UU Organizations Retirement Plan Updates
May 2018

Be sure that the leaders of your organization are aware of how to properly determine your employees' eligibility for Employer's Contributions. Remember, the Plan's provisions govern how employers make the determination, and if an error occurs, correction is required, back to the date of eligibility.

The May edition of Compensation and Staffing News provided a nice summary. If you aren't already subscribed to that once per month newsletter, do so today.


During the week of May 14th TIAA encouraged all plan participants to update or verify their beneficiaries.

Add your voice: please encourage your employees to log in to their UU Retirement Plan account to handle this important part of financial-self-care.

Human and Other Resources

UUA partners with
TIAA to provide participants with access to a wealth of financial education through live webinars covering a range of financial topics. 

Participants can also reach a TIAA  National Call Center Representative familiar with our Plan: call 800-842-2829.

Seeking guidance about how to remit contributions and data to TIAA for prompter posting? Email uua@tiaa.org with your name, title, and question. Be sure to include your  UUA member congregation ID.

See you at the in-depth "employer mindset" workshop on Thursday, June 21st at this year's General Assembly in Kansas City!

Or, visit us at the TIAA & Church Staff Finances booths  in the Exhibit Hall.
Are You a "Difference Maker?"

TIAA is recognizing 100 people who work for non-profits and are having a positive impact on the world. Tell your story for the opportunity to receive $10,000.00 for the non-profit where you're making a difference.

Submission Period ends 6/12/18.

Helping Hands

Nearly two years ago, Joshua Craft accepted a newly-created role in this office: that of the UU Retirement Plan Assistant. He has been an important part of the team helping plan participants and UU employers to navigate the complexities of this employee benefit plan.

Please reach out to thank Joshua for his service to you by emailing assistplan@uua.org before June 15th.

Our TIAA Client Services Manager, James Huse, who has helped so many of the UU employers with our Plan, is moving to serve in another area within TIAA at the end of this month. To express your appreciation for his service, please email uua@tiaa.org.

We hope to be back to full staff as soon as possible; perhaps by mid-summer. Thank you for your patience while we are in transition and training.

Upcoming Topics
12 Months Make A Year (Fiscal, Calendar, Service)
Quick Links

Plan Basics

Participant Support
TIAA by Phone:

(800) 842-2829 to reach TIAA's National Contact Center and ask for the rep familiar with the UU Plan.

TIAA Online:

The Employer:
The employer is to provide each employee with the Employer's Participation Agreement with the Plan, as a springboard to explaining the benefit.  Contact retirementplan@uua.org if you have questions.

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