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March 2017

Compensation Consultants

The UUA Office of Church Staff Finances recruits, trains, and supports volunteer Compensation Consultants in each of our five UUA regions and Canada. Compensation Consultants are available to you at no cost to assist with compensation-related matters.

Compensation Consultants are often contacted to provide guidance for congregations in ministerial search - to advise the Board, Search Team, and/or Negotiating Team on the compensation package. You will also find a Compensation Consultant helpful if you want to do a comprehensive evaluation of salaries and benefits for all of your staff, if you are considering the budget implications of a new staffing configuration, or if you want to develop and implement compensation policies.

We are currently training new  Compensation Consultants in the Pacific Western Region and Canada, piloting a new online format. Are you interested in serving our congregations by helping them understand salary, benefits, and payroll matters so that they can make sound decisions? Contact Jan Gartner, Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager, to be considered for a future training session.
Budgeting for Retirement Plan Contributions

Are you working on your budget for the 2017-2018 program year? As you look at staffing costs, be sure to build in sufficient funds for benefits and payroll taxes, which typically add 30-40% on top of salaries for full-time positions.

In budgeting for employer contributions to the UU Organizations Retirement Plan, remember this key point: All employees eligible for employer contributions must receive the same percentage employer base contribution and, for congregations who opt to match elective salary deferrals, the same percentage match. Your congregation's base contribution and match are dictated by the Participation Agreement you have on file with the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances. No individual employee can negotiate something different. As you develop your budget, please confirm that you are in compliance.

If you are uncertain of the terms of your congregation's Participation Agreement, or if you have any questions about eligibility or compliance, contact Linda Rose, Retirement Plan Director.
Congregations as Employers of Choice

An employer of choice is an organization known for being a great place to work: it is part of their brand identity to be a desirable employer. Sure, it often has something to do with salaries and/or benefits, but it always goes beyond that.

In the world of UU congregations, what does it look like to be an employer of choice? Which of our congregations are first-rate workplaces and why? With the mantra "Start as you mean to continue" in mind, we're in the process of developing an Onboarding and Orientation Checklist to help congregations get their new hires off to a healthy, happy start. Every new staff member in a UU congregation deserves a warm (dare we say "radical"?) welcome; a basic orientation to church policies and procedures; a clear explanation of benefits eligibility and enrollment windows; and the initial support, direction, and tools they need in order to feel comfortable and successful in their early days and weeks of work. Do I hear an amen? Do you have a role to play in helping make this happen in your congregation?

If you have words of wisdom or success stories (or experience with what not to do) that you think would be helpful to us in outlining best practices for welcoming staff, please send them to Jan Gartner, Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager.

Jan Gartner | Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager |
 UUA Office of Church Staff Finances
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