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November 2023


I saw an electric snowman on someone’s yard today, and we just celebrated Halloween. I frowned, but then remembered reading that some folks were putting up their Christmas and winter holiday decorations early. They are decorating as a coping mechanism for all the sadness, frustration, anger, and other negative emotions that are rising with the horrible news. How do we take care of ourselves when we are all on edge and unsure about so much? Some cope with distractions like video games and alcohol. Others cope by trying to address these monumental world, national, and community problems; only to conclude that we are just like rats spinning on wheels, wearing ourselves out for nothing.

Perhaps it’s time to rest. If we can’t come to that conclusion with our minds, our bodies will usually do it for us. And so, here I am submitting to that reality by wearing a cumbersome boot (provided by the ortho physician) when I DO try to walk. I’m also limiting that walking time to give my foot a chance to heal. I know many of you have been in similar situations and much worse. We must be gentle with ourselves, beloveds. Sometimes we need to focus on smaller possibilities, like decorating for the holidays. I’m not saying that we stick our heads in the sand. It’s important to be aware and write that letter, support that organization, attend that rally and more. But we also should take that break from the news and hate-filled vitriol that screams at “the other.” After all, it’s almost that time of year for offering thanks and praying for peace and good will to all. 

May it be so, dear ones. May it be so. 


For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines below the service descriptions

OR at uuacg.org

If you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this Zoom link: uuma.zoom.us/j/479-325-3254

November 5

"Looking for God on the Blue Ridge Parkway"

Randy Blasch

Follow Intern Minister Randy Blasch on a journey for something greater.

Anthem: Come, Sing a Song With Me

Greeter: Mason Parker

November 12

"Talking in Tongues"

Clint Tawes

Growing up in a Pentecostal church, glossolalia (better known as speaking in tongues) was a regular part of public worship and private devotion. Join us as we explore the world of "speaking in tongues" as a metaphor and symbol for values cherished by Unitarian Universalists. Through this unique lens, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the connections between diverse faith traditions and the shared principles that unite us.

Anthem: Like a Leaf

Greeter: Kay Golan

November 19

"Lessons from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian"

Rev. Jane Page

Rev. Jane continues her series on Lessons from Banned Books by exploring this young adult book that shows up on many lists.

Anthem: We Give Thanks for Being

Greeter: Kay Golan

November 26

"Exploring the Great Thinkers: What Can We Learn Today?"

Beth Sutton

Details will be available in that week's Thursday email.

Anthem: How Can I Keep from Singing

Greeter: Diane Knight


We do monitor the level of Covid-19 cases in our area and now have a system in place to post on the door the current mask requirement in our building. We appreciate everyone abiding by these guidelines when in our building.

THIS Sunday, November 5 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

The Adult Forum is designed to encourage discussion by sharing our stories and wisdom so we may “learn more about being human.” We meet to reinforce the “warmth or community” that calls us to attend church.

Meetings on the FIRST SUNDAY of the month from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Please join us THIS SUNDAY

Topic: "What is Fair? And how might we define it?"  

Greg Brock will lead our session on measuring inequality, a low tech discussion of fairness.

Ruth Trudeau 

(214) 675-7331

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5 at 3:00 p.m.

Training for volunteers for our voter registration initiative will be Sunday, November 5, 3 p.m. at the Unitarian Church at 1710 Gloucester Street. Details will be forthcoming. Susan Thorton has arranged for several voter registration/GOTV activities, starting with Porchfest on November 12 so we will need a lot of trained volunteers between now and the March primary. Contact Martha Dismer for further information at marthadismer@gmail.com.

Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves!  

Huge thanks to our Nominating Committee this year -- Lisa Kent, John Cowlishaw and Carolyn Wallace. They are reaching out to members to find out who will serve on our board for the coming year. The wonderful part of being in a small congregation is that the job of making sure we have a good strong board is the responsibility of all of us who care about UUCG.

Right now we need someone to step into the President Elect position. The good news is that with the new by-laws we all voted on at the 2022 Annual Meeting -- we need a President-Elect who will automatically serve as President the next year. That President Elect position is designed to be a year to help out and observe, and the next year to serve a 1 year term as President -- a much better system than just a 2 year presidency.

Here is a bit about the role of President:

1. UUCG has a "President of the Board" with a role of creating agendas for board meetings and running board meetings. It is a coordinating role for the Board. 

2. Board meetings are monthly and previous minutes are all online.

3. The President helps facilitate the decisions for the congregation which are made by the whole board as a group.

4. The President makes sure decisions the board makes are based on the UUCG By-Laws and the UUCG Policies and Procedures document. Both are online and provide help to the board in making decisions.

5. The President helps keep things real on the board. As a small congregation, we can not do everything, so the board and the rest of the congregation depend on the members to do what they can to keep us an engaged community.

As the outgoing president, I have loved my time working with the board members. UUCG is a small but active community that cares and nurtures each other -- but I have especially loved how it is the whole congregation that pitches in to make UUCG work. UUCG members have great ownership of our building and programs... we all care that UUCG is strong.

So think about who might be good as President Elect (and then President), talk to the Nominating Committee, and consider serving or encourage others to serve.

Beth Stevenson

President, Board of Trustees



Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual observance on November 20 that honors the memory of transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of violence. At this time, many look to ways to support transgender people and others within the LGBTQ+ community by being an ally and learn more about the issues faced by those within the community. As we improve pathways in our journeys of loving one another, we find greater love ourselves. And we change the lives of others.

Thank You My Allies

by Keath Silva


When you call me by the name and pronouns I adore,

you give me

a gentle warm hug

a hand up

a healing balm

a bright smile in the dark

a heart opening wink

a bouquet of Sunflowers

a Yarrow blossom of protection

a tender Rose of sweetness

years on my life

a burst of energy

the ability to focus

a nourishing sense of safety and belonging

a happy memory

a warm cup of Lemon Balm love


When you call me by the name and pronouns I adore,

you give me

wellness, welcome and home


Thank You

If you wish to become a member of UUCG...

please contact our membership team leader Carolyn Wallace at carolynswallace@yahoo.com.

Our greeters share copies of the UU World magazine with our friends and visitors.

Please recycle yours by bringing them to the church.


Do you have a warm smile to share? Consider becoming a Greeter to welcome congregants and visitors.

Contact Denise Anderson at uucgdenise@gmail.com

For needed items, please click on the food list below.




“Fostering Relationships Between People”

Go to this link to make your reservation and your entree selection: CLICK HERE TO RSVP VIA EVENTBRITE

Elijah Bobby Henderson’s family has been in Glynn county for 3 generations. Henderson grew up here and graduated from Glynn Academy. After serving in the U.S. Navy for 5 years as a nuclear electrician, he and his wife moved back to Glynn County to raise their family near family. He has several full-time occupations, as he works as a manager for Georgia-Pacific in addition to working with A Better Glynn on his own time, providing intelligent, passionate and eloquent leadership in the community.

Mr. Henderson is a community activist with deep roots in Glynn County who helped start a social justice group, A Better Glynn, as an outgrowth of local efforts to get justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Focused on civic and community engagement, social justice policy and advocacy, and training and leadership development, A Better Glynn has provided much-needed leadership in efforts to get out the vote and influence policy at the local level since its inception. Mr. Henderson is a lead organizer and spokesman, working tirelessly for change in the Brunswick area.

Currently, we are looking for a Social Justice Team Leader. Until that position is filled feel free to contact Mari Perla or Beth Stevenson if you have questions or have a suggestion for UUCG's social justice work.

Mari: mariperla@aol.com

(408) 421-7781

Beth: echstevenson@gmail.com

(404) 824-5562

Click on the image to view (or print) a copy of these directories.


Our Annual Meeting will be held after the service on

Sunday, December 3rd immediately following the service.


Creating the Beloved Community at UUCG -- Get Involved!

Money Skills? If you have skills at fundraising, accounting and promoting generosity -- we would love to have your help. We are always seeking people who can help us with our stewardship of funds either on the front end as we gather pledges for next year or the back end as we keep track of our budget and make money decisions. Contact Beth Stevenson (echstevenson@gmail.com).

Zoomer for our Tech Team -- We need a volunteer (or two!) who will take a turn being in charge of Zooming the service from the sanctuary. Simple task and Kim Merck will train and support you -- and this is part of simplifying our technology while we keep our services accessible for all. Contact Kim at Kimym31525@gmail.com.

Child Caring Volunteers -- When families with children come we want to be ready! Volunteer to be on call to take children out during the service. We are looking for about 12 people -- and have a great group of 6 to start with. Contact Beth at echstevenson@gmail.com.

Be sure you are signed up for all the ways you can get updates about UUCG. We have

Lots going on and we want to make sure you get the word!

Sunday, November 19, 2023 from 9:00-10:15 a.m.

(The special Adult RE Zoom Room information is below.)


Join an intellectually challenging and fun conversation with a

group of ardent readers.

Enough by Cassidy Hutchinson.

"Cassidy Hutchinson’s desk was mere steps from the most controversial president in recent American history. Now, she provides a riveting account of her extraordinary experiences as an idealistic young woman thrust into the middle of a national crisis, where she risked everything to tell the truth about some of the most powerful people in Washington."

A message from Dorin...

"I will be recovering from knee replacement surgery so the book group discussion may be led by Barbara Bentsen."

If you'd like to send a card to Dorin please send it to her temporary address:

245 E Trinity Place, Unit 1308, Decatur, GA 30030


912.266.6558 or drdorin@earthlink.net

This is the ZOOM ROOM set-up specifically for the ADULT RE BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP.

Join at:


Meeting ID: 831 9989 1898

Passcode: 950120 (Passcode must be used.)

Rehearsals on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 PM to accommodate those still working. This is your chance to fulfil those fantasies you’ve had while singing in the shower, or the car. Current members will tell you how much fun we have. Enter a rehearsal drained? Leave it energized!

Entry Requirements? A Ph.D. in Music.  Hah! All you need is an ability to hold a tune. We’ll handle the rest.

John Cowlishaw

UUCG Music Director

Cell: 248.891.4498


CrossWord Puzzles

Looking for a crossword puzzle that is more interesting than the Brunswick News’?

John Cowlishaw is creating many puzzles and posting them online at: 


Rev. Jane Page, Minister


C: 912.682.3566

Interested in joining UUCG?

Or do you have questions?



Rev. Jane Page

OR Carolyn Wallace,

Membership Team Leader carolynswallace@yahoo.com

C: 478.279.2769

Rev. Bill Phillips, Pastor Emeritus 912.319.4011



John Cowlishaw, Music Director




Elaine Deaver

Newsletter Editor/Part-time Administrator



Beth Stevenson- Acting President

Mari Perla - President Elect

Beth Sutton - Treasurer

Sarabeth Sutton - Secretary

Dona Barth - Trustee

Peggy Lee - Trustee

Vickie Monti - Trustee

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