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MAY 2023


As most of you know, I will be taking a mini-sabbatical from mid-May till mid-June of this year.  A sabbatical is a regular practice in ministry and is even required by the UUA to make the role of minister more sustainable. Generally, ministers earn one month of sabbatical for every year served, and I’ve been serving UUCG since July1, 2014. Usually, it has been my practice to only take vacation days and study leave. As part of my effort to prepare all of us for my eventual retirement, I decided to rethink the need for really letting go. As you know, even when I’m at General Assembly, ministers’ meetings, or on study leave, I’m almost always available for meetings, phone calls and more. Ministers typically take sabbatical to rest, recharge, and get re-inspired. Some ministers do nothing during this time, others study something specific, some travel – it depends on what the minister feels will most enhance their ministry.

Greg and I have rented a flat in London and will be living and learning there. We are fortunate to have wonderful lay leaders who can be available to meet pastoral care needs and more. President Beth Stevenson, President-elect Mari Perla, and Church Administrator Elaine Deaver, can connect you with folks who can assist you with questions or needs during my absence. Our program committee will have wonderful programs, as usual. Fortunately, our entire congregation has been wonderful for stepping up when a need is expressed. I may be your professional minister, but we truly have a shared ministry – including our beloved Pastor Emeritus, Bill Phillips. I will be returning in June and traveling to Pittsburgh to represent you at this year’s General Assembly. I will be with you May 7 and will not be returning to the pulpit until the first Sunday in August. However, you may just see me at one of the summer services, perhaps with my lovely great grandchildren, Alayna and Alec!

Peace, Love and Joy!


For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines below the service descriptions OR at uuacg.org

If you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this Zoom link:


May 7

"Ask Mama Jane" - Question Box Sermon

Rev. Jane Page

We've explored the big philsophical questions! But there are so many other questions that remain unanswered. Bring your questions about Unitarian Universalism, theology, current issues, religion, spirituality, opinions and more for Rev. Jane's Question Box. She will draw them out - sight unseen - and attempt to provide an answer. This is always an interesting and entertaining (if not enlightening) service! This is also Rev. Jane's last service before her mini-sabbatical and summer study leave. The children will culminate their "Circle of Trees" curriculum today as well. All are welcome

Anthem: Open the Window

Mary Freeman Memorial Service

Mary Freeman's memorial service will be at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 7 in our sanctuary. Rev. Jane Page and Rev. Bill Phillips are officiating. Mary's Sisterhood group will be providing refreshments after the service.

May 14

"She Preached" - Lessons From Our Mothers

Clint Tawes

Inspired by a poem he wrote for his grandmother’s funeral, Clint will share the lessons he learned from the story that was her life. He would like to include the congregation’s voices also. If you would like to share, please send Clint a brief statement that expresses a lesson you learned from a maternal figure in your life. You may also include a photo for the slide presentation. Photos and statements may be sent via email to clint.tawes@gmail.com. Please write “UUCG Mother’s Day” in the subject line

Anthem: Let Your Spirit Rise

May 21

"Won't You Be My Neighbor"

Clint Tawes

The command to "Love thy neighbor" is common to all major world religions. While this command sounds pretty straightforward, it isn't always easy to do. How do we love our neighbor when our neighbor isn't very loving or lovable?

Anthem: Spinning Blue Planet

May 28

"Bridging the Binary: Fast Thinking/Slow Thinking"

Beth Sutton

Anthem: When the Spirit Says Do


We do monitor the level of Covid-19 cases in our area and now have a system in place to post on the door the current mask requirement in our building. We appreciate everyone abiding by these guidelines when in our building.

So grateful for our Board of Trustees -- please pass along your thanks for all they do to keep all the nuts and bolts of our UUCG operations running. With a small congregation there will be many of us rotating through the board positions -- so be sure to say thanks and give them hugs for making time to prepare for meetings, filling in gaps as needed, keeping the finances and the minutes. You can find the board members on the Membership Page of our website (uuacg.org) along with the Board Covenant.

This past month we are most grateful to Mari Perla and Peggy Lee for presenting the Board with our Policies and Procedures document. They are up on the website and a start to having our policies and procedures written out. Mari met with many leaders at UUCG to document what we do and also looked at other UU congregational policies. Peggy did some superb editing. The Policies and Procedures are for the Board to use to help make consistent decisions -- what we have approved so far is just a start -- with additional policies including Finance and Rental policies in development. As in other UU congregations, our Policies and Procedures are a living document that can be modified by the Board -- and will be updated on the website as revisions are made. They are the "how to's" that we are documenting and they must be in line with the more important UUCG By Laws which are changed with the vote of the full congregation. Thank you to all who helped by working with Mari and Peggy to get our first version up online..

UUCG Board of Trustees

Beth Stevenson

Mari Perla, Sarabeth Sutton, Beth Sutton, Vickie Monti, Peggy Lee, Dona Barth

Creating the Beloved Community at UUCG -- Get Involved!

Zoomer for our Tech Team -- We need a volunteer (or two!) who will take a turn being in charge of Zooming the service from the sanctuary. Simple task and Kim Merck will train and support you -- and this is part of simplifying our technology while we keep our services accessible for all. Contact Kim at Kimym31525@gmail.com.

Child Caring Volunteers -- When families with children come we want to be ready! Volunteer to be on call to take children out during the service. We are looking for about 12 people -- and have a great group of 6 to start with. Contact Beth at echstevenson@gmail.com.

Currently, we are looking for a Social Justice Team Leader. Until that position is filled feel free to contact Mari Perla or Beth Stevenson if you have questions or have a suggestion for UUCG's social justice work.

Mari: mariperla@aol.com

(408) 421-7781

Beth: echstevenson@gmail.com

(404) 824-5562

Donated Baked Goods

A few community volunteers have been picking up "out-of-date" bakery items from Winn-Dixie in Lanier Plaza most mornings and delivering them to Manna House or Sparrow's Nest. The coordinator of this effort has asked UUCG if we can be of assistance. Pick-up days include Sundays, which would be an easy time for UU folks on their way to church. If you can help, please contact coordinator Jim Kielt at 860-712-7747. 

Submitted by Sharon Ehle 




Click on the image to view (or print) a copy of these directories.

If you wish to become a member of UUCG,

please contact our membership team leader Carolyn Wallace at carolynswallace@yahoo.com.


Greeters Needed

Do you have a warm smile to share? Consider becoming a Greeter to welcome congregants and visitors. Contact Denise Anderson at uucgdenise@gmail.com

Welcoming Families to UUCG!

As we grow and nurture our beloved congregation, we need to be ready for families and children. With that in mind, we are making sure we are truly welcoming. Here is what you can do:

  • Volunteer to be part of our child care team so that we have a person "on call" to take children out when families do attend. This would be an occasional commitment to greet families and take the children out for stories and recreation after the first part of the service. To volunteer, call or text Beth Stevenson at 404-824-5562.

  • Introduce yourself to Molly Keyes, a high school student who will start in April to help with the youngest children by providing childcare during the 1st and 3rd Sunday services. We are lucky to have found her -- she has some great experience with young children.

Unitarian Universalism is an amazing community to raise children in -- a safe space for children to talk about their beliefs, to explore ideas, and to have other adults reflect their family's values. Let's be at the forefront of providing families with a religious home.

And...Don't forget to join the Children's RE Facebook group!

We have a Facebook group to help us communicate with all of those interested in our Children's RE. If you have children or are interested in helping out with our Children's RE, please join our group. You can search for UUCG Children's RE OR you can just click on this link to go to that page and request to join the group!


Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 9:00-10:15 a.m.

(The special Adult RE Zoom Room information is below.)


Join an intellectually challenging and fun conversation with a

group of ardent readers.


We will not be discussing Magisteria: The Tangled History of Science & Religion as previously announced. Instead we will continue the discussion of Isabel Wilkerson’s CASTE: THE ORIGINS OF OUR DISCONTENTS with consideration of a piece by participant Kent Goering: “The Future of Caste in the US.” (Contact Kent at kent.goering@gmail.com.)

We will also begin reviewing the relevant POVERTY: BY AMERICA. “The United States, the richest country on earth, has more poverty than any other advanced democracy. In this landmark book, acclaimed sociologist Matthew Desmond draws on history, research, and original reporting to show how affluent Americans knowingly and unknowingly keep poor people poor.” [Amazon]

Individual chapters from Nicholas Spencer’s MAGISTERIA: THE ENTANGLED HISTORIES OF SCIENCE & RELIGION will be considered over the course of the next several months. 


912.266.6558 or drdorin@earthlink.net

This is the ZOOM ROOM set-up specifically for the ADULT RE BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP.

Join at:


Meeting ID: 831 9989 1898

Passcode: 950120 (Passcode must be used.)

Meets Sunday, May 28th at 3PM at UUCG.

If you’d like more information about singing in the chorus,

call John Cowlishaw at 248.891.4498.

To view past videos of the UUCG Choir: https://www.youtube.com/user/cowlisha/videos

John Cowlishaw

UUCG Music Director

Cell: 248.891.4498


CrossWord Puzzles

Looking for a crossword puzzle that is more interesting than the Brunswick News’?

John Cowlishaw is creating many puzzles and posting them online at: 


Rev. Jane Page, Minister


C: 912.682.3566

Interested in joining UUCG?

Or do you have questions?



Rev. Jane Page

OR Carolyn Wallace,

Membership Team Leader carolynswallace@yahoo.com

C: 478.279.2769

Rev. Bill Phillips, Pastor Emeritus 912.319.4011



John Cowlishaw, Music Director




Elaine Deaver

Newsletter Editor/Part-time Administrator



Beth Stevenson- Acting President

Mari Perla - President Elect

Beth Sutton - Treasurer

Sarabeth Sutton - Secretary

Dona Barth - Trustee

Peggy Lee - Trustee

Vickie Monti - Trustee

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