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Embracing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning while demonstrating our strong belief in the interdependent web of all existence.

September 2023

It’s a new program year at UUCG and we are excited about the possibilities that await us this fall. Here are just SOME of the things you can look forward to in September and beyond.

1. Our First Sunday Forum’s are returning on September 3. Our congregation had a long history of having Forum’s on different topics with different speakers or facilitators once a month at one time that diminished at some point before the pandemic when some of our lay leaders took on other responsibilities. One thing that’s so GREAT about having new members is that they bring a new desire to rejuvenate our offerings! Ruth Trudeau has offered to get this ball rolling with facilitation of the First Forum of this new program year on September 3 at 9 o’clock with a discussion on the Stoics and how they can inform us about life. Come join the discussion and offer to lead one of these First Sunday Forum’s in the future.

2. Although not NEW – we are pleased that Seminarian Clint Tawes has been RENEWED again this year to share with us on 2nd Sundays. Similarly, our own Beth Sutton has renewed her commitment to continue to bring wonderful fourth Sunday programming to us.

3. Beginning this Sunday, September 3, at 10:30, I will be sharing a series of sermons entitled “Lessons from Banned Books.” This Sunday will kick-off that series with a “Brief History of Book Bannings and Burnings.” This is an OLD story – but one that needs our time and attention at this point in history when many state legislatures have passed laws that have led to increases in bans in books and curriculum.

4. Our new stewardship team is planning a wonderful campaign focusing on Generosity. The kickoff will be on Sunday, September 17 and will feature a sermon by our NEW ministerial intern, Randy Blasch. I will also be sharing a testimony and leading this service. We want our stewardship to focus on everyone participating at a level that is right for them. And we will have fun in the process. Look for more information coming from the stewardship team this month.

5. Our membership team has been working hard with new greeters and more to improve many aspects of making sure that we are welcoming to all. And though we have a team to provide leadership, we need you ALL to participate. Show up at all our services if you are in town – or try to zoom if you are not. Help us to make newcomers feel welcome and appreciated.

6. Our Choir has a new meeting time – 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays – hoping that more folks can join what is already a vibrant team of folks bringing you great music under the leadership of John Cowlishaw.

7. Our hospitality team has already provided some good coffee and refreshments in August – but needs more help as we go forward. Perhaps this can be a NEW activity for YOU this year.

8. And finally on this list – we have a NEW modem that should provide better internet possibilities with fewer zoom problems. Thank you, Kim Merck, for your leadership in getting this done and so much more!

Please take the time to read through this entire newsletter for more information about all these new and ongoing activities at UUCG.

Peace, Love, and Joy!


For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines below the service descriptions OR at

If you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this Zoom link:

September 3

"A Brief History of Book Banning"

Rev. Jane Page

Rev. Jane begins her series on "Lessons from Banned Books" with a brief history and analysis of book banning in light of the current increase in this practice.

Anthem: Give Thanks

Greeter: Corinne Bachman

Childcare Volunteer: Carolyn Wallace

September 10

"If You Knew Me Then"

Clint Tawes

Amidst increasing divisions, this message examines the balance between honoring diverse beliefs and asserting our own convictions.

Anthem: Being Who You Are

Greeter: Carolyn Wallace

Childcare Volunteer: TBD

September 17

“Because We Are Here"

Randy Blasch

Our Intern Minister, Randy Blasch, kicks off the UUFS Annual Outreach for pledges of time, talents, and treasure with an emphasis on the joys, pleasures, and inspiration received from sharing with this congregation. Rev. Jane will also share a short testimony related to her own joy in giving. (Read Rev. Jane's introduction of Randy Blasch from last month's newsletter.)

Anthem: Humble and Kind

Greeter: Lisa Kent

Childcare Volunteer: Sarabeth Sutton

September 24

Exploring the Great Thinkers: What Can We Learn Today? 

Beth Sutton

Details to follow in that week's email announcements.

Anthem: Outside the Lines

Greeter: Diane Knight

Childcare Volunteer: Sarabeth Sutton


We do monitor the level of Covid-19 cases in our area and now have a system in place to post on the door the current mask requirement in our building. We appreciate everyone abiding by these guidelines when in our building.

Join us! Plan to meet on the FIRST SUNDAY of the month

in the Is Rapoport Room from 9:00 – 10:00 AM.

Start with a brief check-in from attendees – watch a video or hear a presentation -

and share our responses to the topic.

The Adult Forum is designed to encourage discussion by sharing our stories and wisdom so we may “learn more about being human.” We meet to reinforce the “warmth or community” that calls us to attend church.

Sunday, September 3

Ruth Trudeau will provide a brief introduction to stoic thinkers, like Marcus Aurelius, whose writings provide guidance for “how to have a better day today.” We’ll watch a YouTube video by Ryan Holiday, “Nine Stoic Rules for a Better Life,” and discuss the teachings of this practical philosophy which emphasizes deeds, not words. “Waste no more time arguing what a good man shall be,” wrote Marcus Aurelius. “Be one.”

Ruth Trudeau 


Workday at The Well - Sunday, September 10

Our congregation has been invited to join the members of St James Lutheran Church for a workday at The Well on Sunday afternoon, September 10. The Well is a place that assists the homeless and is located at 1101 Gloucester St, Brunswick, GA 31520. Hopefully, some of our folks can join them. Below is the information from their pastor. She asks for you to let her know if you are coming to help, and her contact information is included.

I will be in Statesboro that day but appreciate your reading and considering this request.

Rev. Jane

From Pastor Marie

We will be meeting at The Well around 1:00 p.m. This is the list so far of what we will be working on. Please let me know if you are going to be joining us. That way we know how many people to expect.

If you have any questions,

please email to me ( or text/call 813-580-1519


Pastor Marie


St. James Lutheran


  • Weeding
  • Yard Work
  • Pressure Washing the back side of the building (Need a pressure washer)
  • Organizing attic
  • Organizing supply closet by bathrooms
  • Organizing kitchen
  • Organizing Pantry in the kitchen
  • Deep cleaning kitchen
  • Deep cleaning men's bathroom
  • Deep cleaning women's bathroom
  • Deep cleaning showers
  • Deep cleaning front desk
  • FYI list might grow


“Fostering Relationships Between People”


1800 Mexican Restaurant at

5296 New Jesup Highway

Brunswick, GA 31523

Upon arrival ask attendant

for the separate dining room.

The featured speaker is

Margaret Coker Editor-in-chief of

The Current a Coastal Georgia investigative digital newspaper/news source.


By Tuesday, September 5

Margaret Coker started her two-decade career in journalism at Cox Newspapers before going to work at The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. In that time she covered stories from 32 countries on four continents.

She has won numerous national journalism prizes for investigative, business and diplomatic reporting as well as feature writing. She led a team of Wall Street Journal reporters named as finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting in 2017. She is the author of “The Spymaster of Baghdad,” a nonfiction book of Iraqi patriotism in the battle against Isis.

Margaret’s journalism has led to criminal trials and regulatory investigations of global banks and financiers, the dismissal of 14 corrupt police officers, and freedom for three people wrongly convicted and incarcerated. 

She came home to Savannah in 2019 to launch The Current, to revive an investigative news culture in Coastal Georgia, and to mentor a new generation of journalists in our region.

If you wish to become a member of UUCG...

There will be a new member orientation session on Sunday, September 17th at 9:15 a.m.

Anyone who would like more information about the church or membership may attend. If you plan to come, please contact our membership team leader Carolyn Wallace at

Greeters Needed

Do you have a warm smile to share? Consider becoming a Greeter to welcome congregants and visitors.

Contact Denise Anderson at

Caring Cards for September - Know someone who would appreciate a card from UUCG?

Email Rev. Jane or Denise Anderson ( before September 1. Please note if confidentiality regarding specifics (such as diagnosis) should be considered.

Contact Denise Anderson at to:

  • Volunteer for the NEW! Caring Cards Ministry, as part of the UUCG Membership Team.

  • OR, to volunteer as the "Host" on an upcoming First Sunday. 

Creating the Beloved Community at UUCG -- Get Involved!

Money Skills? If you have skills at fundraising, accounting and promoting generosity -- we would love to have your help. We are always seeking people who can help us with our stewardship of funds either on the front end as we gather pledges for next year or the back end as we keep track of our budget and make money decisions. Contact Beth Stevenson (

Zoomer for our Tech Team -- We need a volunteer (or two!) who will take a turn being in charge of Zooming the service from the sanctuary. Simple task and Kim Merck will train and support you -- and this is part of simplifying our technology while we keep our services accessible for all. Contact Kim at

Child Caring Volunteers -- When families with children come we want to be ready! Volunteer to be on call to take children out during the service. We are looking for about 12 people -- and have a great group of 6 to start with. Contact Beth at

Be sure you are signed up for all the ways you can get updates about UUCG. We have

Lots going on and we want to make sure you get the word!

For needed items, please click on the food list below.



Currently, we are looking for a Social Justice Team Leader. Until that position is filled feel free to contact Mari Perla or Beth Stevenson if you have questions or have a suggestion for UUCG's social justice work.


(408) 421-7781


(404) 824-5562

Click on the image to view (or print) a copy of these directories.

Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 9:00-10:15 a.m.

(The special Adult RE Zoom Room information is below.)


Join an intellectually challenging and fun conversation with a

group of ardent readers.

Strongmen: From Mussolini to the Present by Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Ruth Ben-Ghiat is the expert on the "strongman" playbook employed by authoritarian demagogues from Mussolini to Putin. In Strongmen, she lays bare the blueprint these leaders have followed over the past 100 years, and empowers us to recognize, resist, and prevent their disastrous rule in the future. [Amazon]


912.266.6558 or

This is the ZOOM ROOM set-up specifically for the ADULT RE BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP.

Join at:

Meeting ID: 831 9989 1898

Passcode: 950120 (Passcode must be used.)

We have moved rehearsals to 5:30-6:30 PM to accommodate those still working.  This is your chance to fulfil those fantasies you’ve had while singing in the shower, or the car. Current members will tell you how much fun we have. Enter a rehearsal drained? Leave it energized!

Entry Requirements? A Ph.D. in Music.  Hah! All you need is an ability to hold a tune. We’ll handle the rest.

John Cowlishaw

UUCG Music Director

Cell: 248.891.4498

CrossWord Puzzles

Looking for a crossword puzzle that is more interesting than the Brunswick News’?

John Cowlishaw is creating many puzzles and posting them online at:

Rev. Jane Page, Minister

C: 912.682.3566

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