Thursday, November 19, 2020
We join together to encourage spiritual growth, 
build a beloved community, and act for peace and justice.
Sunday, November 22

10:30 a.m. Sunday Service
(10:23 a.m. Special Pre-Service Music begins)

"Understanding What Matters during Covid-19"
- Dr. Andrea Dardello
with Rev. Carl & Intern Minister Jen as liturgist
For over twenty-seven years, Andrea Dardello has served on the front lines as a community college educator, bridging the gap between students' lived experiences and academia. Andrea is a facilitator of listening circles and a Restorative Practices professional who has done extensive training with faculty and administrators in dignity work. She is the proud mother of a twelve-year son who inspires her daily to love loudly and live out her truth.

Special Music:
  Richard Polonchak, Matthew Polonchak, & Michael Polonchak, Nichole Hodges-Abbasi, Amanda Thomas, Kiley Mead, Nick Int Veldt, and Dan Schatz
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9:00 a.m. UU Buddhist Fellowship:
Group Meditation & Discussion
(Zoom link also available at

11:30 a.m. Virtual Coffee Hour
(Same Zoom Room as Sunday Service)

11:45 a.m. Special Congregational Meeting: 
Vote on Proposed Budget 
(Zoom link will be emailed by Saturday at 2pm to UUCF Members who haven't voted absentee)

3:00 p.m. Atheists/Humanists/Agnostics (AHA)
Discussion Group
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General Announcements
UUCF Supports "I Believe in Me" Food Distribution: If you've driven by UUCF recently, you might have noticed there are pallets and lifts for moving large cartons of food by the front door! Inside, in the kitchen, atrium as well as rooms 113/115, you'll find more boxes and crates of food supplies. During the coronavirus pandemic, I Believe In Me (which is also a UUCF Split-plate recipient) has partnered with food distributors and suppliers to collect excess food and have distribution events throughout the community for those at risk. You can check their Facebook page, here, for their schedule every week. So, while the building may be closed to our regular events and work, it continues to support our community!

UUA General Assembly 2021 WILL BE VIRTUAL!
The UUA Board of Trustees passed a resolution making the 2021 UUA General Assembly (GA) a 100% virtual event. Let’s reach record-breaking attendance on June 23-27, 2021. Registration opens December 1, 2020.
Why Virtual GA? General Assembly is the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists, where we conduct business of the Association, explore the theological underpinnings of our faith, and lean fully into our mission and principles. That remains true even when we cannot gather physically. Last year, GA had more than 4,900 registered attendees participate from remote locations around the world. Although we give up the face-to-face interaction and hugs that are prevalent when we meet in-person, we retain our dedication to community and make our experience more accessible and more environmentally sustainable.
“Circle 'Round for Justice ● Healing ● Courage” is the theme for GA 2021. General Assembly is a time to circle ‘round in community. We circle ‘round in care and healing; for liberation and justice; and for love and courage. We share stories of the work happening at our Association. and in our congregations. We study ways to implement and live into our mission. UUA GA 2021 will incorporate recommendations from the Commission on Institution Change report, “Widening the Circle of Concern” and dialogue with the Article II Commission about our Principles and Purposes. Through programs and workshops, professional and lay leaders will learn and develop skills to equip them with tools to continue the mission of our faith. Featured speakers will delve into theological analysis, work around organizing for liberation, and the ways we tend our spiritual resilience. Honoring the myriad of communities within Unitarian Universalism, there will be more time for networking, meetups and caucusing over the span of our 5-days together. Finally, during GA 2021, we will preserve our connection to Milwaukee and the MidAmerica Region through special programming and activities. Get ready to Circle ‘Round…
Registration opens December 1, 2020. Registration for virtual GA 2021 is $200 per person. Financial support for registration as well as a payment plan are available. General Assembly registrants receive access to the 2021 Online Participation Portal, including live, simulive, and on-demand video content, the virtual exhibit hall, chat features, support, and a (new!) GA mobile app. 
Stay tuned! The call for program proposals will be coming soon! Proposals will be in two phases. Phase 1: Due January 15. Phase 2: Due January 29. Visit for more information or email
Joys and Sorrows

Message from Irene Glasse:
"For several years, my father, John Grastorf, has been fighting idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which causes his lungs to slowly fill with fibrous tissue. This condition is unfortunately progressive and ultimately fatal, and we are sadly starting to make the turn toward end-of-life care.

Dad is very weak at this point, needs help with even basic things, and has been transferred to a nursing home that can do more in terms of support. A medical timeline is only ever an estimate, but our current working estimate is three to six months till Dad transitions. 

Dad does still have his mental faculties and is very much present at this time. If you'd like to drop him a line, he has his cell phone (240-405-4167), and he can text a little as well as talk. 

Should you wish to send him a letter or card, please mail them to: 
John Grastorf 
c/o Irene Glasse
955 Chestnut St
Hagerstown, MD 21740

In addition, Dad currently has a window at ground level in the nursing home. If you would like to pay a visit so you can see him (and he can see you), please reply to this email (, and I'd be happy to meet you there to show you where it is."

UUCF member Steve Howe continues to be at Northampton Manor Nursing Home. If you are able to send him a card, he has said that helps cheer him up:
Steve Howe (Room 115)
Northampton Manor 
200 E 16th St.
Frederick, MD 21701

Ongoing Classes & Events

Visit our Home Page,, for a weekly schedule of ongoing classes & events. We've got meditation and Yoga classes to help relieve stress along with many other ideas. Check out the calendar at for other meetings and groups.

Blanche Ames Gallery Fall Art Show continues with some new items for sale! Visit here to see what's been added! Great for Holiday gifts.
Community News
In June, UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray wrote, “A major theme of this General Assembly (GA 2020) is understanding the history and current systems of colonialism and conquest, beginning with some ancestors of our religious tradition arriving in what is now called Plymouth 400 years ago.” 
As part of our faith commitment to justice and equity, we invite you to participate in the next portion of this journey with the Harvest the Power Justice Convergence & Teach-In, beginning Today, Thursday at 3pm PT/ 4 MT / 5 CT / 6 ET, and ending on Thanksgiving Day, November 26.
The Convergence and Teach-In will carry forward the work that has happened already, including many of the amazing programs from this year’s General Assembly. A great way to prepare for the Harvest the Power Justice Convergence & Teach-in is to watch (or rewatch) the General Assembly Programs on this subject, compiled here for easy reviewing and also available in the full catalogue of the General Assembly Showcase. 
As Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray reminds us: “In truth, thanksgiving celebrations have a long and rich history that predates the landing of the Pilgrims and the founding of the United States. There are many, many ways that we can connect in gratitude and celebrate the abundance of the Fall harvest as a community without celebrating an ahistorical colonial origin story. 
This year, let us be grateful in a genuine manner. Let our gratitude flow from our deep, ongoing commitment to justice and equity. Let our gratitude grow from the opportunities we have to be together authentically—whether virtually or in person.”
Please join the UUA, UU Ministry for Earth, our UU congregations and justice organizations, and Indigenous partners to Harvest the Power for love and justice. Learn more and register here.
Phone Banking Opportunities: Following the lead of the New Georgia Project, UU the Vote is working with Reclaim Our Vote to do voter outreach throughout the coming weeks. Please check out their website for updates on the next phone bank opportunity: will be provided at the event. They will be using a manual dialer to leave voicemails with important non-partisan voting information about deadlines, voter registration, absentee ballot requests, early voting and more. 
 Phone Bank Training for Trainers or Support Roles: If you are interested in a training or support role in one of the many upcoming phone bank campaigns, Reclaim Our Vote is offering training sessions on how to run a phone bank campaign on Open VPB (a manual dialer, different from ThruTalk). Please join them at one of the following Training for Trainers this week:
 Thursday, 11/19 7:30p ET:
Friday, 11/20 7:30p ET:
  Reclaim Our Vote 
Phone Banking: Reclaim Our Vote has phone banks in 5 counties, with more than 100,000 numbers and more to come. They are calling deregistered voters to ask them to check their registration and reregister if necessary. Registration ends December 7. If you would like to participate: Check out Phone Bank Central for trainings, schedules, and other information. Additionally, you can schedule a custom phone banking training session for your group, by emailing:

Postcard/Letter-Writing Campaign: Reclaim Out Vote's postcard campaign for the Georgia runoffs is already underway! If you would like to participate, you can check this link to request postcards and addresses HERE. Please note: As of publication, they did not have addresses available. However, if they get more addresses, this is where they will post them. 

Vote Forward
Letter Writing Campaigns: This weekend Vote Forward has announced that they will have letter-writing campaigns available this week for anyone who wants to write letters to underrepresented voters in Georgia. Vote Forward is a 501(c)4 nonprofit with a mission is to empower grassroots volunteers to help register voters from underrepresented demographics and encourage them to vote. The letters are nonpartisan and do not promote any candidates.  The goal is to encourage more people to engage in the democratic process, in keeping with our UU 5th Principle.  Depending on timing there are likely to be more campaigns encouraging people to register to vote before the deadline, followed by Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigns.

If you already have a Vote Forward account you should receive an email when the campaigns are available.  If you don't have an account but would like to get involved, you can register at  It may take a day or so for your account to be activated so if you are interested in writing letters you should register right away. 
Must-watch: Our mass call Thursday was on fire! Ash Lee Woodard Henderson from Highlander and the Movement for Black Lives and Jaira Burke from the New Georgia Project joined me and broke down white people’s work in the days ahead. 

Must-read: Evelyn, Sarah and I wrote a piece If We’re Not Organizing White People, Somebody Else Is” published in Organizing Upgrade about organizing in the rural and small town South and the approach we took in Georgia for the presidential race. 

Did you know that in 1870, the Maryland General Assembly unanimously voted against ratifying the 15th Amendment? This constitutional amendment granted Black men the right to vote, but legislative leaders in our state tried to block it at the time. Shamefully, attempts to disenfranchise Black people from voting didn't stop there.

Free the Vote is a new documentary by the ACLU of Maryland. The film takes a journey in history to show how denying the right to vote of people who are incarcerated is rooted in a deeply racist system, focusing on the stories of people who have experienced having their right to vote taken from them.
Let's imagine America in a different light. Let's create a place where the right to vote is restored for every citizen. Get your ticket today for the ACLU for the premiere screening of Free the Vote, hosted by the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, on Thursday, December 3, at 7 p.m.
Join us on Thursday, December 3, at 7 p.m. for an online screening. Learn about Maryland's history of voter disenfranchisement and what you can do about it.
Thursday, December 3, 7 p.m.
After the screening, there will be a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Karsonya Wise Whitehead, award-winning host of "Today with Dr. Kaye" on WEAA 88.9 FM, along with panelists Qiana Johnson, executive director of Life After Release, Dr. Pippa Holloway, author of "Living In Infamy: Felon Disfranchisement and the History of American Citizenship", and more to be announced.
This is an online screening via Zoom. You will receive the link to join the screening by email the day of the event, so keep an eye on your email inbox. Please save the date on your calendar.
Announcements for our weekly e-newsletter are due no later than Wednesday noon. Please keep your announcement 50 words or less. If you have a graphic for the group or organization, please include that as well. Email to: