May 2021

Embracing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning while demonstrating our strong belief in the interdependent web of all existence.
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Sally Revoile
Diane Knight
Many of us have had the opportunity to serve on congregational committees and teams. And usually after a year or two, we rotate off and others come on. But there are some who take on tasks and have the fortitude to continue for many, many years. Two of our members, having led teams for about 15 years, have made the decision to take a step back.

One person stepping back is Wonder Woman Sally Revoile. Sally wears more than one hat in our congregation, but her role as membership chair is the one that she is moving away from currently. As our primary team leader for membership, Sally has made sure that we were all greeted, had name tags, had information about the congregation, and had programs for new member orientation. For a while she even had new member dinners. And in more recent years she would provide a special cake during our refreshment time for those who joined. Sally does plan to continue as the Landscape Team leader for which we are very grateful.

Another person who is stepping back is our multi-talented member Diane Knight. Diane has been the chair of our social justice committee and has seen that aspect of our mission grow through the years. We are especially appreciative of her willingness to be responsible for “Social Justice Sunday,” not only leading the worship, but finding wonderful speakers and organizing fabulous ethnic lunch outings. She has done much of her good work by partnering with charities and non-profit organizations across the community as well as partnering with events and programs within UUA and the UU Service Committee. And, Diane has served as the Festival Chairperson for the International Festival at CCGA for several years.

Of course, Sally and Diane had others on their teams who would assist, and we are grateful for them as well. Yes, we will do something more to honor them than sharing about it in a newsletter, but we have decided to wait until we can all be together to do that!! Meanwhile, please do share your thanks with them.

For our other UUCG News, please read the articles below. We have some great programs and plans for May. Also, now that I’ve had my vaccinations, I’m feeling more comfortable being with others in person who may like a REAL face to face visit. Just let me know. I’m so glad we have other ways we can connect but look forward to being together again!

Peace, Love, and Courage,
May 2
“Savoring and Serving Life” - Guest Minister, Rev. Mariela Pérez-Simons
Worship Leader, Rev Jane Page
Rev. Pérez-Simons (she/her) is a Cuban-American UU minister passionate about liberation and freedom of expression. She teaches about oppression, repression, authenticity, belonging, and emotional intelligence. Savoring and Serving is a theological and social framework to help us find a healing balance in life. Savoring and Serving as a way of healing ourselves and the planet, as a spiritual practice, as a social responsibility, as a way of honoring the life-force that moves through us and to give back generously to the whole web of life. 

Anthem: ”Here We Have Gathered”- ALCJ Quartet


May 9
Mother’s Day - “Ask Mama Jane”
Worship Leader, Rev. Jane Page
It’s time once again, for Rev. Jane to share her Question Box Sermon. She does this each year and calls the message, “Ask Mama Jane.” We will collect your questions in the chat box and Rev Jane will respond to as many as she can. These questions can be about Unitarian Universalism, Theology, Current Events, and more. This is usually a fun and informative service. Of course, we will also share some ritual honoring our mothers and others who have nurtured us!

Anthem: "Back to the Church Medley” - Choir

May 16
Exploring Water: Essential Source | Essential Symbol - “Peace Like a River” 
Worship Leader, Beth Sutton

Anthem: “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” - from the internet

May 23
“Blue Boat Home”
Worship Leader, Rev. Jane Page
Rev. Jane continues her series using songs from the Singing the Journey (aka Teal Hymnal) as sacred text and inspiration. “Blue Boat Home “ was a favorite song of UU’s even before the Singing the Journey was published. Unitarian Universalist Peter Mayer “gorgeously captures the awe and wonder of our first source, and the amazing planetary grounding of our seventh principle, along with mysticism and humanism and gratitude.” (Rev. Kimberly Debus.) Come sing with us and explore this wonderful song.

Anthem: “Blue Boat Home” - Choir

May 30
“Building Bridges”
Worship Leader, Rev. Jane Page
Rev. Jane uses the song “Building Bridges” as the sacred text for her message on the day that we acknowledge that four of our youth are moving into adulthood. We will have a virtual bridging ceremony for those who spent their formative years learning from our wonderful Religious Education teachers. These youth are all graduating high school in Glynn or Bulloch County this year. Since this is Memorial Day Weekend, at the beginning of our Joys and Concerns time we will also honor those who have died in service to our country.

Anthem: “ Building Bridges” - Choir
Join a UUCG online service or meeting on your computer or smart device. (You will be asked to download ZOOM software if you haven't before. It's safe!)
Enter this MEETING ID when asked: 479 325 3254
Even when Jane is not conducting our online services we use this Zoom link & ID.
In our efforts to provide access to all who want to participate in our joint services, we have added the option for closed captioning of what is being said. You do not have to have the captions on – and for those who are hearing fine through their computers or headphones, it may even be distracting. But it IS available. There is also the possibility of making the font size larger. We are glad to be able to provide this service.

Our summer programs team has planned an exciting zoom summer series for June and July, and 1st two Sundays in August.  Come hear some blue grass music, some meetings at General Assembly, a visit to service at All Souls UU Church, Washington, D.C. , very moving service about jazz great Billie Holiday presented by UU Church of Atlanta, and much more. You can join in on Rev Jane’s zoom ID just as you have all year.
Help from members would be appreciated.
In order to avoid the cost of contractors, please consider volunteering for these needed projects.

1. Prepare and paint the fascia board and one column on the porch, materials supplied. Requires a ladder.

2. Repair the drawers in the two RE rooms

3. Clean the windows inside and out; clean the shutters. It would be nice to have at least 4 people on this job.
4. Trim a branch from the palm tree in front of the church that is rubbing the roof. Requires a ladder.

5. Monitor the grounds on a regular basis (maybe once a month) and pick up papers and other trash.

If you can help, please let me know!
June Sherwood 
Property Manager
703 346-3029 
One of my first impressions of UUCG and its members was how amazingly connected members were with the community and organizations engaged in some type of social justice. People were on boards, volunteered and staffed groups engaged in making the community and our small part of the world a fairer, kinder, safer and more equitable place. Huge thanks go to Diane Knight who has been our UUCG Social Justice Team Lead for many years and has helped coordinate and magnify our various passions. Diane has decided to step back from the Team Lead role, but she will still be a big part of the Social Justice Team and we will thankfully be able to continue to tap into her wisdom and energy. Send her a note to let her know how much you appreciate all she has done. Social Justice is such an important part of who we are at UUCG, we thought it might be wonderful to hear your ideas for social justice and especially hear from those of you who might like to be on the Social Justice Team.

If you have not had a chance already to fill out our Social Justice questions, just click HERE to fill out a very short survey by May 15. Contact Judith Longfield the UUCG Board Vice President with any questions or thoughts at  

Also many thanks to Erin Lee for all her wonderful leadership roles at UUCG through the years. Erin is needing to step down from the secretary position and we will miss her greatly. Welcome to Peggy Lee who has stepped into fill Erin's secretary term until it ends in December.

Beth Stevenson
President, Board of Trustees

A native Georgian, I spent my early life in Decatur and Atlanta. Those years spanned the Great Depression and World War II and were instrumental in forming my world view.

Before attending school, my mother, grandparents, and I lived in a boarding house with an assortment of individuals whose only connection was the dinner table. Their conversations covered the economy, President Roosevelt, and boxer Joe Lewis and were a part of my preschool instruction. World War II broke out during my first grade, creating a time that was quite different from life today. We used “black-out shades” at the windows so no light would show from the outside. Volunteer wardens patrolled neighborhoods to insure we complied. We all recycled paper, bacon grease, and every form of metal to be reused in the war effort. We tended Victory gardens at home and at our schools. Food and gasoline were rationed, and I still have my ration book and some tokens.

My elementary and high school years were spent in Georgia, Illinois, and Indiana and collegiate years in Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and Virginia. I married at 19 and continued to pursue my interest in dietetics in college, never expecting to work outside the home. That was not an uncommon expectation at the time. Can you imagine? Reality came to me when my own children began to choose colleges. They did very well in school and qualified for colleges that had extremely high tuitions. Good grief. Who knew it would be that much?

So, a new chapter of life began. I went back to school and earned teaching certification, teaching in both Richmond City and Fairfax County, VA schools. The experiences in each could not have been more diverse. In one, I taught remedial reading to sixth-grade students who could barely read and needed an extra year between fifth and sixth. We designed a completely different program for them. In the other experience, I taught middle school math to the academically gifted who also had their own special needs. Just as rewarding.

My college fraternity has remained an important part of my life and my years as a volunteer working with collegians and alumnae provided leadership training that I have been able to use both professionally and in UU congregations since college days.

In retirement, my late husband and I returned to Georgia where we found ourselves often on the highway as we travelled to Massachusetts and Virginia to celebrate birthdays. I have three children, five grandsons, and two great grandsons. After forty-six years of marriage, my husband passed.

My partner, John Freiling, and I met online in December of 2002. Our connection was a number one match on two sites and a number three on another. Our homes were 100 miles apart, and we would never have met otherwise. Interesting how life unfolds. In 2015 John and I moved to Saint Simons, fulfilling my childhood prediction. On my first trip here at age eleven I had said I was going to move to Saint Simons.
As part of our ongoing Welcome Renewal activities, the Welcome Renewal Team will endorse International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (May 18) at the UUCG Sunday Service on May 17 with readings stressing positive actions that allies can take to change perceptions toward the LGBTQ+ community.

The Team has also begun assembling a resource list of positive messages with a link to a list of children’s books We thank Beth Stevenson for discovering this list of available materials and welcome any additions from others to this ongoing project. A wide variety of additional source material can be found on the Association for Library Service to Children website under Embracing Gender Identities.

Please send suggestions to Toni ( who will update the source list periodically.
Let’s strive to be the best allies possible.
We’re updating the membership directory!

The membership team would like to bring our membership directory more up to date. If your entry is several years old, incomplete, or you would like to update your profile paragraph, this is the time to do it! To check out your current status, you need to sign in on the membership tab on the UUCG website.

Please contact me or Elaine Deaver if you need the password. Send any new photos or paragraph descriptions to Carolyn Wallace at I will send them on to Elaine for publishing.

Carolyn Wallace
Membership Team Leader
Sunday, May 16 at 9:30 a.m.

The Good Hand: A Memoir of Work, Brotherhood, and Transformation in an American Boomtown by Michael Patrick F. Smith (Penguin, 2021).

The Good Hand is a saga of fear, danger, exhaustion, suffering, loneliness, and grit that explores the struggles of America's marginalized boom town workers—the rough-hewn, castoff, seemingly disposable men who do an indispensable job that few would exalt: oil field hands who, in the age of climate change, put the gas in our tanks and the food in our homes. Like thousands of restless men left unmoored in the wake of the 2008 economic crash, five years later Michael Patrick Smith arrived in the fracking boom town of Williston, North Dakota homeless, unemployed, and desperate for a job. (From Amazon website)

Opinion | What Working in the Oil Industry Taught Me - The New York Times (
“The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem,” by Michael Patrick F. Smith, NYT February 5, 2021.

Discussion Group Leader: Dorin Schumacher 912-266-6558 or

Join THIS Zoom Meeting at
Meeting ID: 93962934425
Attending UU General Assembly is easier than ever!
How would you like to attend General Assembly Sessions , June 23-27, 2021, where UU governance and policy decisions are discussed, Workshops are held to share techniques and guidance for local congregations, Incredible music is presented from UU voices across our nation, and Inspirational messages come to you from people you will likely never have the opportunity to meet in person? For the second year in a row G.A. will be held online only because of the pandemic. This year the parade of banners will return from the in-person years, and our own UUCG banner will be pictured. You can attend online with no hotel bills, no airfare, and still get all the inspiration.
The announcement of the Ware Lecturer each year always brings much excitement, and 2021 is no exception. Stacy Abrams, who needs no introduction to Georgians, and Desmond Meade, well-know to Floridians for his leadership in expansion of voting rights are the Ware Lecturers this year.
Register for $200 to attend any and all events by going to
Green Tip of the Month

 In case you missed the Earth Day events downtown on April 22, here’s a link to the Brunswick News article

I picked up some great tip sheets at the KGIB table which are too much to share here, but if you search Georgia Food Paths in your browser, all 3 are available for download – chockful of useful information! One on food waste, second on fridge & food safety, and the third on composting.


Sharon Ehle
Please remember those in need...
If you are able, please take some items to Sparrow's Nest Food Bank. 
Especially during these difficult times there are many families in need. They can use canned fruits, meats, pasta and sauces, beans, rice, cereal, diapers, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.
Cash or checks payable to FAITHWORKS are also always welcome.
Sparrow's Nest is located at:
2911 Altama Ave, Brunswick, GA 31520
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x110
You see men and women in our community carrying their life's belongings in shopping bags and back packs walking to get out of the elements or looking for a place to sleep. Doorways, under bridges, abandoned houses or cars become their homes, or for a lucky few the couch of a friend or relative.

The Well is a hospitality center for people who are homeless , providing resources such as a shower, laundry room, phone, internet access, and address for correspondence. By providing this venue, FaithWorks helps those who are homeless with opportunities to reconnect with family members, access important services to help them leave the streets, and recover from sickness and disease. Our guests often regain employment and restore hope in their lives.

Guests at The Well are always in need of towels and toiletries.  
Please drop them off at The Well . It is located at
1101 Gloucester Street - Brunswick
HOURS: 7 Days/Week from 7 AM- 5PM
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x 119
The Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute envisions a community where healing and reconciliation are commonplace amongst people of all identities, social justice is upheld and honored, and people honestly engage in history in order to live more truthfully in the present. Ultimately, we strive to influence thought, which leads to changed hearts, which leads to changed behavior.

The Abbott Institute is a 501 (c) (3) organization established in 2007.
Mail: P.O. Box 1834 | Brunswick, GA 31521
Our UUCG CARING FUND was established for the benefit of UUCG affiliated folks. The Fund is intended for members and friends of our congregation who are undergoing hard times, such as extensive medical bills, loss of home, etc. There are times throughout the year when we specify that a certain amount of our offerings will go to this fund. 
Just click on the image to
view (or print) a copy of these community directories.
Diane Knight
UUCG Social Justice Coordinator
Home Phone: 912- 634-1367
Cell: 912-577-8168 (call or text)
The Virtual Choir of Statesboro and Coastal Georgia is composed of a dozen singers whose individual recordings are combined to form our Sunday anthems.
Recent recordings can be viewed on YouTube at:

John Cowlishaw, Music Director
IF you prefer to receive only our monthly newsletter and NOT our weekly email updates, please send your request to:
Rev. Jane Page, Minister
C: 912.682.3566 
Interested in joining UUCG? 
Rev. Jane Page
Carolyn Wallace
Membership Team Leader
C: 478.279.2769
Rev. Bill Phillips, Pastor Emeritus
Phone: 912.635.3512 (home) or 912.434.4140 (cell)

John Cowlishaw, Music Director

Elaine Deaver
Newsletter Editor/Part-time Administrator
President: Beth Stevenson
Vice President: Judith Longfield
Treasurer: Ted Davis
Secretary: Peggy Lee
Trustee: Lollie Bohannon
Trustee: Kim Merck
Trustee: Heather Turner 
Our location is 1710 Gloucester Street - Brunswick, Georgia
PLEASE SEND MAIL TO: UUCG, P.O. Box 1056, Brunswick, GA 31521