UU Organizations Retirement Plan Updates
November 2017
Annual Plan Notice

Each year at this time we send a Plan Notice to each enrolled employee, using their residential address on file with TIAA.

Employers are to provide the Notice to their not-yet-enrolled employees when providing enrollment materials and informing them about saving via the Plan.

Limits Set by IRS

Retirement plan  contribution limits are published by the IRS annually. So what?
Employers do the following annually:
  1. Review the limits and inform your employees.
  2. Ensure that employees know about the Saver's Credit, which can provide a tax credit to certain low and moderate income employees who save for retirement.
  3. Obtain a completed 2018 Elective Contributions Agreement from each employee. Even if an employee has decided not to make Elective contributions, use the form to document their decision and keep it on file. 
Remember, when an employer offers the Plan, all of their employees are eligible to enroll and save.
Questions?  retirementplan@uua.org

Tune Up Employee Benefits

What do you wish you'd known about employee benefits when you stepped into your role?

Learn and document some basic facts about  appropriately administering the plans using the workbook .

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Plan Basics

Participant Support
TIAA by Phone:

Participants call the Unitarian Universalist (UU)-dedicated toll-free line:
(800) 842-2829 at TIAA's National Contact Center. 

Be prepared to identify yourself by providing your social security number or account number so that you will be put in touch with a representative familiar with our plan.

TIAA Online:



The Employer:


Each employer that offers the Plan is responsible for the Plan's administration. Employees who have questions about the Plan, who want to verify their employer's timely remittance of contributions, or who have questions about their eligibility can make inquiries of their employer. The employer is to provide each employee with a copy of the Employer's Participation Agreement with the Plan, as a springboard to explaining this employee benefit plan. 

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