March 2021

Am I being naive and/or optimistic if I think I see signs of an early spring? After what seemed to be our first truly seasonal weather for the winter, the temperature is climbing again and the sun is melting what little ice and snow remain in our parking lot. The grass along the edges of sidewalks (however brown and flattened) is appearing as the edges of the snowbanks retreat...

Even if my optimism is unjustifiable, there is, as Garrison Keillor once said, a time when one must stand up and face reality, and deny it. Hence the crocuses.  (Croci?)

And the days are definitely getting longer: there's light in the sky at 7am, though only two weeks into March we plunge back into that annual and inexplicable travesty known as Daylight Saving Time, of which - if you couldn't tell already - I am no fan.  Happy March, everyone!

Congregation Hall


Unitarian Universalist Congregation of

Grand Traverse


6726 Center Road

Traverse City, MI 49686