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July 5, 2018     

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Weekly Update
Sunday, July 8 - 14, 2018

Sunday Summer Services
June 24 - August 26 - 10:00 a.m. 
Our summer services are more casual than they are the rest of the year: our choir takes a break, our minister takes some vacation time, and our formal religious education program for children and youth goes on hiatus until the fall. Children of all ages are always welcome and we will have a comfortable playroom for parents who may need to take them out of the service if they get fidgety.
Most of the summer services will take place in the air-conditioned Parish Hall.
What doesn't change, no matter the season, is our need to be together, to connect with old friends and welcome new ones. We gather in the spirit of peace and reverence, taking a deep breath to prepare our hearts, minds and souls for the week to come. If you have questions about our church or about Unitarian Universalism, please don't hesitate to ask someone on the staff or to e-mail our minister. You can learn a lot about us on our website but we want to learn about you, too. It is good to be together.
Summer Worship Leaders
June 24:  Rev. Tom Schade
July 1:  Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein
July 8:  Rev. Tom Schade
July 15:  Claire Wilson
July 22:  Rev. Tom Schade
July 29:  Rev. Tom Schade
August 5:  Liz Weber, Seminarian
August 12:  Liz Weber, Seminarian
August 19:  Claire Wilson
August 26:  TBA

Summer Worship Series
Rev. Tom Schade re-narrates the history of contem porar y U ni t arian Universalism from the 1940's through the merg er to the p r e s e nt in a four-part sermon series. For four different eras, he will ta l k a bout what religious liberals were most conc erned about, what challeng es they faced, and how they were changed by the events of their time. He argue s that our faith has a shared story which tells the truth of our experiences, and which gives us tools to face the future.
June 24: Part 1: "Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer" - Religious Liberals in the 1940's and 1950's.
July 8 Part 2: "Joining the Revolution" -  
UUism in the 1960's and early 1970's.
July 22: Part 3: "But What Are We For"  -  
UUism in the 1980's and 1990's.
July 29: Part 4: "Utopians Radicalized by Reality" -  
UUism in the 21st Century.
Each worship service will also include typical hymns and readings of that era.
Rev. Schade is a life-long Unitarian, and the son of a Unitarian minister active in the UU ministry from 1947 to 1955. Rev. Schade (the younger) served the First Unitarian Church of Worcester from 1999-2012. He now lives in Pawtucket, RI. He writes a blog "The LIvely Tradition" (www.tomschade.com) where he explores the intersection of contemporary UU public theology and current events.
Sharing Our Sunday Offerings

We will resume our 50/50 sharing of our Sunday morning offerings in September. One charitable organization or cause will be chosen each month and announced in the Weekly Update and the Sunday Order of Service Announcements.

Lifespan Religious Educa tion News
Joining us as Acting Interim Director of Commun i t y L if e a n d L e ar ning as of July 1, 2018, will be Mark LaPointe . Mar k l i ves i n S a l e m with his husband, Jim , and h is son, Bry ce, an d h a s   been ser v ing as th e Director of Lifespa n Religious Exploratio n at the Fir st Pa r i s h in Needha m for the past seven y ears. Before that, he was the Director of Religious Education in Gloucester, and has a background in academic life, including teaching on the faculty of Endicott College in Beverly. Mark is very much looking forward to getting to know all of you and working with UUCGL to develop and support a vibrant, lifespan religious educat ion program that will help us "draw the circle wider."

Upcoming Events       
Sand Castle Building Contest!
The Green Sanctuary Ministry Team is inviting ev e r yone to get outside and to the beach this summer to build sand cas t l e s ! Send photos of your creations to: cwhitecamp@gmail.com . Or dro p t hem off in the Green Sanctuary mail box in the front lobby of the church. Prizes will be awarded in the Fall!

Remember H A W C when you travel this summer and fall
Don't forget to save hotel/travel-sized toiletries for HA WC . F o r many years, the UU W h a s be en prep aring gift bags eve r y C h rist ma s to donate t o "He aling Abu se
W orking for Change" w hich w as founded over 35 years ago. This organization serves 23 cities and towns from Saugus to Cape Ann with local offices in Lynn and Salem. HAWC serves individuals affected by domestic abuse. Its mission is to "support the healing process of abu se and to change social norms and behaviors that perpetrate violence and oppression". They are always most grateful for our church's generosity.
Fresh Water -
Rivers, Ponds and Wetlands
Only 3% of all the Earth's water is fresh. That's not a lot. Especially considering that fresh water is essential to all f orms of life! Starting in the fall, the Green Sanctuary Ministry Team's new theme will be: "Fresh Water - Rivers, Ponds & Wetlands." Around the globe, fresh water is threatened by over development, polluted runoff and climate change. As the World Wildlife Fund website notes, "Despite their importance to life ...fresh water habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate." We'll learn about the threats as well as what action we can take both as individuals and as a church. And although we'll be thinking globally, we will be looking at our own back yard as well. The Northshore is primarily valued for its proximity to the ocean - that great salty sea - but it also has fresh water treasures including rivers (like the Forest and Ipswich Rivers), and ponds (like Breeds and Walden Ponds in Lynn) - we even have our own pond and wetland right on the church property! So, get ready to join us as we explore and celebrate fresh water bodies and their habitats!

News Worth Noting
Coffee and Tea Varieties
Chocolate and Olive Oil
Available at the
Fair Trade Sales Area  
Our Fair Trade sales area in the Parish Hall, operated   b y   t he Denominational Connections Ministry Team, has a variety   of coffees and teas available. Two newer items available are:  Breakfa st Blend, which contains Arabic coffees, priced at $7.00, i
s mild but fully flavored and similar to the Latin American CafĂ© Salvador; Rooibos Tea bags, 
priced at $3.50, are caffeine free.
Coffee, tea, chocolate, and olive oil sales help to sustain small family farms that adhere to ecologically responsible practices. Proceeds from sales at UUCGL help support the activities of the Denominational Connections Ministry Team.

Sermons Online

Did you know that you can watch Rev. Vicki's sermons on our website? Click here. Thanks to Steve Deveau for being our dedicated videographer.


At the Movies!

If you missed one of the movies that the Green Sanctuary Ministry Team has hosted, remember that you can borrow them for home viewing! GSMT has all of its environmentally themed DVDs on the book cart during Sunday Fellowship Hour along with a sign-out sheet. We
request that you keep the DVD out for a 14-day period only.

Help Us Welcome Newcomers!

It's so important to have a friendly, warm, and welcoming presence in the foyer on Sunday mornings before worship. You don't need to be trained or signed up. Just greet people as they enter, get folks name tags, and show them where the sanctuary is.
Everyone in the church community is hereby deputized Official Greeter! Let's help newcomers feel at home!


Does the Office Know Your Current Contact Information?
Please keep your name, address, phone number, and e-mail current in the church office. E-mail Elizabeth Muller with your correct information. Not sure what information we have on file for you? Call Elizabeth at 781-595-8836, ext. 10. 
Weekly Update
and Announcements Deadline
In order to submit information to our church's website in a timely manner, all announcements and weekly update information should be sent to Angie Kern at akern@uucgl.org by Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. Please also cc Elizabeth Muller at  emuller@uucgl.org .
If you have a meeting or event at the church and you have unlocked the front door, or put a stopper in it, please remember to lock the door or remove the stopper when you leave. Our outside groups do not have keys to the front door and are not able to lock up if they are the last ones in the building. Thank you. 

Recurring Events   


Covenant Group   

Covenant Group is open to anyone from the church interested in learning about and experiencing small group ministry. Gatherings are 11:45-1:00 p.m. in the "Faces" classroom,  the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. If you are interested in joining this group, or even just sitting in to see if you like it, please speak to Lyssa Andersson or Suzanne Forgione. We encourage visitors to try it out for at least three consecutive sessions to get a real feeling for the group. One need not be a UUCGL member, or even a Unitarian Universalist to join a covenant group here.
Dialogue Group
"Dialogue" is a way of practicing deep listening that enables us to share personal experiences and thoughts in a way that collectively builds a more expansive understanding of ourselves and the world around us. We move from reaction to connection. The dialogue is preceded by a short "discursive meditation."  Dialogue and the discursive meditation are part of the method of Cafh, a path of spiritual unfolding. For information about Cafh: www.cafh.org; the discursive meditation: http://www.seedsofunfolding.org/issues/08_11/inspiration.htm  and dialogue, http://seedsofunfolding.org/issues/04_06/features_1.htm   and
The Dialogue Group meets the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 11:45 a.m. There is no obligation to commit to attendance. All are welcome when able to attend. Contact Ron Fishman at ronroyfish@aol.com for more information.
Sunday Schedule
Worship & Children's Ministry
Fellowship Hour 11:15 a.m.
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