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September 2018
Insurance Plan Enrollment Windows for New Employees

Have you welcomed new staff to your team recently? Please remember these enrollment windows for our insurance plans:
  • Health Plan: Enroll within 30 days of hire. Otherwise must wait for annual open enrollment for the next calendar year
  • Dental Plan: Enroll within 60 days of hire. Otherwise must wait for annual open enrollment for the next calendar year.
  • Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability: Enroll within 60 days of hire. Otherwise, medical underwriting is necessary and acceptance is not guaranteed. 
Thank you for taking care of your staff's insurance needs and enrolling them on a timely basis! Questions can be directed to
Employee Assistance Program for Group Plan Participants

Our Life, Long-Term Disability, and Dental Plans are offered through Guardian, which has an Employee Assistance Program for plan participants. WorkLifeMatters Employee Assistance Program offers services that help promote well-being and enhance the quality of life for employees and their families. Support is available online or by phone to help with health, family, legal, and financial issues. Please remind your staff of this wonderful "benefit within a benefit" for employees enrolled in any of our Group Insurance Plans.
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Did you miss us in August? We took a hiatus - the first time we've skipped a month since launching Compensation and Staffing News in February 2017. (Browse past issues on our Office of Church Staff Finances Publications page.)

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Have some of your congregational leaders recently moved into staff support roles - e.g., board, personnel, or finance team members? Please recommend that they sign up for Compensation and Staffing News, along with your administrator, minister, and any staff member who supervises other employees.
Continuing to Accept Comments on Ministerial Agreement
The UUA Office of Church Staff Finances, in partnership with the Transitions Office and the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA), is in the process of recrafting the UUA's Model Agreement for Senior/Solo Ministers. In early July, a letter was sent to congregational presidents and ministers inviting feedback on our draft. This is the first update of the recommended template since 2012, and the first thorough rewrite since 2001.

To date, we've received many thoughtful comments and excellent suggestions! In fact, we are already starting to make some adjustments, based on what we're hearing from professional and lay leaders. Comments are being accepted through September 21, and we welcome your thoughts. (Send to, with Ministerial Agreement in the subject line.)
Our plan is to finalize this template in October. It is intended for use starting in July 2019. Once we've completed this agreement, we'll use it as a starting point for developing other model employment agreements (second minister, interim minister, non-clergy, etc.).
Jan Gartner | Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager |
 UUA Office of Church Staff Finances
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