Opportunity for Good:
CoastPride is hosting intergenerational gatherings (virtually during the pandemic, and hopefully soon in-person) for LGBTQ Coastsiders. These gatherings will afford you the opportunity to share your lived experience about LGBTQ history and learn from each other what today’s experience is like. We will host these virtual gatherings and guide the conversations with focus questions, which we will design with you. Some of the topics we would like to explore include: (1) fears about getting older; (2) coming out; (3) living with pandemics: AIDS and COVID-19; and (4) interest in future LGBTQ themed information or events. We hope you will give your permission to share these intergenerational conversations because by sharing your lived experience, we will not only document our shared histories, but also build bridges across generations, foster connection, and promote an inclusive and welcoming community here on the Coast. If you or anyone you know might be interested in these LGBTQ intergenerational interviews, please contact jenny@coastpride.org.
Food for Our Souls:
Upcoming UUCC First Sunday Service, May 2, 11am
The Touchstones Theme for May is Acceptance. Our beloved Bill returns to explore the multiple human and religious threads interwoven into the plot of The Big Lebowski, implied by the lifestyle of the Dude in a sermon entitled: "So, the Dude Like, Actually Abides? Is Dudeism a Real Religion?"

In 1998, the Coen brothers' released the movie The Big Lebowski. A sleeper when first released in theaters, TBL has emerged as a cult hit, anchored chiefly by the appeal of its main character, Jeff Lewbowski, a.k.a. the Dude, "the laziest man in Los Angeles County." Unlike other cult hits, TBL inspired a tongue-in-cheek religion called "Dudeism," one with over 450,000 Dudeist priests worldwide as of May 2017.

So, is Dudeism a real religion? Bill doesn't want you to think he's worked too hard on any of this. Nonetheless, he finds grist for laughter, whimsy, and even a little joy in examining the cultural impact of The Big Lebowski through the lens of a US-centric, religious landscape with the motto "Just Take it Easy, Mankind." Be sure and come wearing a bathrobe!

And don't forget to sign in a little earlier to hear beautiful Gathering Music. Inspiring music will be provided by Tom Devine and Mo Robinson.

For the Order of Service, click here. Please join us at 11:00 am Pacific, 2pm Eastern. Gathering and music begin at 10:55 am.

Password: UUseesea
UUCC Third Sunday Service on May 16th, 11am
The Touchstones Theme for May is Acceptance. The wonderful Rev. Chris Schriner returns to talk with us on "Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny." We can often learn more from laughter than from lectures. Our guest speaker this morning draws upon the wisdom of the comics to explore the pleasures and pitfalls of close relationships.

Rev. Chris Schriner is Minister Emeritus of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont. He was a family therapist for 25 years, and he is the author of six books, including Feel Better Now: 30 Ways to Handle Frustration in 3 Minutes or Less, Your Living Mind: The Mystery of Consciousness and Why It Matters to You, and Bridging the God Gap: Finding Common Ground Among Believers, Atheists and Agnostics. Although his sermon will focus on love relationships, the lessons he will share from the funny papers apply to all sorts of human interactions. Wonderful music will be provided by Jo Ann Schriner and Mo Robinson.
Update on All Together Now Auction
The big day has arrived! The UUSM Online Silent Auction is now live, and UUCC will share in the proceeds. It’s time to Bid, Bid, Bid!

Also, mark your calendar for the upcoming Zoom Virtual Gala on May 8th at 7pm. This 40-minute event will celebrate UUSM and UUCC for the support and care they offered us over the last year making sure we had a service to turn to and pastoral support when we needed it most. 

If you’re planning to bid on one or more of the exciting auction items, you’ll need to register on our All Together Now auction platform.
Click this link and then click the Register button. Then, browse through the auction items and plan your bidding priorities and strategies – the most fun of all.

Would you prefer to help UUCC by making a donation rather than bidding in the auction? You can become an All Together Now sponsor by clicking here to go to the UUSM website and enter your donation on Vanco or Paypal. (If the latter, be sure to let the UUSM office know your donation is for the Auction.)

Got questions? Need answers? Here's a link to Frequently Asked Questions. Still have questions? Email the event co-chairs here.

Thanks a Million and Slán Leat, Mo Robinson
With great sadness, we announce that Mo Robinson's last performance for UUCC will be on May 16th. Mo and his wife, recently retired, will be moving to Corvallis, Oregon. Mo first sang with UUCC on July 21st, 2019, in the New Leaf Classroom and he became a regular third Sunday performer starting in October 2019. Last spring, thanks to Bruce and Tom, Mo learned how to record his toe-tapping tunes for UUCC's online services. He has played a huge role in our holiday specials, directed by Shauna Pickett-Gordon. More recently, Mo contributed an outstanding 7 songs to our recent fundraiser last year for the Coastside Adult Day Heath Center. We will miss him terribly, and also feel so fortunate to have had for two years Mo's songful talent uplift UUCC services. Mo leaves behind a collection of over 27 recorded songs, which he has generously given permission to reuse during the Zoom times.  Go raibh míle maith agat, dear Mo! We will miss you and wish you all the very best. Feel free to drop Mo a line and let him know how much his music has meant to you.
Joys & Concerns:
One of the ways we weave community is by sharing aspects of our lives with each other, our joys and concerns. For our upcoming service, please email your Joys & Concerns to uucoastside@gmail.com.
Compassionate Caring Committee:
The UUCC Compassionate Caring Committee volunteers are often able to support our members during life events such as post-operative, illness, or can’t go out. Do you need food delivery or an errand run? Are you feeling loneliness, loss, or grief that a call might help?
Please contacuucoastside@gmail.com if you’d like support or if you want to volunteer.  
We Appreciate Your Support:

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We Need You!
We’re looking for volunteers:
(1) Social Media Coordinator: to manage our twice-monthly newsletter, and upload content to our website and Facebook page. A four-hour commitment every two weeks.

(2) Zoom Session Management: We'd like to train two more people to switch slides during our Zoom virtual services. If you are comfortable working or playing with your favorite computer apps, you'll love learning Zoom's cool features!

(3) Fill our newsletter with the diversity that makes UU stand apart from other faiths. Send in poems, inspirational quotes, YouTube music video links, social action notices, and articles of interest to uucoastside@gmail.com.

Thank you to all who have or continue to volunteer!
Food for Our Souls:
Unitarian Universalist Coastside Community
Half Moon Bay, California
Bill Heavlin, UUCC Planning Committee
Dave Rokosky, UUCC Planning Committee
Noreen Cooper Heavlin, UUCC Planning Committee
Tom Devine, UUCC Choir Creator
Bruce Rafnel, UUCC Technical Director