April 30, 2021
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Message from the Board: Interim Minister Update

As we’ve all heard, Rev. Jack will be leaving St. Petersburg at the end of June to join his family in North Carolina. He generously timed his leaving, and his announcement of his leaving, to sync with UUA’s calendar for transitions in ministers. We are currently working through the process to find an Interim Minister to serve our congregation for up to two years, starting in August.

The role of Interim Minister is somewhat different from that of a Settled Minister like Rev. Jack. Though the Interim Minister is responsible for many of the same tasks, they are specifically tasked with helping the congregation prepare for a successful new Settled Minister. They receive extra training in how to help a congregation make tough decisions about their future: What is our vision for the next 5/10/20 years as a congregation? What are our top needs? What problems should be resolved and in what order?

Pastor Jack's Weekly Message
Dear Friends,

I hope you’re doing well – and doing good, for yourself and others. As the UUA Covenant says, You’re worth it.

Doing what’s good requires understanding what’s good. That’s why our fourth covenantal affirmation – seeking truth and meaning – is also important.  

And understanding requires questioning.  

For example, reporting on the police killing of Andrew Brown, Jr, an NPR reporter said Brown was “shot while driving away,” which made me think he was shot because he was trying to get away. But another reporter noted that he was trying to get away because he was already being shot at.

That’s very different.  

It’s good to keep questioning - because true, false and fake often differ only in a choice of words. May we continue questioning, to make life good and well.  

With appreciation,
Religious Education
May 5 @ 10:00am

Life’s Transition Points and Rituals: Session #4
Once: on First Times” – The Unforgettable Transition Markers. Robert Fulghum’s From Beginning to End is our prompt and guide.

 Please sign up with Pastor Jack ([email protected]) to receive the quotes for each Wednesday discussion. You’ll enjoy the book as warm and insightful if you have time to read – but the quotes will suffice for discussion.

Contact Pastor Jack if you have questions or don't get the link on Tuesday.
Children's RE
K-5th grade:
'RE Thru Art'
May 2nd from

We have three more sessions: May 2nd, May 16th and May 30th. Each session, students are immersed in expansive, creative learning of religion and spirituality through arts & craft format. We have ukulele's thanks to Tampa Bay Ukulele's For Kids!

We teach on the back patio of the church. To enter this area, follow the signage from the front entrance.

Parents are welcome to stay! This is also open to high school students for volunteer hours!
Covenant Groups

Don’t forget our covenant groups continue to meet monthly, these days mainly on Zoom. We currently have eleven covenant groups in the congregation with over 100 people participating!!

A Covenant Group is a group of 10 or so people who gather regularly (at least monthly) to share and converse about how life is going for the individuals in the group and often for our wider circles of life. 
Contact Pastor Jack for help to join a group. 
UU St. Pete Connects
Celebrating Pastor Jack
As we've all heard, Pastor Jack will leave UUSP and St. Petersburg for what he calls "trial retirement" at the end of June. We want to celebrate his almost-seven-year ministry here in fine fashion! If you would like to join a small "Steering Committee" to work on these plans, or if you just have some ideas you'd like to pass along, please let Dani Skryzpek know. 
Email is best. Thank You!
Check out our Calendar on our website to check out what's going on here at our
UU St Pete!
Sunday May 2 - 9:15am - Conversations on Religious Words We Question
Our word of the week IS, “SOUL/SPIRIT.” 
Some of our possible questions:
(1) Can you define Soul and/or Spirit in terms useful or meaningful for you? 
(2) Do you see them as related? 
(3) What, if any, questions or concerns do you have about these words?

Tuesday, May 11, 12noon Check-In & Café: 
Our opportunity to check in with one another and, time allowing, checking on the news. We will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month
Social Justice
Celebrate with Our Friends
in Immokalee 

Join their concert and Remember to boycott Wendy’s and do not buy tomatoes from Publix. 

There are ample fair food tomatoes at Fresh Market, Trader Joes and Whole Food 

SouthSide Food Bridge 

Next food drop-off is by noon on Tuesday, May 11.

Drop-Off locations are: 
Karen/Dave: 111 26th Ave NE, St Pete
Gay/ Billy: 6220 14th Ave S, Gulfport
Dani/Deb: 6051 3rd Ave. S, St Pete
Virginia/Cal: 4562 14th Ave. N, St Pete

Thanks everyone for your continued generosity--it is so appreciated!
UUSP Community
Looking for purpose? 

Do you want to be more fully involved in the work of our congregation? As we embark on an interim ministry in August, you can play an integral role in our reflection and development over the coming years. Positions are open on the Board of Trustees with terms starting in July.

If you can give of your time and talent - or want to learn more - please contact a member of the Nominating Committee:
Sarah Craig: (949) 981-0210 , John Motter: (503) 381-0501, or Karen White (518) 524-1100


Including updates on our kitchen remodel.

UU Ways To Give
UU St. Pete Annual Campaign

The time to Pledge is Now!
Make a pledge to UU St. Pete for the next fiscal year beginning July 1. Be as generous as your circumstances allow. All members are asked to pledge each spring to sustain the life of our spiritual home. Pledge $10, $100, $1,000, or $10,000 for the year. Your pledge amount is your decision and can be changed at any time, but please pledge. 

You can also pledge on the UU St. Pete website. Look for the "Celebrating Our UU Family" image among the rotating photos on the home page.

You can also pledge on the UU St. Pete website. Look for the "Celebrating Our UU Family" image among the rotating photos on the home page.
Do You Have COVID Savings?

One of our members added to their pledge due to the savings they realized over the past year from not traveling, not going to museums and concerts, not eating out, and not indulging in other personal services that were reluctantly foregone. While we missed many of the things we had taken for granted, we could still count on UU St. Pete. As this is a pivotal year given increased expenses due to hiring an interim minister, can you add your COVID savings to your pledge? I am!

Carol Ulmer, Annual Giving Team
Members and friends set up a plan to make a gift from their estate to the Endowment Fund of UU St. Pete. Leaving a portion of the assets one has accumulated over the course of a lifetime ensures the continuation of the spiritual home that they have come to cherish and perpetuates our UU values.

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