UU Organizations Retirement Plan Updates
January 2018
Salary Changes?

Remember to recalculate contributions when salaries or wages change.

Remember, the employer

(i.e., the UU congregation or UU employer), is responsible for calculating proper contribution amounts. 


Did you know?

The "Receipt of Contribution" memo received by the employer is not an invoice; it is actually a receipt that is meant to notify the employer that TIAA has received a contribution. 

If the employer would like to check the status of posting the contributions to the participants in the plan, the "Admin" responsible for remitting contributions can log in to the TIAA Secure Administrator Website known as PlanFocus.

    Don't know who your "Admin" is? Contact assistplan@uua.org and be sure to mention your UUA member congregation ID or your TIAA employer ID.
W-2 How To:

Did you know that the Office of Church Staff Finances offers a W-2 Form FAQ? W-2 forms are due January 31 to employees and to the Social Security Administration.
You'll find references to both employer and employee Retirement Plan contributions in our box-by-box instructions.

Questions? Contact Jan Gartner, jgartner@uua.org, Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager.

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Electronically Remitting Contribution Data
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Plan Basics

Participant Support
TIAA by Phone:

Participants call the Unitarian Universalist (UU)-dedicated toll-free line:
(800) 842-2829 at TIAA's National Contact Center. 

Be prepared to identify yourself by providing your social security number or account number so that you will be put in touch with a representative familiar with our plan.

TIAA Online:


The Employer:


Each employer that offers the Plan is responsible for the Plan's administration. Employees who have questions about the Plan, who want to verify their employer's timely remittance of contributions, or who have questions about their eligibility can make inquiries of their employer. The employer is to provide each employee with a copy of the Employer's Participation Agreement with the Plan, as a springboard to explaining this employee benefit plan. 

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