UU Organizations Retirement Plan information. We welcome your engagement with the Plan. This month we tackle the topic of "Eligibility." Please set aside some time to review this very important subject.

Employee Eligibility
So far this year, several UU congregations have been surprised to discover that they were making errors in their handling of the UU Retirement Plan. They have had to make the IRS required correction(s) in order to make the affected employee(s) whole.

We are here to help you to educate yourself about this benefit plan.

  • Once a congregational/employer has adopted the Plan, they are required to administer the benefit according to the Plan's governing provisions.
  • When Employer's Contributions are due, no employees (ministers included) are permitted to receive cash payments in lieu of the required retirement contributions.
  • One cannot "opt out" of receiving retirement contributions owed by the Employer to the Employee.
  • Even if an employee has not yet met the Plan's provision for receiving employer's retirement contributions, they are permitted to enroll in the Plan in order to authorize elective (salary-reduction) contributions toward their eventual retirement.

Thus, when an employer offers this benefit plan, it is open to all, not just some, employees.

Employers who are out of compliance must undertake the required correction(s) and proceed to make the affected employee(s) whole.

Question: Which employees are eligible to receive Employer's Contributions?

Answer: All employees who have satisfied the Plan's Year of Eligibility Service provision are eligible to receive Employer's Contributions.

If the Eligibility information online does not answer your specific inquiry, contact lrose@uua.org

Please direct inquiries as follows:

Plan provisions, Employer Participation, retired clergy tax suppression on distributions:
Employee enrollment, establishing an authorized remitter/Admin, making a withdrawal:

Logistics of remitting contributions to TIAA - the Plan's recordkeeper:

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Participant Support
Participants call the Unitarian Universalist (UU)-dedicated toll-free line:
(800) 842-2829 at TIAA's National Contact Center. 

Be prepared to identify yourself by providing your social security number or account number so that you will be put in touch with a representative familiar with our plan.

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