Embracing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning while demonstrating our strong belief in the interdependent web of all existence.


And just like that -- magically -- it is 2023.

While I have never been good at New Year's resolutions -- I love the idea of thinking about the year ahead and what it may hold. Our new board will begin on January 1 with a new structure as Mari Perla begins her year as President-Elect. As a 1 year acting President, Mari and I are already starting to plan a bit and think about the year ahead. The plan is for Mari and I to work as a team this year.  As a small congregation, my mantra for working with the board is that "we are a church first" meaning that we make sure we take care of each other, to support each other when times are tougher and to look for ways to engage and involve friends and members of the congregation. So... as you are thinking about the year ahead, where do you want to fit in with UUCG -- what are your passions, interests and what are your needs?  

To get you thinking -- here are a few ideas that have begun to bubble up:

  • We have heard suggestions about having a potluck on our 5th Sundays -- and having time to socialize and then have a town hall with questions and issues. Who might be interested in organizing or recruiting people to organize the potlucks? Dates would be January 29, April 30, July 30, October 29 And December 31.

  • We want to engage more families and families with young children. And while some parents volunteer to teach Sunday School, it is always nice for parents to be able to attend services. Who might be interested in helping to watch our children during the services -- and helping to craft a religious education program. Several of us have been looking at a multi-generational environmental curriculum from the Unitarian Universalist Association that we can use with children and we can all engage in at various points, too.

  • Outreach and activities -- For a small congregation, this past year was amazing with the number of social justice activities and other programs we engaged in. 2023 can continue to explore the ways we can reach out and be there for the community -- and help provide space in our building for activities in line with our mission. Who might be interested in a particular project, partnership or outreach activity?

I have learned so much in these past few years about UUCG -- mostly that this congregation has the most amazing and caring people as friends and members. Let us know how you want to help as we build the beloved community together.

Always grateful for this congregation,



For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines below the service descriptions OR at uuacg.org

If you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this Zoom link:


January 1

"A New Year's Message"

Rev. Jane Page

Rev. Jane helps us welcome 2023 with a special service related to the New Year, including an exploration of Atonement!

Anthem: Metta

January 8

"Dammed Justice"

Clint Tawes

Justice is often compared to a flowing river, yet our experience tells us that it is a river that often does not flow freely. It is my hope that this sermon will spark both an internal and external dialogue that will help us to identify and dismantle barriers to justice. When justice is dammed, how can we make it flow freely again?

January 15

"Why Religion?"

Rev. Jane Page

Rev. Jane begins her series on "Big Questions" with questioning whether humans have evolved the need for religion.

There will be a new member joining service on January 15th.

If you wish to become a member at this time, please contact Carolyn Wallace at carolynswallace@yahoo.com.


January 22

"Light/Dark: Cycles of the Sun - Bridging the Binary"

Carolyn Wallace

Carolyn will present the story of how astronomers from two paleolithic cultures, one in Scotland and one in New Mexico, kept close track of the movement of the sun and stars. Archaeologists believe that ancient spiritual beliefs were closely tied to these natural cycles. Using only stones, these people invented ways to insure they knew where they stood in relation to the time of day, month and year.

January 29

Guest speaker, Megan Desrosiers.

Subject of service will be provided the week leading up to January 29.


We do monitor the level of Covid-19 cases in our area and now have a system in place to post on the door the current mask requirement in our building. We appreciate everyone abiding by these guidelines when in our building.


Sharon Ehle: 912-223-6631 | Email: sgehle@comcast.net

Kim Merck 912-580-7029 | Email: kimym31525@gmail.com

MLK Parade will be held on MONDAY, 1/16/23.

As usual we plan to:

  • Meet at UUCG at 8:00 the morning of the parade to make and gather our posters and banner.

  • We’ll head to Howard Coffin Park around 9:00 to join the parade (spots are first-come-first-serve).

Please check the weekly UUCG emails for more information and possible updates.

A message from the Robert S. Abbott Institute

January is an active month of celebration in observance of two African American holidays, the Board of Directors decided to forego our monthly Unity in Diversity luncheon in January and invite our members to join us on Friday, January 13th for the annual MLK, Jr. Breakfast from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. at Greater Works These Ministries, 4020 Wylly Avenue, Brunswick, GA 31520 


In response to ongoing food insecurity in our community and supplementing our individual giving, the Social Justice team made a $500 food donation to Sparrows Nest last month.

Individual members are encouraged to continue bringing non-perishable items to UUCG.

Carolyn Wallace and Dona Barth will deliver our collection of nonperishable food.

Click on the image to view (or print) a copy of these directories.


Rev. Jane shared a plaque with our beloved member, Mary Freeman commentating 10 years of being an official UUA Welcoming Congregation and thanking Dr. Mary Freeman. Mary led our efforts to obtain this official status in 2012 and has been supportive and encouraging since then. If you want to send her a card of thanks and love, her address at Magnolia Manor is:

Mary Freeman

2255 Frederica Road

St Simons GA 31522

NOTE: for some reason the people at Magnolia Manor say to NOT put "Magnolia Manor" as part of the address.  

Participants in UUCG Christmas Pageant on December 18.

Sunday, January 15, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

(The special Adult RE Zoom Room information is below.)


Join an intellectually challenging and fun conversation with a

group of ardent readers.

We will discuss the Tyson book on January 15th plus another one to be determined.

Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization

By Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and servant of those who are insatiably curious. His latest book Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization contains the deepest ideas and thoughts that he's ever put to page. But maybe that's for you to decide. The book offers a view "from above" that is unapologetically scientifically literate while addressing topics such as mind & body, conflict & resolution, law & order, gender & identity, color & race, life & death. Often, the most divisive issues in society simply evaporate when you see them embedded in a larger world-view. 

Starry Messenger is an offering to civilization, to help it find the guide star it lost long ago.(Amazon)


912.266.6558 or drdorin@earthlink.net

This is the ZOOM ROOM set-up specifically for the ADULT RE BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP.

Join at:


Meeting ID: 831 9989 1898

Passcode: 950120 (Passcode must be used.)

If you’d like more information about singing in the chorus,

call John Cowlishaw at 248.891.4498.

To view past videos of the UUCG Choir: https://www.youtube.com/user/cowlisha/videos

John Cowlishaw

UUCG Music Director

Cell: 248.891.4498


CrossWord Puzzles

Looking for a crossword puzzle that is more interesting than the Brunswick News’?

John Cowlishaw is creating many puzzles and posting them online at: 


If you wish to become a member of UUCG,

please contact our membership team leader Carolyn Wallace at carolynswallace@yahoo.com.


Greeters Needed

Do you have a warm smile to share? Consider becoming a Greeter to welcome congregants and visitors. Contact Denise Anderson at uucgdenise@gmail.com


Rev. Jane Page, Minister


C: 912.682.3566

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