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July 2017
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We debuted Compensation and Staffing News in February of this year. As of this sixth issue, we have over 300 subscribers. Our distribution list includes congregational board members, treasurers, finance and personnel team members, administrators, ministers, program staff, UUA regional and headquarters staff, and more. We suggest subscribing two or more people from your congregation to improve the chances that information gets appropriately shared, discussed, and acted upon. A link to subscribe can be found at the bottom of this publication or on our Staffing Practices page.

Want to read (or reread) past issues? You can now access all of them on the  Office of Church Staff Finances Publications page, which also includes a link to our  Health Care Reform Alerts.
Professional Interim Training -  Now with Team Discount

Interim professionals provide specialized skills and tools to help congregations prepare for robust new leadership. Their intentionally temporary status and distinct areas of focus set the interim period apart as a time for the congregation to undertake deliberate transitional work. 

Twice a year, the Office of Church Staff Finances hosts a six-week, online program for professional staff who want to learn about or train for interim roles.

Staff will find this training useful if:
  • They are, or will be, working with an interim minister.
  • They are serving, or preparing to serve, in an interim capacity themselves.
  • They want to look at their current work and context with fresh eyes, especially during times of change.
  • Introduces a variety of leadership and change models.
  • Equips staff in the essential areas of congregational systems and staff relations.
  • Grounds staff in the tasks of the interim process.
  • Provides practical tools and resources for interim work.
The next session of Professional Interim Training begins in mid-August, with a 3-week break in early September, then concluding in early October. New for this session: discounts for multiple staff from a single congregation, as it is especially powerful for teammates to participate together. Information about schedule, pricing, and more can be found on page 1 of the Professional Interim Training Application. Please note the application deadline of July 28. Questions can be directed to Jan Gartner, UUA Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager, some of the content is similar, this program is separate from the training offered through the UUA Transitions Office for clergy entering interim ministry.) 
General Assembly Workshop Slides

Slides from the following 2017 General Assembly workshops are now posted on our Staffing Practices page:

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 UUA Office of Church Staff Finances
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