Opportunity for Good:
UUCC is helping our sponsor church, UU of San Mateo, with their annual auction fundraiser, which begins April 25. We’re proud to announce that UU Coastside Community will be receiving a portion of the proceeds from the UUSM All Together Now (ATN) Online Silent Auction and Virtual Gala. This could mean up to $2,500 for our congregation making a meaningful contribution to our continued development. 

All Together Now is the theme inspired by the Beatles song and a reminder of the importance that we have had in each other's lives over the last year. UUCC and UUSM have been there for us without skipping a beat. Despite all of the many, many challenges in our lives and in the world, we have had a place to go and be together. Of that, we are grateful. 

There are many ways that Coastsiders can be involved in making this fundraiser a success: donating silent auction items, bidding on items, and/or becoming an All Together Now Sponsor. Check out the All Together Now Webpage for details on these things, and more. 

The silent auction will be on a popular online platform called Auctria. After it’s up and running, you will be able to register and bid for two weeks leading up to the virtual gala. 

The Virtual Gala will be held on May 8th at 7pm. It will be a lean 40 minutes and held on Zoom. It promises to make you laugh, cry, think, and remember why you love our community and all that it stands for.  

Good news - we already have three great donations from locals: a $100 gift certificate to Alena Jean Florist, a private tour of the tide pools when the reserve opens, and a watercolor holiday card design.

Stay tuned, there’s more information coming your way. In the meantime, remember to check out the new ATN webpage on the UUSM website. Everything you need to know about the silent auction and gala can be found there.
Food for Our Souls:
Upcoming UUCC Sunday Service, April 4th, 11am
The Touchstones Theme for April is Meditation. On April 4, Rev. Tony Bernhard speaks on "Teaching Mindfulness in a Maximum Security Prison." In 2012, inmates receiving mental health services at Folsom Prison were offered the opportunity to learn mindfulness meditation practice. Rev. Tony works with prisoners in the general population and also with men who are being held in solitary because they've been judged as too dangerous to be allowed in the presence of another human being unmanacled. Let's hear how it went.

Rev. Tony Bernhard is a Buddhist chaplain and teacher. Although his active practice with inmates in Folsom Prison has been paused by the pandemic, he still hosts Zoom sitting groups in Davis and several venues around the Bay Area and Central Valley. His practice is non-traditional, guided by his prison chaplaincy work, by his teaching, and by his study of the early Pali scriptures. Rev. Tony is also a frequent guest speaker at Coastside Vipassana in Pacifica.

Our musicians for this service are Tom Devine and Mo Robinson.
And don't forget to sign in a little earlier to hear beautiful Gathering Music.

For the Order of Service, click here. Please join us at 11:00 am Pacific, 2pm Eastern. Gathering and music begin at 10:55 am.

Password: UUseesea

UUCC Third Sunday Service on April 18th, 11am
On April 18th, our beloved Tovis Page returns to speak on "Practicing Presence on the Forming Edge of Our Lives: A Unitarian Universalist Perspective on Mindfulness.”
“We come together” on Sunday mornings, writes Rev. Kathleen McTigue, “to rest for a moment on the forming edge of our lives...to claim for ourselves awareness and gratitude” (Singing the Living Tradition #435). For many of us, Sunday services are a time to pause, to be still and present, to connect, and to appreciate the goodness that exists inside and around us. But we don’t have to wait for Sunday mornings to practice this kind of presence in our lives. We can practice it anytime! Practicing mindfulness, we can actually stay "on the forming edge of our lives," being fully present to life as it unfolds, moment by moment.

Dr. Tovis Page is a candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry, a seminarian at Starr King School for Ministry, and a member of the UU Fellowship of Redwood City. During her ministerial internship with the Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo in 2018-2019, Tovis led services for UUCC monthly and is pleased to return as a guest this week. Prior to becoming a UU, Tovis studied and practiced mindfulness with Vipassana meditation communities in both Massachusetts and California. She has a PhD in Religious Studies from Harvard University and is currently the Program Coordinator for the Peninsula Solidarity Cohort, a group of interfaith leaders working for justice and compassion in San Mateo County. Tovis lives in Woodside with her spouse, 2 kids, and myriad furry, scaly, and feathered critters. 

Wonderful music will be provided by Mo Robinson.
UUCLC 2nd Sunday Service, April 11th, 10am
Please join our friends at the UU Community of Lake County on second Sunday services. Like us, they produce lovely services but could use a boost in attendance. On April 11th, Andrew Hidas will speak on "The Dynamics of Faith, Belief and Hope."
Is faith nothing more than giving oneself permission to believe in the unbelievable? And where does hope fit in with those? In a time of profound upheaval, can these ancient religious terms provide widespread solace and understanding rather than further label and divide us into contentious camps?

Andrew Hidas has an academic background in political science, psychology and theology, and is a longtime member of UU Santa Rosa. This marks his 19th sermon at UUCLC since 2010. A former teacher, journalist, and communications agency owner, he blogs regularly on the humanities at andrewhidas.com.

Click on this Zoom link to join and don't forget the start time is 10am. Meeting ID: 255 020 8121 Passcode: Chalice
A Big Thank You to UUCC's
Compassionate Caring Committee
We want to thank everyone affiliated with UUCC for bringing meals to Anne Dymond's daughters, Sonia and Alison who live locally. We collectively filled 8 out of the 13 slots available via UUSM's SignUpGenius poll, lovingly created by UUSM's Kathy van Leuwen. As Anne faced health challenges the last two years of her life, UUCC provided a shorter commute when we met in person and she rarely missed a service even when we went online. We continue to mourn the loss of an amazing person and a big supporter of a Unitarian Universalist presence here on the Coastside.
Joys & Concerns:
One of the ways we weave community is by sharing aspects of our lives with each other, our joys and concerns. For our upcoming service, please email your Joys & Concerns to uucoastside@gmail.com.
Compassionate Caring Committee:
The UUCC Compassionate Caring Committee volunteers are often able to support our members during life events such as post-operative, illness, or can’t go out. Do you need food delivery or an errand run? Are you feeling loneliness, loss, or grief that a call might help?
Please contacuucoastside@gmail.com if you’d like support or if you want to volunteer.  
We Appreciate Your Support:

For supporting UUCC financially, we have two options:
(1) Donate Online
Online donation is easy. At Weekly Offerings, look for the words
UU Coastside Community. Enter your dollar amount, and at Frequency choose either Monthly or One Time. At the bottom of the page, click Continue. Fill in your name, address, phone number, and payment method. Click the box I am not a robot, then click Process. To try it now, click this link, to 
(2) Donate by Check
If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to UU San Mateo, and write UUCC on the memo line. Please mail your check to:

Nancy Palmer
506 Willow Avenue
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-1648
We Need You!
We’re looking for volunteers:
(1) Social Media Coordinator: to manage our twice-monthly newsletter, and upload content to our website and Facebook page. A four-hour commitment every two weeks.

(2) Zoom Session Management: We'd like to train two more people to switch slides during our Zoom virtual services. If you are comfortable working or playing with your favorite computer apps, you'll love learning Zoom's cool features!

(3) Fill our newsletter with the diversity that makes UU stand apart from other faiths. Send in poems, inspirational quotes, YouTube music video links, social action notices, and articles of interest to uucoastside@gmail.com.

Thank you to all who have or continue to volunteer!
Food for Our Souls:
Unitarian Universalist Coastside Community
Half Moon Bay, California
Bill Heavlin, UUCC Planning Committee
Dave Rokosky, UUCC Planning Committee
Noreen Cooper Heavlin, UUCC Planning Committee
Tom Devine, UUCC Choir Creator
Bruce Rafnel, UUCC Technical Director